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  1. Cagney's and Le Bistro are always fabulous, so much many times we will hit one twice. Moderno and Teppanyaki also won't disappoint if you are into that cuisine.
  2. Auto-gratuties.....ATD was a driving force behind the transition from envelopes.
  3. There is no one size plan. Sometimes rates go up, sometimes they go down and sometimes the entire category will sell out and you have nothing to book.
  4. I had the same dilemma last time. I ended up booking the 2pm flight to be safe. We were one of the last off the ship and were still at the airport by Uber at 11am. If we had got off first we could've been at the airport before 10am.
  5. I feel 20% is sufficient. I have tipped extra if the server/bartender goes out of their way to assist but nothing more is warranted for a routine transaction.
  6. This is a discussion board. They want to discuss it with their air of superiority thrown in then I will oblige.
  7. Cruisers in general seem clueless as to how a business works. I mean there are several posts daily where the foundation of the viewpoint should've been cleared up in a high school economics class.
  8. Email comes directly to the customer and shows up on their NCL account. I always book through a TA and they've never been involved in my bidding.
  9. Which is what I said, I tip based on services rendered. The $15pp/per day appears to be offended by that. My family of 4 will never tip a butler $420 for the week, that is so high it is insane.
  10. Without question. I can't believe the ideas some people have.
  11. Yes. Daily snacks, coffee supplies and a couple of room service breakfasts were not worth $40-$60 per day for my family.
  12. $10-$15 pp per day? That is crazy talk. They don't even work as hard as the cabin stewards who get a few dollars a day from the DSC. Tip what is appropriate based on services rendered.
  13. I will be on the lookout on my next cruise when I manage to pay off the IRS people on the phone with gift cards.
  14. One side isn't really better than the other.
  15. Only on here could this be spun into a 'NCL is wrong'. Itineraries change, we all know that. To buy a general gift certificate expecting to use it on one particular voyage is risky at best because common sense tells you this gift certificate can't be locked into it.
  16. It really is interesting in watching the predicaments people get themselves in partly due to misguided expectations, complete ignorance of how the law and contracts work followed by a refusal to listen to any factual information that contradicts their skewed viewpoint.
  17. People worry about the strangest things. I have never thought twice about where the move the contents and I've found them a few times.
  18. Actually, PVSA wouldn't apply at all for that portion. A cruise starting in another country and ending in the US doesn't fall under the law. The question is when those two trips are combined they become one which may change the dynamic.
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