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  1. Yes. Daily snacks, coffee supplies and a couple of room service breakfasts were not worth $40-$60 per day for my family.
  2. $10-$15 pp per day? That is crazy talk. They don't even work as hard as the cabin stewards who get a few dollars a day from the DSC. Tip what is appropriate based on services rendered.
  3. I will be on the lookout on my next cruise when I manage to pay off the IRS people on the phone with gift cards.
  4. One side isn't really better than the other.
  5. Only on here could this be spun into a 'NCL is wrong'. Itineraries change, we all know that. To buy a general gift certificate expecting to use it on one particular voyage is risky at best because common sense tells you this gift certificate can't be locked into it.
  6. It really is interesting in watching the predicaments people get themselves in partly due to misguided expectations, complete ignorance of how the law and contracts work followed by a refusal to listen to any factual information that contradicts their skewed viewpoint.
  7. People worry about the strangest things. I have never thought twice about where the move the contents and I've found them a few times.
  8. Actually, PVSA wouldn't apply at all for that portion. A cruise starting in another country and ending in the US doesn't fall under the law. The question is when those two trips are combined they become one which may change the dynamic.
  9. You are right.....the Jones Act would never apply.....it has nothing to do with passengers.
  10. Pretty much. You can't debate something with someone who is willing to be fundamentally dishonest to be 'right'. This is a prime example of that.
  11. Saving 7 - 10% on trips that cost over $2k is more than a 'few measly bucks' to most. Second, if you an an 'experienced cruiser' why in the world would you need to contact the cruise line so much after booking? In our past dozen I maybe had to make contact once.
  12. Its free money. I usually save 6-7% by booking through a TA.
  13. Just figure out your schedule in advance and book when you first get on board.
  14. Get ready to clean your own room then.
  15. You just purchase the drink for them. The bartender should put your drink under the UBP and charge the other. The OBC will be worked out internally when it bills to your account.
  16. Strange accusation....never encountered that and I have probably had 20 meals in a NCL dining room in the past 2 years or so to go along with at least 20 on Carnival and 10 on RCCL. I find them all comparable.
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