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  1. OK, we do not have this booked yet, but this is our plan: Carnival Eastern carribean on Fantasy Dec 29, 2007 - 1/3/08 This is our 25th anniversary trip. This is our first time on a cruise and we are not experienced travelers. #1 Should we book the air along with the cruise through Carnival? #2 I am worried about flying in on the day the cruise departs, so is it customary for them to book us on a flight the same day or the day before? I'd like to arrive in New Orleans the day before (12/28). I guess my question, what is the usual thing if you book the air through the cruise line? #3 Also, should we buy the trip insurance through Carnival? #4 Last question -- is it better to book through a travel agent, or is it OK for newbies to book themselves directly through Carnival's website? The couple agents I have consulted with did not offer anything substantial in order for me to use them. They weren't cheaper, and they didn't offer any upgrades or incentives for using them. I'm not an idiot, I can use a website myself, so should I just do it myself? thanks for your help