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  1. Horizon is 30 years old, out of date, lacks balconies, doubtless her time for the breakers has come.
  2. Here's a bit of inside knowledge. The three ships were actually having no work done in Belfast. It was a move by Harland & Wolff in the hope of securing future business (clever) and was around the fact that berthing fees for ships having work done were a lot less that lay up fees. Maybe it has backfired in terms of one of the berths.
  3. Surely no need to refit a three year old cruise ship?
  4. Sun has just left anchorage at Bangor destination Liverpool. No idea what's going on as she was due in Belfast 5.00pm today. I'm guessing a disagreement over berthing arrangements in Belfast
  5. Viking Sun hasn't moved since she dropped anchor yesterday evening. She is due return to Belfast, I have been told she only moved to facilitate traffic in the port accessing the building dock including floating in and out of dock gates. Stena Europe left yesterday evening and Stena Adventurer is due to be dry docked in the near future. Doubt very much if Sun is going into dry dock. Photo of her a short time ago at anchor off Bangor on a wet misty afternoon.
  6. As expected, a total deal breaker for us. No interest in cruising under these restrictions, too many ruin what we like and as young at heart late 60's we don't want to be forced into older age groups only. I suspect many others will not be attracted to cruising and for us it's over until the situation normalises by vaccine or otherwise.
  7. Belfast Anchor refers to the area off Bangor where ships anchor prior to passage into Belfast Harbour https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ports/22343 She will likely head for Belfast in the morning, interestingly coincides with Stena Europe leaving the dry dock so waiting game to see if she is going into dry dock or back to previous berth.
  8. Viking Sun is on sea trials from Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where she is returning tomorrow morning. Three Viking ships arrived there for lay up and repairs and are expected to remain there for a minimum of two months https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23168-cruise-ship-repairs-start-at-harland-wolff-yard-eyes-newbuilds.html
  9. Heading back, destination unrecognised GBBNG which I assume is Bangor at the mouth of Belfast Lough. Maybe going to drop anchor in the bay this evening before sailing into Belfast in the morning?
  10. She looks like leaving late Thurs or early Fri.
  11. Sun is due back in Belfast Friday morning according to Belfast port movements, some sort of sea trials I expect.
  12. Viking Sun has just departed Belfast, destination Douglas, Isle of Man. Looks like a change of plan.
  13. Not sure how that sea trial went, back in the shipyard already.
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