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  1. I had to read that 3 times before I finally grasped their complaint.....which was over things not being clearly stated.
  2. Man....I hope someone can let us know what color the carpet is. The suspense is killing me.
  3. I have booked several in the week or two prior to departure. We can be pretty flexible as several ports are in driving range. I have found waiting until the very last minute is not a worthwhile tactic for me though. They do a pretty good job of filling up the ships and the cruises that were at rock bottom prices for the weeks leading up to it will start to rise as inventory closes out.
  4. Depends on the price difference for me. If there are substantial savings I rarely pass them up. If they are comparable I will pick my cabin.
  5. I start my cruise with a stack of crisp Benjamin's, that is a $100 for you peasants. I give them out to everyone I see along with notes that my preferred snack is peanut M&M's and Kit-Kats. As they bring me things I usually throw another $50 for each visit. I usually finish it off with a few more Benjamin's for good measure.
  6. Yeah....I'm not sure why a company that caters to people of every demographic from all around the world would consider any of that.
  7. Absolutely, but it does not change the service dynamic. They are set up to share duties as a team, if that structure was not necessary you would just have a bunch of concierges.
  8. Here is your quote. Your number is wrong....each week the NFL tops 100 million viewers. One individual game, between 2 of the 32 teams averaged the 16 million.
  9. You are misreading those stats. I looked up the article, the 15.8 million viewers you are mentioning is a per game average, not total. As you can see from my stats, this week was a 17.1 million average for a total of 109 million. Overall, NFL games this season were up 5 percent compared to 2017, and averaged 15.8 million viewers across all networks (excluding the early-morning games from London).
  10. They pool the tips, that is the only way it can work. The 'head' anything will have additional logistical duties and responsibilities that will take them away from their primary duties. The very job of the assistants is to pick up this work load. They work as a team.
  11. You sure? http://www.nfl.com/news/ National Football League Published: Sept. 11, 2019 at 09:47 a.m. For Week 1, NFL games were viewed by a total audience of over 109 Million viewers with a per game average minute audience of 17.1M viewers through Nielsen-measured platforms, up +5% vs. 2018 Week 1
  12. The only reason I need someone else to book my cruise is if I am getting a kick back on the fare. All the information I need is out there to make my own decision and I guarantee I have more real world cruise experience than 95% of travel agents.
  13. Cheaper and 2 days longer would seal the deal for me.
  14. We have cruised on 3, 4, 5, and 7 night cruises spread over all 4 seasons. Each cruise has its own identity. You will find cruises around college spring break will be a little more lively than the same cruise in November, no matter the length. On that same note you will find summer cruises have more kids and teens than one in the middle of January. It is what it is.....there is enough space on a cruise ship where everyone can do their own thing.
  15. Easiest thing is son't be late. It is extremely rude to your table mates.
  16. ......this thread went way off topic as usual. To answer the question.....yes you can still get all the non-alcoholic items you want after you hit 15.
  17. Whaaaaa? Have you been on a cruise? They stay packed.
  18. Yup....I would not let such blatant manipulative behavior go unaddressed.
  19. I usually just give them $5 for the name tag....lol.
  20. My bet is it's a response to some sort of fraud.
  21. Ehhhhh.....seems the failure is with the daughter instead of NCL.
  22. You didn't say how old she is. I would encourage her to think rationally, it would be a life lesson that will follow her throughout adulthood. Concede that bad things do happen in the world but you can't live daily worrying about everything.
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