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  1. Sometimes people need to know when to wave the white flag and learn something.
  2. The person worrying about taking a cruise because the engines are not new.
  3. I think you are worrying about the wrong things.
  4. I have never been in a cabin that was too small to fit a simple chair especially if the bed are divided.
  5. Using these experiences I expect this option will soon be a thing of the past. When that happens you will have a flood of people who never sail on Carnival flood the board claiming a 'cut back'.
  6. I don't see why not. Carnival has no rule against.
  7. Yup. Whipped butter is pretty common around here and I prefer it hands down. Seems like many didn't know it existed from their posts. LOL....now people are actually going to pack butter in their suitcase....give me a break.
  8. So....how is that different than walking on the ship with $200 which you deposit at check-in? It gives the same $200 'onboard credit'.
  9. I bet they still have many more years ahead of them. They fit Carnival's model of cruising out of the smaller ports perfectly.
  10. If I wasn't going to use a credit card that I simply paid off post cruise I would just take plain 'ol cash. Converting cash into a non-refundable brand locked certificate simply isn't a wise choice especially with no incentive. At least the discount gift cards save you 10%.
  11. I love the whipped butter.....easy to spread even if the bread isn't warm.
  12. Passport not required. At worst case there will be a slight delay if you are forced to fly home but the real world chances of that is extremely rare for the average cruiser.
  13. That's great. On my one cruise on the Allure we arrived around 11:30 to total chaos and finally made it on the ship at 12:45. It actually initially turned me off to mega ships with me telling my wife "I told you so" and made me appreciate what Carnival was trying to do.
  14. I would call but I see no reason the CCP won't work.
  15. I just have a set of refillable travel size bottles....they get filled with whatever I use at home and are always in my toiletries bag ready to go.
  16. LOL.....I can say sample size shampoo is one thing I've never fretted over.
  17. Carnival's process is working great in my opinion, it managed the chaos.
  18. Ehhhh....everyone has different criteria. It is a shot in the dark to have random people recommend things especially since the choices are so similar to each other.
  19. I have used it at the coffee bar every time.
  20. If I was Carnival I would've just called it off....
  21. If your friends aren't getting off early then why bother? You aren't going anywhere, might as well get a zone tag that matches and get off with them.
  22. The activities are well structured even allowing the children to dine with their group if the parents want a 'night out'. Just go with the flow.
  23. I would save the $1k as similar as those are.
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