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  1. Could be 2 years in advance, could be 2 weeks prior to sailing. You never know.
  2. No....I never leave cash on the table after the meal.
  3. LOL....people getting acupuncture claimed they were getting scammed. That was a given when you walked in the door, the only question of for how much.
  4. Only way I will go at these prices is with the dining package. No way I would spend $46 each on top of the cruise fare which also should fund a portion of the meals cost.
  5. This was the standard menu on our summer sailing.
  6. AFAIK.....they have even made it to the Fantasy class ships that our last cruise was on. They were all in 16oz cans and served at all bars.
  7. Huh? Hotel checkout is never before 11am and you can easily get a late checkout to give you more time if needed.
  8. The Parched Pig IPA was my go-to last cruise.....however I did also enjoy the Thirsty Frog Caribbean Wheat and the Parched Pig Amber. Carnival really carries a good selection of craft beers now. If I remember they had 2 or 3 Sam Adams, a couple more IPA's, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada and a few more I have forgotten by now.
  9. I wouldn't. I doubt it would be a great experience that late in the morning, staff has so much to do already plus they would be working to close the dining room and kitchen at that time. I would hit the buffet and then try to find a quiet nook if I wanted to kill some time.
  10. It could but the chance of it happening under your particular circumstances in nearly zero.
  11. Its a working ship at sea....there will be noises at time. That is the answer.
  12. I have got great service with nothing more than the included tip. I have also got great service after adding $1 or so per drink. I have also got mediocre service using both tactics.
  13. That certainly isn't the case and that is coming from someone who books 90% last minute discounted type cruises. We live within driving distance of several ports and are flexible with our vacation time. NCL has rarely popped up on our radar for the past few years. This year is unique, the cancellation of the Cuba itineraries has saturated the short cruise market. The supply is greater than the demand.
  14. This post is proof some get up in the morning just to argue.....
  15. Most everything from the northern FL/AL ports are sold out for that week. Looks like the Mobile cruise is all that is left, that is why it is higher than the adjacent weeks. It looks to be a popular week, probably due to school fall breaks.
  16. They discontinued Bud....not Bud Light.
  17. Carnival can and will move you if necessary. I know someone it happened to. I am surprised they are even allowing you to book the cabin.
  18. No way of knowing. The market with its countless variables for that particular week is what will drive the prices.
  19. I had to read that 3 times before I finally grasped their complaint.....which was over things not being clearly stated.
  20. Man....I hope someone can let us know what color the carpet is. The suspense is killing me.
  21. I have booked several in the week or two prior to departure. We can be pretty flexible as several ports are in driving range. I have found waiting until the very last minute is not a worthwhile tactic for me though. They do a pretty good job of filling up the ships and the cruises that were at rock bottom prices for the weeks leading up to it will start to rise as inventory closes out.
  22. Depends on the price difference for me. If there are substantial savings I rarely pass them up. If they are comparable I will pick my cabin.
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