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  1. Not really ridiculous, refunding a gift card is more complicated and takes time. Just goes with it.
  2. As above....delivery fee prior to 6am. Afterwards there is no charge for items on the breakfast menu.
  3. Never had that problem. Drinks are usually made in front of me so I could see the jigger anyway. The frozen drinks aren't really concocted to be strong tasting anyway, they are foofoo drinks. Look at the amount of mix compared to the serving of liquor. A drink that masks the taste of alcohol is what you are buying.
  4. First night on the Escape was prime rib.
  5. Sure. You won't get the best cabins, you may not get the best price depending on demand, but you can certainly book.
  6. We missed the private island once and it was like $7pp.
  7. If your wife doesn't drink then don't buy the package.
  8. The obvious answer is there is no automated luggage sorting system so no need for bar codes.
  9. It is sad you can't get a simple answer on here any more because of rambling people who just have to blurt out random statements completely out of context that only confuse the situation. It would take much less time to carefully read the question than to blurt out incorrect information on 5 separate posts.
  10. Ehhh....no. I like fresh towels, ice and a freshly made bed. It is an integral part of what is a service based experience.
  11. There just isn't the demand. On our cruise last month the line was completely empty after 5:30.
  12. .....only if you pretend the cost of the product is the primary factor in it being profitable. In my restaurant days the more food costs went north of 25% the larger the probability you won't make it into the black. The overhead around providing that product is where the majority of the customers tab goes.
  13. No problems checking it an it will certainly fit under the bed. The biggest problem is it will be pretty heavy when full and many times self disembark involves stairs and escalators. Make sure you can handle the weight.
  14. Correct. I have no idea why some think it is a high category inside.
  15. ....but the higher category would actually be an ID. Still a FWD cabin but on decks 10-12. Look at the Escape for example....mid ship and higher is the prime insides which are IA's. IF is worst....lowest cabins which are either FWD/AFT. Category.....Deck.....Location.....Avg Per Person IA....13,14,15....Mid$899 Located on a high deck. Sleeps up to four. IB........11,12......Mid$889 Convenient mid-ship location. Sleeps up to three. IC......13,14Forward, Aft$879 Located forward or aft of the ship. Some triples and quads are available. Some connect. ID.......10,11,12......Forward, Aft$859 Located forward or aft of the ship. Some triples and quads are available. IF........8,9........Forward, Aft$849 Convenient location, some on the same deck as The Waterfront.
  16. Also....I think you are backwards. An IF is their worst inside cabin, an IA is the best which are mid ship on the higher decks.
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