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  1. If I wasn't going to use a credit card that I simply paid off post cruise I would just take plain 'ol cash.  Converting cash into a non-refundable brand locked certificate simply isn't a wise choice especially with no incentive.  At least the discount gift cards save you 10%.

  2. 11 hours ago, habitatnal said:

    I don't get why Carnival needs to enforce check-in times.  I sailed on RCCL Allure of the Seas and we arrived at the port around 11 and were on the ship within 15 minutes.  Allure is one of the biggest ships in the world and RCCL doesn't enforce check-in times.  I have read regularly on the RCCL boards where people have had very little waits to board the ship.  It seems like RCCL can figure it out, why can't Carnival?  As far as I know, Carnival is the only cruise line that enforces check-in times.


    That's great.  On my one cruise on the Allure we arrived around 11:30 to total chaos and finally made it on the ship at 12:45.  It actually initially turned me off to mega ships with me telling my wife "I told you so" and made me appreciate what Carnival was trying to do.

  3. Yup....included food is top of the list for me.  If we go to a basic mainstream steakhouse the bill is still probably $60 with tip.  


    My wife decided she wanted a trip to the beach last year and we talked about budget.  She severely underestimated the food budget and thought we would end up much cheaper than a cruise which I disagreed with.  I proved her wrong even though we only went out for a 'sit down' breakfast a couple of days and there were a couple of fast food lunches and delivered pizzas.  Food costs really add up on vacation especially if you are looking for something other than grab and go food.

  4. 1 minute ago, sanmarcosman said:

    The OP is asking about how the fries are cooked, they aren't asking for an alternative to beef burgers to be served at Guy's. The thread title is misleading I do admit. 


    That is a non-issue, the thread morphed into some sort of entitlement issue.

  5. On 10/12/2019 at 10:25 AM, Joebucks said:

    Lots of people have a hard time with stuff that they can't physically see and touch. However you want to explain it, I pay $26 a day for gratuities already. So I expect good service already, and usually get it. I will take a good survey about you too if you are that good. We have left extra gratuities before, but that is rare. I do not feel bad about not leaving tips when I am already paying $182 for the week. I would feel bad if I removed them though.


    Exactly.....it seems many have a hard time with it and think the only reason they get _______ is because they tip 'extra' upfront.  I get the same friendly, prompt service without throwing money at them up front.  They know my name, they keep my ice bucket full, they bring me extra pillows if we need them.  Virtually every common request people claim they only get because of the 'extra' upfront tips will happen either way.


    The one person I will tip every time is the roaming server near the bars.  Our thing is hanging out listening to the live music at night around one of the big bars.  At one time before Cheers existed you would have someone come by every 5 minutes asking you to buy a drink to the point it was annoying, now not so much.  If one of them finds up a couple bucks per round will keep them coming back.

  6. We always get a table for 2 and many times end up in the row pictured earlier.  While it is much better than being at a big table it is still crowded.  I am aware there isn't much space for privacy but there are still some good tables around.  I think on our next cruise I am going to tour the dining room in advance and note some of the table numbers that are out of the way.  When we check in for YTD I will ask if they are available. 

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