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  1. I am bringing a $1 box from Wal-Mart next time. I didn't think it would bother me but I found it to be less than ideal last month on the Horizon. It detracted from the drink both in flavor and when they got soggy and collapsed. I flew there on an airplane to sail on a cruise ship which is one if the biggest polluters around....it is a week of wasteful excess that could feed a village....I am not gullible enough to believe not having a straw is saving the world.
  2. Self serve.....no reason to be served by crew.
  3. What do you mean you didn't "see anywhere on the site saying its necessary". You have to choose during online check-in what form of identification you are using. It is crystal clear.
  4. If you don't pay your bartender at the local Longhorn Steakhouse with shampoo and soap then maybe you shouldn't pay your servers on the cruise ship that way either.
  5. Yeah....this was unavoidable.
  6. LOL....what a difference a few minutes make.
  7. Yes....along with water slides and zip lines.
  8. Wow....you got there just in time for embarkation. We were also there on the 21st had an 11:30 - 12:00 slot, we arrived at 11:50 to find a line with hundreds going down the front sidewalk, across the service entrance and along the fence along the adjacent construction site. It was one single line, no on time versus late arrivals separation. It took us 50 minutes just to get inside the terminal. It was mega hot but thankfully not raining or something. Once inside it was another 30+ minutes to get through security and on the ship. We made it on board just as they announced the cabins were open 15 minutes early.
  9. I thought I was as unpicky as any person that exists when it comes to soap. I mean I am happy with the $1 body wash from WalMart. My wife usually packs me a travel bottle but didn't this time. I found this stuff was horrible. It would not lather or rinse clean. I will make sure I pack some in the future.
  10. Awesome job. I appreciate how much work you put into this. We just finished the 8-night and you covered it all.
  11. For ATD at least it defaults to a two top if there are two guests. You have to check a box to be seated at a group table.
  12. Each is its own clause, that is why it is separated by bullet point. That means 'or'.
  13. That isn't going to happen. Why test if you're going to let positives on?
  14. Leave your snacks and shampoo at home. Give them a few $$$ and they can purchase whatever is important to them at the time.
  15. You will probably get more detailed questions to get the facts. There are all sorts of passengers that are either first responders or medical cruising right now and most of them are exposed daily.
  16. Whatever they did on your cruise was completely forgotten on the 21st. We had a 11:30 - 12:00 arrival window. Showed up at 11:45 to find one long line outside the terminal so long it crossed the street. It took 50 minutes just to get inside of the terminal, another 35 to get on the ship. The heat sucked, if it had been raining I don't know what they would do.
  17. They expect that. We always carry a copy of our marriage license just to be sure but they never ask for it.
  18. I don't see how sending someone to a hospital on shore for a medial issue is in anyway "dumping them off".
  19. Glad to hear the roaming bar waiter is gone. Service was always terrible in the MDR. In the past we always brought a fresh drink in with us and I have actually left mid-dinner between courses to walk to the bar for a refill before I ever saw a bar server.
  20. I will certainly investigate starting this weekend. Good to know about the selection at Pig N Anchor.
  21. I did a rapid test at CVS yesterday for my Saturday cruise. I had results in 1 hour. My backup plan was to simply get one of the at home tests if needed.
  22. I think some are confused, none of these cruise lines are making you take a cruise. It is a cruise ship, there will be crowds no matter what they do. It is unavoidable due by design. If you are not comfortable being in such of a crowd that is at least 95% vaccinated then maybe a cruise isn't for you right now or even in the next few years if at all. There will be cases even on 100% vaccinated cruises just as there are everywhere else in society. Zero is not the metric, that is a dream.
  23. If you are late they can ask you to join the alternate line. If you are early they may refuse you completely until your assigned time or allow you to join the alternate line depending on volume.
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