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  1. Cafe al Bacio is quite good and acceptable, everything else - dire!
  2. Air Industry travel pass available within weeks, interesting article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56165563
  3. Retreat sundeck on Equinox and Silhouette is deck 15 and 16
  4. Had an aft cabin once on Solstice, the views were great but the balcony was unusable a lot of the time due to soot. Put us off booking aft again.
  5. More often done with sponge jet these days for environmental reasons (171) Blasting Ship Hull using Sponge Media Abrasive - YouTube
  6. That is correct, S class too modern to have staterooms ripped out, it was limited to soft furnishings.
  7. Unlike a small boat they don't "sand them down" - blasting is done to remove rust and old paint. Step-by-step: a Glimpse into the Dry-docking Process - Teekay | Teekay
  8. All academic as there will be no cruises starting in a country with internal travel restrictions, residents told that it is illegal to travel abroad for holidays and other leisure purposes and advice against cruise travel.
  9. Totally not true Coronavirus (COVID-19): cruise ship travel - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  10. I really cannot see Silhouette or indeed any Celebrity ship in UK or Europe in 2021.
  11. No and they didn't for Solstice and Eclipse either
  12. Infinity has completed bunkering at Algeciras anchorage and now shows Cadiz as destination where she will enter drydock
  13. I think they tested positive prior to debarkation. They may well have been infected before the cruise which is an indication that testing alone is not reliable. It will never be known how many other guests tested clear for debarkation but went on to become infected from that cruise so I agree, not safe to consider cruising for some time to come until all vaccinated.
  14. The numbers are low I admit however the outbreak was discovered on board when passengers were being tested at the end of the cruise prior to a flight home. That resulted in four passengers who tested positive along with nine other passengers and 11 crew being taken ashore for quarantine in a hotel on the Canary Islands. No protocols will ever be 100% successful.
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