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  1. If you haven’t visited Northumberland then would highly recommend. Glorious beaches, great walks, great pubs, restaurants and people. Always had great weather too when we have been up there. Also West Coast of Scotland or Ireland as above. X
  2. Agree think it’s pretty generous. My cruise is latter part of May on Oceana to Italy so going to wait and see before I decide one way or another.
  3. Imo the only game to play on a cruise is poker. Dealer dealt Texas Hold ‘Em. This is because you are not playing against the casino but against other players. Yes the ship takes a rake (too much) but the game is in the players’ hands. Unfortunately it is not played on P&O ships! Have twice won a cruise playing poker on a cruise and won $7k on my last poker cruise in December.
  4. You would be best putting this post on your roll call
  5. I have moved tables a couple of times because of rude table mates. The worst about 3 years ago was on RCL. I was cruising with my brother and they sat us at a table of 4. The couple on the table were man and wife from Scotland, he frae Glasgow, her from Edinburgh ( their nationality doesn’t affect the story though!). From the moment we sat down they were very friendly and chatty but every other word began with an F or a C! Now I can swear with the best (or worst!) of them but there is a time and place! I excused myself and saw the Maitre d’ who promptly moved us for the next evening.
  6. Wow! Why blame the OP for something that changed at the last minute! Of course it would be upsetting. Why are there so many people with zero empathy on these boards? They would rather shoot the messenger than empathise with a sad situation. Feel for you 😢
  7. I have sailed on Breakaway and Getaway and on Allure and Oasis. I had a great time on each of the cruises. For a $4k saving I would go on Breakaway without a 2nd thought. enjoy x
  8. Yes you can in US but not UK. i have previously booked through US TAs too but didn’t bother this time! 😥
  9. Still not budging but on the plus side, I managed to book a Premium Economy seat on my flight home using air miles!
  10. I tried this week to get new pricing on my cruise. I only booked last Sunday but then a big promotion with lower prices and $200 obc RCL Wouldn’t change anything for me 😥
  11. Never thought to bring any of these things! Certainly never going to use the laundry on a ship other than sending stuff there to be done for me but can understand why you would if you have children.
  12. Never a bad word about Fred Olsen? Well I could think of several 😱 The only cruise line that I wouldn't use again. Food was very poor, ships are not great, they still believe people want to sing a long to things like It’s a long way to Tipperary and various other 100 year old songs! Not a great cruise line by any stretch of the imagination - leave well alone.
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