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  1. Looks like one of Fred Olsen's ships - either Black Watch or Boudicca (formerly Royal Viking Star/Sky)?
  2. Greetings to Brisbane! Well done @sfred - Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey is correct. Without wishing to offend its residents, it's not the prettiest place!😀
  3. Here's somewhere on the list I have visited on business (but not as a tourist or aboard a cruise ship). Once again, no photos of my own. An interesting port of call for a Cunard ship!
  4. Well done @Starboardhome⭐. You are correct on both counts : Workington in Cumbria, England - gateway to The Lake District and Holyhead on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. I had thought these places might have lasted a bit longer, so congratulations.
  5. Ditto. Another place visited (not aboard a ship) but with no photos of my own to submit.
  6. I have been here, but have no photos so apologies for this 'stock' aerial view. It's not a particularly pretty place but acts as a gateway to a much more attractive area
  7. Thank you @Colin_Cameron - I appear to have swept the board with my researched guesses, but have hopefully narrowed the options for greater minds😀. I'm flushed with unsuccess.
  8. My track record in identifying ports is poor - particularly when I'm guessing - so I've tried to apply some logic to these photos from @Colin_Cameron. Firstly, the 'red shed' photo looks like somewhere inside the Arctic circle - so perhaps Norway or Greenland? In Greenland they paint their properties to denote the activity within, so yellow for medical, black for police, blue for fish etc - and red for commercial/retail - so this could be an Outlet Mall in Holsteinsgborg (aka Sisimiut)? No? If not Greenland, then Norway perhaps? There are still 17 unidentified ports in Norway - not all in the far north, but still......... I haven't found an exact match to the photo, but the nearest-looking place is Skarsvag. No? Turning to the port featuring a cruise ship in port (can't identify which ship), I'll also guess this is also Norway. Again I can't find any matching features but the nearest looky-likey is Kristiansund. Hoping for the best, yet fearing for the worst, I await your sensitive judgement with bated breath😄
  9. Congratulations @bluemarble (aka Mr Christian!) - it is indeed Pitcairn Island.⭐
  10. Sorry @l2luv2cruise, but not Villefranche. The latest list of ports we are trying to identify is detailed in post #3461styled "Ports we haven't seen yet" - kindly administered by @bluemarble . The port photographed appears on that list. Good luck!
  11. I've found this photo online of one of the ports on our list, including a corroborative Cunard ship. When using 'stock' photos before I seem to have inadvertently included data which one of our merry group (mentioning no names, @bluemarble) is able to use to identify the port. I've no idea if such data is included with this photo, but no cheating!😀
  12. @bluemarble - I think that's the SS United States which has been laid up in Philadelphia since 1996 - so I'll plump for Philadelphia
  13. Well done @Starboardhome ⭐ - Portimao is correct. My apologies if I made this too easy (again!) @bluemarble by overlooking the .jpeg ref! Doh!🤭
  14. All my photos of missing ports now seem exhausted, so I'm I'm resorting to offering a stock image of a place I have visited, but not on a cruise. All rather tenuous relative to the rules, but if it gets another place ticked off the list.....?
  15. Well done @Tonopah - Christchurch NZ is correct⭐
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