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  1. Why are you flying to Heathrow from within the UK? Can you not fly to Soton?
  2. You won't be permitted to do any of this, curated ship tours only
  3. The markets are jittery https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25503-covid-19-variant-fears-hit-cruise-line-stocks-hard.html
  4. It is perfectly sensible when you think about it - to minimise the risk of guests contracting the virus on a shore visit and bringing it on board, cruise lines will continue to control shore excursions as much as they can especially as the number of cases is rising so fast.
  5. I'd be more concerned about whether the ship will be available rather than the water brands
  6. Clia hails end of Scottish cruise ban | Travel Weekly
  7. OMG - guests trawling Amazon for clothing, we really are plumbing the depths!
  8. 18th is the best itinerary as it avoids Dover which is a horrible place.
  9. You are mistaken
  10. No, it applies ship wide
  11. Easier to take formal wear if not flying to departure port!
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