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  1. Setting a goal of 15 daily drinks has nothing to do with if the package is 'worth it'.
  2. Free gratuities instead of spending just to be spending.
  3. Carafe certainly won't keep it hot and the heaters are prohibited.
  4. Same as on land. Never dined somewhere that offered everything in the cellar by the glass.
  5. Some specialty venues have an up charge and aren't 100% covered by SDP.
  6. Don't fight the battle, you will never convince some to do the right thing if they think they can get away with it. While they may not overtly steal things they will pick up that camera you left behind for a minute or pocket that lost wallet found on the ground just as they will scheme a shake for someone else to avoid paying. Same type person.
  7. As above.....I wore shorts to dinner every night last time. No need to 'dress up'. Don't skip the dining room over that unless you really want dinner at O'sheehans.
  8. Someone got his feelings hurt..... Go concoct your plan to steal elsewhere.
  9. Yes....just cancelling at this point when it is still months away was the worst decision possible.
  10. Why didn't you consider another cruise before cancelling the airfare? Now you have nothing.
  11. They will have the games in the common areas but nothing in the cabins. Usually they had a couple of games in each time slot so no guarantee your team will be shown.
  12. You stand a better chance of getting struck by a cab passing on the street than that airplane.
  13. Three kinds of people....those who must get there first and those who get mad someone beat them there. Everyone else sits in the other 90% of open chairs while that 10% bickers.
  14. No....it won't. Pocket knives aren't prohibited. I have carried one on every cruise.
  15. You bid what you think it is worth...that may win...may not.
  16. TAKE ALL 4 or PICK 2....those are the choices.
  17. Exact same active ingredients.
  18. I just don't think it will work, the connection just isn't fast enough to share through a travel router. I bet all the devices slow to a crawl.
  19. I have booked many last minute cruises. You can get some great deals if you are flexible. Given you have a somewhat flexible time frame and multiple ports to choose from you will likely find a bargain as peak season is winding down. I use a website from an online travel agency that has a highly customizable search that compiles everything in a sortable list form. You can put in you time frame, select the departure ports and you can pretty much see every cruise leaving. Just bookmark it and check it routinely and eventually you will see one or two trending down while others will be on the rise.
  20. No....USCG is the authority.
  21. What desktop style fan has a built in surge protector?
  22. It is always hit or miss with any electrical device on any cruise. Pick any item, you will find plenty of people who have successfully boarded with it but if you look you will find stories of confiscations.
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