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  1. Nah....the cruise industry presents a unique environment allowing you to see the big picture because you have a captive audience for a week. The people still allowed to jet around the world, crowd in to their local grocery store or visit some amusement parks are no safer. They are catching and spreading the virus at the same rate, they just disperse their impact into the community where it becomes some random unconnected number. The cruise industry was low hanging fruit, it allowed the CDC to look as if they were doing "something".
  2. The CDC should take a step back.....they have been ineffective and certainly have placed a target on the cruise industry.
  3. False positives and apparently even that terrifies some.
  4. Many of the loudest opinions on this site always seem to be clueless when it comes to how supply and demand drives pricing. They always claim the lines will just double the fare in the future and carry on. If they could've doubled the price then they would've done so last year because as a public entity their goal is to maximize profit. There is a price point they try to balance, one that the consumer is willing to pay en masse for the experience yet still gives them a steady profit.
  5. I agree.....the majority of the positions won't need a 'lay off'. They simply will offer fewer contracts.
  6. Prices are going to be in limbo until things kick off again. Supply and demand drives the price, the cruise lines don't just get to set a price and make people pay it. Until those cruises actually have a firm start date and the sailings start so you can see the level of true demand it is all speculation.
  7. Yup. I don't know how so many confuse this. Influenza is a family of multiple viruses, just like Coronavirus is. SARS-COV-2 is a particular strain of Coronavirus just like H3N2 is a particular strain of Influenza.
  8. "In total, the 18 ships represent approximately 12 percent of pre-pause capacity and only three percent of operating income in 2019," Carnival said, in an SEC filing. That says it all....12% capacity and 3% of income. With a soft market when cruising returns that number could go even lower. At some point you have to decide is it worth it financially.
  9. No.....staying afloat as a company is a more pressing matter.
  10. I book on my own.....every detail a consumer ever wanted is freely available on the web. A PVP is just a salesperson who works for the company.
  11. You are right....those results should be BETTER than you what you see in the general population. Those are professionals in a sterile environment who are using good quality PPE with proper training on how to doff and don. Their results should exceed what you will find in untrained populations using in most cases makeshift PPE.
  12. Yup....worthless. You don't get exposed and then 2 hours later pop positive on the test.
  13. ....or it could also mutate like the original SARS-COV-1 into something that no longer targets humans.
  14. LOL....Holy speculation Batman. This topic shows the internet can run wild with anything.
  15. Not surprising. There are loads of people who have cancelled over the past few months who are booking with those credits. That in itself creates demand and will cause prices to rise. No great conspiracy.
  16. We will absolutely go on a cruise when the situation changes. It is not just cruising that is impacted, it is many things we normally did in life in large crowds. This will eventually get under control and we will move forward as a society.
  17. Well....if we learned anything we know some have trouble with basic math.
  18. I would pass on that. The mask will be nothing but a sweltering annoyance. Anytime you are in a restaurant or at a bar you won't have it on and social distancing will be impossible in those venues. Either it is safe enough to go without or not.
  19. Had some good times on board....hate to see it go.
  20. Man....had some good times on her.
  21. They posted facts. Why would that bother you?
  22. I'm sure it will be okay. You found out didn't you?
  23. Yup.....happens all the time.
  24. What you are missing is what that term means, which is exactly opposite of what you think it does.
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