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  1. Just love your reviews! We have a cruise on the Elation in Nov with friends to celebrate a birthday. But I have so enjoyed your reviews that while my sister asked me to plan something just for the two of us, I think I have settled on a 4 day cruise on Carnival Liberty in Feb 2020. Just waiting for my new work schedule to be assigned for the next year at the end of may before we book. Always been a loyal Royal Caribbean devotee, but for a inexpensive getaway for my sister and I to relax, it sounds like we can still have a blast on Carnival. Going back to read your other reviews, having a great time obsessing and planning! Thanks
  2. We did two interiors run of the ship for our first family cruise- kids were 7 & 9. We were hooked, and have always been assigned side by side rooms- even when we haven't picked our own room. Gives more room for 3 females to get ready, and only issue we ever had is that our girls wanted to be with me because I like to get room service coffee and hot cocoa with a Continental breakfast in the AM. As they got older we let them sleep in one room and we slept in the other- we were right next door. It made family vacations so much easier having the two rooms. Usually it's less then $100 total to have two rooms vs a larger room that accommodates 4. And very often it's less expensive.
  3. We haven't been on the Oasis or higher class ships. Been on Voyager class 3 times and twice on Freedom. What I really enjoy are the shows, in particular the ice show but the production shows were a draw for me on RCI.We won't be doing any of the physical activities like climbing walls or flowrider- my husband always did that while I relaxed. I like the goofy game shows and wine tastings, towel animal class or behind the scene tours, are they available on Carnival? Just some things to break up the day because we wont be doing excursions.
  4. This will be my sisters first cruise and we need to keep costs low. I usually cruise RCI larger ships- love the games, activities and shows. Only did one Carnival cruise- a spring break booze cruise on Elation 7 years ago. I don't think it's a fair comparison, so trying to be positive and get advice on best bang for the buck. We plan to go Jan or Feb 2020 and I live in FL so we are thinking either Liberty out of port Canaveral (much more convenient) or Victory or Conquest out of Miami. Am I right to exclude the Paradise out of Tampa because it's similiar to the Elation? We plan to do an interior room and no excursions so the activities on board and shows are pretty important. That was the biggest disappointment- the activities on elation seemed lame and the shows featured the same 3 singers and it seemed so much less professional then the RCI shows which I have always enjoyed. Which would you recommend and why? This is an important trip- first time my sister and I are going away alone together since we met- I was adopted and found my family - so we have only become close these past 5 yrs.-looking to really bond during this cruise. Thanks!
  5. She's a first time cruiser. This will be a short getaway in Jan/feb just the two of us. I've only been on one Carnival cruise, one of the smaller ships for a quick weekend getaway with hubby 7 years ago. We weren't impressed with the activities or shows. We do love RCI- especially the mega ships - love walking around the promenade, using the ice skating rink, seeing the shows. We also enjoyed lots of the games that RCI has done and didn't see them on the Carnival Elation. Price is a major factor- she's coming from AZ to FL, so we are looking to keep it under $500 each which seems very doable for a 4 night cruise . I'm looking at either RCI navigator, Independance or Mariner vs Carnival Liberty or Paradise. Any thoughts or recommendations? Itinerary isn't as important- we don't plan to do excursions just relax without the kids and husbands. Price, activities like games(not bingo) and shows are the main consideration. It seems like RCI is $100 more for each for us- can anyone sell me on Carnival?
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