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  1. Deeliteful

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    Personally think you are being over the top in your reaction! How many times is this likely to happen on any one cruise. And also good to know the speed of response if you were the one in need.
  2. Deeliteful

    P&O vs Celebrity

    I think they have improved the embarkation and disembarkation, they are a little less stuffy at dinner, they have more cocktails on offer than they ever used to. I do like the way you sign a drinks bill and there is no option to tip, wish the US ships would learn from that! :-)
  3. Deeliteful

    P&O vs Celebrity

    I have cruised mostly with Celebrity and RCL and Almas had great cruises with them. Last year I went on Azura to the Fjords (my very first cruise around 17 years ago was with P&O on the Oriana). I was very pleasantly surprised. I felt that P&O had learned some good stuff from the American lines but also retained some of its a British charm. I loved the ship and sailed n her again last month. Will always look at itinerary first but P&O is now back on my list.
  4. Deeliteful

    drinks package on Azura

  5. Be prepared that there isn’t much of a glacier left! Global warming etc., the scenery is lovely however.
  6. Deeliteful

    Northern Lights Clothing Advice

    I have seen the Northern Lights from a boat in Iceland and best bet is to wear layers. I wore a couple of Regatta type T shirts, then a fleece and a gilet, plus hat and gloves, socks and boots and leggings under fleece lined trousers. Enjoy!
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2671488 Take a look at my "Live from"...threads - the above is for last month and I also did one in May last year. Enjoy - beautiful place. Happy to answer any questions if I can! Cheers Pat
  8. Deeliteful

    Aurora to get more single cabins

    Lol at the no-view cabins! I had my first single cabin on my Azura cruise last week and was very pleased with it. It was inside but well laid out, a great location (F314) and glad I didn’t upgrade it. Be great to get a single balcony.
  9. Deeliteful

    Free WiFi

    I always buy the wi-fi as I run my own business and need to have access to emails. I don’t think it’s overpriced on P&O for the browsing package but I am glad I don’t need to use it for streaming as very expensive.
  10. Deeliteful

    drinks package on Azura

    Really not 100% sure but pretty confident I did not lose out on the package. I had a routine (more or less!) of two drinks with lunch, either Corona or Prosecco, an Irish coffee after lunch, a couple of Pink Gin Spritz late afternoon, g&t before dinner, glass of wine or prosecco with dinner (occasionally two), glass of port when I had the cheeseboard and two or three g&ts or similar during the rest of the night. Sounds a lot but over the course of 12 hours it’s not ;p
  11. Deeliteful

    drinks package on Azura

    I had no issue with the drinks package at any bar, Java or MDR. Always served with a smile and our wine waiter was fantastic in the MDR, she was always there offering more drinks. Think it’s great value and hope they keep it.
  12. Deeliteful

    Azura to Fjords - DIY!

    I did did a Vision boat trip though the Naeroyfjord to Gundvangen via Visit Flam. Beautiful trip, stunnng scenery and a shuttle bus return. The boat is electrically powered and so is quiet as you glide through the fjord. Highly recommended. In Olden I booked the Loen Sky Lift with shuttle bus. Amazing views from the top. Booked through Olden Adventure, similar price to P&O but you can stay there as lng as you like, you don't get much time there on the ship’s tour. Again highly recommended. I did the Glacier tour last year and agree that it has receded so much there is little there but the scenery is beautiful on the way there and back but definitely preferred the sky lift.
  13. Deeliteful

    Live from Azura to the Fjords

    Well the formal night was lovely. Lobster for dinner (small but tasty). Didn’t make a show again but enjoyed the casino once more. Last day, a day at sea and the North Sea was like a millpond and the sun shone so lots of people out on deck but always seemed plenty of chairs. I took my spot in the retreat and enjoyed the beautiful day. A very pleasant bonus. Having sailed on many lines and come back to P&O there are pluses and minuses as in everything! I now think both embarkation and disembarkation are really well organised on P&O. I like the kettle with tea and coffee in the cabin (though I never made one!) I think the drinks are very reasonably priced and there is a good selection and I think the drinks package is great. I love that you are not charged a service charge with any drink you buy and amazed (and delighted) that there is no space to even add a tip on your drinks bill! I think the food in the MDR is good both at lunch and dinner but a little bit too British! Entertainment is lacking. Although I didn’t see a lot of shows I did hear about them and I did visit the music venues. The groups were not great, the pianist was excellent as was the Annie Lennox tribute, Dusty show was good and I missed out on the Astonishing show as they cancelled the later one. Spa is worth waiting for specials, some of the prices are ridiculous but some specials were great value and only a 10% service charge. The casino is small and does not offer many games or slots. I really would like them to have a Texas Hold ‘Em table and tournaments and I was not alone in thinking this! I think there could be better enrichment lectures, none of the ones on board captured my imagination at all so didn’t make any of them. Impressed with my single cabin, F314. Great location, great layout and very comfy bed. Would always prefer a balcony but prices as a solo traveller fo not always make this possible, the one big benefit of an inside is how well and how long I sleep! I the Azura is a lovely ship and staff were mainly very friendly and efficient, worst lot were in Java (IMO) and officers were rarely seen around the ship. Overall a 5* cruise though and be happy to sail P&O again
  14. Deeliteful

    Live from Azura to the Fjords

    Thanks, such a beautiful part of the world xx such a lovely sail away with people waving us off from the port. Pretty quiet everywhere last night. Think people’s bodies are catching up with all the tours! Had a drink in Manhattan and in Malibar as well as Brodie’s. Woke up in beautiful Bergen on another lovely sunny day. Didn’t get off the ship as wanted another peaceful day which has been lovely in the retreat. Formal night again tonight (black and white) so will report back later. Have read two books so far and about to start my third. Love having the time to do that :)
  15. Deeliteful

    Live from Azura to the Fjords

    It’s just under £40 per day. Dusty show was very good. Flam yesterday, I enjoyed the Vision boat trip out if Flam and return by bus (booked direct via Visit Flam. Ate in Sindhu last night as had a fabulous meal there last year but very disappointed this time. I know it’s fusion but was not impressed. I was, however, very impressed with their customer service and attempts to make things right for me. Early night as feeling tired and in pain with blessed arthritis! Lovely waking up in beautiful Olden. Went on the Loen Sky Lift which I would highly recommend. Bought ticket privately not much difference in P&O price but you could have more time up there. Stunnng views.