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  1. Well.....I think their goal is to have a gift shop with a wide variety of items instead of a department store. They don't have the space.
  2. There is no such thing as a 'chain cruise line'. They all aren't selling the same pair of shoes. Although similar, they all offer a brand specific product that have countless variables even within their own brand which have their own associated costs and value. All this proves is you are looking at a complex mathematical formula with emotion only which keeps you from understanding the business model. The market sets the price, bottom line.
  3. Why do people think cruise lines are supposed to operate like a low income charity? They are a for profit business who do their shareholders a disservice whenever they don't seek to maximize profits.
  4. Some people should just stay home huddled in their safe space.
  5. I just got off last weekend also. The huge TV in the cabins is great but the channel selection sucks so it was really of little use.
  6. NCL changed the entire industry, before it was all the same. Eat with strangers at a specific time, hungry or not.
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