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  1. I'm pretty sure DH leaves $20 ($10 for each of us) when we have had dinner in the PG. I also know for a fact he leaves a smaller amount when we have breakfast in the PG - I want to say ~$5. Love the service in the PG and we always seem to have our favorites and ask to sit in their area.
  2. We will be on the Quantum on 1/1/2015 and are also hoping to see the Rose Bowl - Go 'Noles. Since that's the newest ship should it have a large screen for football viewing? I don't know what I'll do if no Rose Bowl this year - looking for the 30th win in a row and a spot in the National Title game.
  3. This was our experience as well on the Zuiderdam back in 2009. I had asked they same question so I was prepared that it might be great or not. DH and I decided to order a non-traditional meal and cook a mini Thanksgiving meal when we returned. Several of our tablemates got the tradition meal and said it was just so-so. Looked like a turkey roll to me. I think going to the PG is a nice option. We did that on a Christmas cruise once and it was fabulous. Good luck!
  4. We have dipped our toes into other cruise lines not due to any smoking policies (we are non smoker) but due to wanting to cruise with other family members and wanting to cruise from a port closer to home. Our last 3 cruises have been out of NJ/NY. Our first was on X Summit to Bermuda. We booked a Celebrity Suite. It was quite nice but no nicer than a Neptune Suite on HAL. The ship was very nice but I did not care for the food in the main dining rooms. Our butler was useless. The Normandy was excellent and much better than the Pinnacle Grill. Next was Explorer of the Sea to the Caribbean. We booked an Owner's Suite (I think). We loved the room and bath - I would say better than a SA on HAL. While the food was not as good as HAL it was far better than X. The service was really outstanding and comparable to HAL. We enjoyed the nightly happy hour in the Suite Lounge - very intimate and they paired us up with some very interesting other passengers. HAL is missing out on this as it wasn't really a free glass of wine but getting to know other passengers in an intimate space. Most recently was on the Queen Mary 2. We booked a Princess Grill P2 suite and got upgraded to a P1 (better location). We loved loved loved Cunard and can not wait to sail on the QM2 again. Again HAL needs to step it up to compete at least in the Suite categories. We have also booked the Royal's Quantum of the Seas for a New Year's Eve cruise. I'm a bit skeptical about this one due to the new dining situations (no main dining room) there are something like 18 different dinning locations. The ship looks super cool and different. Given all that... I can't wait to book another HAL cruise but can't seem to figure out where to go. I'm weary of the Caribbean and having to travel to FLL. I'm glad we finally stepped out of our comfort of HAL and know there are other options for us. Back to the original question regarding smoking.... As a non-smoker X was nice for that.
  5. I tried and book our group of 10 using the website. Finally all of us booked for each night of the cruise. Felt good about things until I looked at the email confirmation. Only DH and I were booked - the other 8 people had nothing. Had to make multiple calls and we all have a reservation but some are staggered by 15 minutes. As for sitting together they said on the phone to show and they should have large tables to accommodate us. Fingers crossed.
  6. We got a call yesterday evening from an automated RCL messaging system related my son's 6/28 Oasis sailing. It recommended arriving at the port based on your cabin deck level. For Desk 12 (our level) it said to arrive at 2:45. We found this a bit odd and late. He has to check out of the hotel at 11am and was planning on having a taxi take them to the port then for a somewhat early check-in. They are only Gold status so I guess he doesn't qualify for early boarding. But he and his new wife are going on a honeymoon cruise and are looking forward to relaxing. Is this normal for the Oasis?
  7. A family broke a tooth while on a Scandinavian cruise and was given this by a fellow passenger - DenTemp. http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=dentemp&tag=mh0b-20&index=aps&hvadid=1470507203&ref=pd_sl_4z48487yg4_ee The ship (X not HAL) then made an appointment for her with a local dentist until she returned home. She said DenTemp was great and won't travel with out it any more.
  8. Maybe on the Anthem. The Quantum is going to have Mama Mia and I already have my tickets. :)
  9. Just booked this for my son's pre-honeymoon cruise. I booked an express deal on Priceline for $103. Seems like a great hotel on the beach for one night.
  10. Is that caviar over the shoulder of the classic Caesar Salad? I love me some caviar...
  11. I've seen his in hotels and I think it's controlled by a motion sensor. If I get hot I just wave my hands in the air and it senses the room is not empty. I'm not sure that is the same on HAL or other ships that might be the issue.
  12. Does anyone know if this works for other cruise lines? Thanks!
  13. I agree it's almost always cheaper to book on your own but once we booked a last minute cruise and then scrambled to find air. The only thing that worked was First Class and in that one instance HAL was cheaper. When we got our air travel sure enough it was First Class. Too bad it was only DC to FLL and not to Europe...
  14. You haven't seen an older crowd until you sail on Cunard. :eek: We did the New England/Canada cruise last fall on the Queen Mary and loved it even though we are mid-50s. I thought the Queen Mary and HAL were very comparable when you compare elegant classy ships. Queen Mary did have much better food then HAL but we staying in the Princess Grill category and the service was as good or better than HAL. I think you would be happy with HAL or Cunard as you feel like you are being spoiled constantly. We are thinking about doing that trip again this fall since it was so nice.
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