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  1. Easiest thing is son't be late. It is extremely rude to your table mates.
  2. ......this thread went way off topic as usual. To answer the question.....yes you can still get all the non-alcoholic items you want after you hit 15.
  3. Whaaaaa? Have you been on a cruise? They stay packed.
  4. Yup....I would not let such blatant manipulative behavior go unaddressed.
  5. I usually just give them $5 for the name tag....lol.
  6. My bet is it's a response to some sort of fraud.
  7. Ehhhhh.....seems the failure is with the daughter instead of NCL.
  8. You didn't say how old she is. I would encourage her to think rationally, it would be a life lesson that will follow her throughout adulthood. Concede that bad things do happen in the world but you can't live daily worrying about everything.
  9. Absolutely.....when it is just the wife and I there have been plenty of times I have caught the steward in the hallway and told them we were good for the evening and just asked that some ice be dropped off. We hung up our towels to dry and weren't in need of anything else until morning. Other times when there are more of us there simply isn't enough room to hang towels and such and the cabin simply needs to be refreshed and set up for sleeping. That to me is part of their job and not some unnecessary burden I am creating.
  10. Nothing. I keep my cabin very tidy and do my best to make their job as easy as possibly. However, I prefer the traditional service times I have enjoyed in my two decades of cruising. If you are willing to forego traditional service standards then go for it, my issue is with those who project how some are 'making their job harder' because they prefer traditional.
  11. Glad it works out for you that way. Point is no one is doing anything wrong by sticking with the traditional service schedules. The amount of guilting that goes on over this topic and the 'plight of the cruise ship worker' in general on this board is baffling.
  12. Apparently a large percentage of the passengers on this board who say they only select once a day service. It seems their common reason is 'they are so overworked', "OMG they have 30 cabins", "he looked stressed out".
  13. Absolutely correct. They are just like most looking for their next outrage....short on facts.
  14. It amazes me the amount of effort people put into analyzing 'hard the room stewards work'. They have a job to do, they are busy. I have a job to do at home, I stay busy with it. Move on with life and stop with the SJW crap of trying to guilt people into turning down service for the sole reason of making their job easier.
  15. I side with the husband. Why bring sand to the beach?
  16. Not always. Sometimes they rise and end up much closer to the normal rate.
  17. It would be Sail Away for me with that price difference.
  18. Depends on the network covering the game and if they can get an available feed. I would guess NBC was out for them but they can get ESPN where the tennis is on.
  19. Cruises and hotel chains aren't comparable.
  20. In my opinion the DSC that is billed to your account along with the gratuity that is tacked on to drinks and dining are sufficient for most service encounters. The only thing we tip additional is when a server or bartender goes above and beyond or if we order something from room service.
  21. We usually attend once or twice just for the change of pace. It is not something we would take time to seek out at home. A nice tea and some lights snacks hit the spot.
  22. They should.....however turning real money into a paper certificate that has no financial gain always comes with risk.
  23. I would eliminate the singing and dancing wait staff. Dinner is already long enough....let them focus on their job.
  24. Most probably don't. The current trend is for people to look for things they can be outraged about. This provided ammunition........
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