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  1. Probably should add the word “below” but it will be the named drinks on the list.
  2. Not that I disbelieve you SydneyBerlin but there will be a cap, certainly doesn’t make commercial sense if there isn’t and NCL aren’t in the habit of giving something for nothing!
  3. Sorry but didn’t enjoy Teppanyaki on the Breakaway in June. Not a great show and steak was tough as old boots (went to one in Orlando after the cruise and it was awesome). I had a great meal in Le Bistro and in Cagney’s. Highly recommend both of these.
  4. Dwp1127 I think the internet issue was probably down to the fact you were cruising in Alaska rather than it being a RCL issue. i did my first NCL cruise in June on the Breakaway, (usually cruise with RCL, Celebrity or P&O) and I was pleasantly surprised. i am sailing on the Getaway in December so for OP I think you would definitely enjoy it. Younger demographic than X and plenty for kids to do.
  5. Absolutely necessary in my opinion. Venice is a beautiful and very old city. Cruise ships do not belong there. And to “old nutter”, I think they get many, many tourists who are not on cruise ships, the Venetians will still make money! 😂
  6. Check out my post Live from the Breakaway on here as some of the menus are there x
  7. Agree that Spice H2O is probably your best bet but also worth checking out the bar area next to Vibe. Loungers and tables and chairs and doesn’t get too busy. Enjoy.
  8. So my précis of the cruise and the ship - Embarkation 10/10 smooth, easy. Shore to ship with 40 mins and no standing in line. Restaurants - breakfast - I ate breakfast on my balcony and in Taste as well as O’Sheehans. Happy with breakfast in all of them 8/10 Lunch - ate lunch in Taste, Buffett or O’ Sheehans. Taste 9/10, Buffett 6/10, O’Sheehans 8/10 Dinner - Manhattan 7/10, Taste 8/10, Savor 7/10, Cagney 9/10, Le Bistro 9/10, Teppanyaki 5/10, Shanghai Noodles Bar 8/10 Room - I booked a balcony guarantee and got midships on Deck 13, 9/10 room was great, lots of space (travelling solo), nice bathroom, small balcony but adequate for me to sit and enjoy the sea. Bars - I absolutely love the Waterside idea, perfect place to sip a cocktail at Shakers or Maltings 9/10. Vibe - great bartenders making a drink there great fun. Very quiet in there, so much fuss to get a ticket and yet probably 50% of the people who had one weren’t there. 9/10 Spice H2O only had one drink there on first day so not sure what it would be like at other times, pretty lively I understand 8/10 had a drink in Mixx, Atrium Bar and Bar 21 - all ok 7/10 Entertiainment - shoot me now! I didn’t see any shows on the ship, I mainly played poker in the Casino. Casino - good cash Games every night ($2/$5 no limit $100 min. Buy in. House takes 10% rake maximum $25). Also had some poker tournaments on sea days as well as slots and Black Jack Tournaments. Did not like the fact that the Casino was all smoking - poker table is non-smoking yet situated right by other tables and between two sets of slots - so may as well been smoking. That needs to change. 2/10 for that 8/10 for the poker games. Spa and salon - 8/10 had a wash and blow dry and a facial as well as a spa pass for one day in the thermal suite. Good value. Ports of call - Did not get off the ship ! 😱 I know, I had my reasons. Been to most of the ports before and cannot get out of the sea easily with mobility problems so had always intended to just chill out on the ship, Pool area - ridiculously small and always crowded. 2/10 Staff and Service 9/10 - lovely, friendly, smiling staff everywhere. Room steward was great, unobtrusive but very friendly when I saw him. Officer very visible and always said hi. Rarely had to wait long for a drink, Atrium Bar probably the longest wait. Meet and Mingle - we had about 50% of people there compared to those who had signed up. Officers did a good job and we had a gift exchange and general chats, also a well attended slot pull. Very impressed that the officers organised another get together on the last sea day for some feedback, full marks for that. Disembarkation - a bit manic to say the least. Not greatly organised, our 9 am bus for the airport left at 10.15. Overall I was impressed with NCL and will be cruising with them again on the Getaway in December. 8/10 if I’ve missed anything please ask or SHOUT! xx
  9. Yes lots. More of a young demographic than an older one. Haven’t posted review yet as still holidaying in Orlando. No I don’t have a list of officers, sorry. The Pool and pool area was always crowded except on port days. Thanks for following. Couple of pics from my airboat ride with Spirit of the Swamp in Orlando. 5* highly recommended.
  10. I agree the pool area is far too small and therefore overcrowded but you can always find quiet places. Also may be worth getting a spa pass ( daily or weekly ones available) which has a pool but if you want to swim lengths then neither pool would be suitable.
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