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  1. Yup. Just like when I strolled into Longhorn last night I didn't request to be seated with strangers. If I did could you imagine the look I would get. How is that perfectly normal but on a cruise it would make me 'antisocial'? It is the normal way we live our lives.
  2. There is plenty of variety on a cruise ship, I don't see how anyone could claim otherwise.
  3. She is at 20+ knots so it seems to be normal, but that was reported 10hrs ago.
  4. You bring so much to every conversation.
  5. With YTD the norm is to seat you by yourself. You have to request to be seated at a group table.
  6. tipping needs its own separate forum.....
  7. Negative....the cruise lines came up with the auto gratuity method because the industry changed. The long standing tradition of assigned servers is long gone and now you are more likely to be served by different people each night. Since there was no specific 'team' to tip at the end something had to change. The auto gratuity system was born changing the industry to a shared tip pool system. They add it automatically because there really is not other logical way to do it. They also expect that service standards will be met by their employees since the entire environment is a service based experience. In the rare occasions it isn't then it can be addressed.
  8. I guess you are a proponent of the modern thought process where 'everyone gets a trophy'. Bottom line, the tipping system ensures the server works for the customer and makes them directly accountable to fulfilling those expectations in exchange for compensation. Plenty of people in the real world have jobs that are directly tied to their performance. I worked years in an industry that was heavily commission based. I worked, and had to do a good job, to eat.
  9. I don't think it really matters. I am sure they get more accurate information by delaying it.
  10. You can only hope the karma train will eventually even things up with some people.
  11. It was a monumentally stupid idea. You can 'make it work' but you shouldn't have to when there was nothing wrong with sticking with classic accommodations.
  12. Don't feed the troll. He is only good for one line negative answers on any topic pertaining to Carnival.
  13. My guess is you lose it since that booking would be essentially cancelled.
  14. Some measure of privacy is a requirement for me. 4 adults sleeping, changing and using the same bathroom? I would stay home.
  15. Extra days....no question about it. A balcony is nice but not worth sacrificing roughly 30% of a vacation. The ports and ship make the vacation for me, not the cabin.
  16. What? I am usually having a drink by noon, no different than any other day.
  17. I have absolutely no problems with NCL food. We had a great experience on the Escape last fall and I return to read a review from another passenger who said the food that week was 'inedible'. That just shows how subjective things can be.
  18. That is exactly what it is. I asked my wife a couple cruises back "why do we do this anymore?". Wait in traffic at the port stand in line at security stand in line again inside to get to check-in wait for our boarding number enter the ship to find thousands of other people running around all stuck in the common areas stand in line to eat hope you can find a table finish eating and try to find somewhere out of the way for us and out luggage until the cabins open One day we realized that was not relaxing nor an early start to our vacation...it was just a hassle.
  19. Their point is you are not forced to buy Cheers, basically you are claiming all or nothing. You could always just purchase by the drink. It would be slightly more than the bottle but you would have a variety of options from the bar without trying to make your own drinks.
  20. Show up when you are hungry.
  21. Ehhhh....you can keep the 2hrs of my fare that amounts no little more than herding cattle.
  22. It is peak season and looks like all the lines are sailing full without much effort.
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