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  1. To me all the mainstream lines are similar. They all have things they do better or worse than the competition but the end product is remarkably the same.
  2. Yes....as you already know your number of nights on board will be much greater than the normal cruise and the majority of patrons will be those using the free perk. So they have a limited number of meals they can use spread out over the 19 nights.
  3. lol....No charge for the tender. Who makes up this crap?
  4. Well....considering Minute Maid is owned by Coca Cola....no surprise.
  5. LOL....gambling always favors the house. They didn't build Vegas by losing money.
  6. They still offer a great experience.
  7. 1L bottles....1.5oz for a shot at the bar means the bottle has roughly 22 standard sized shots. That number of shots at the bar would be $158 with gratuity
  8. Looking forward to pictures and reviews. I hope to be on her next month.
  9. MDR for the step up in food, buffet when time matters. I can be happy with either.
  10. I don't know how much clearer it can get. Maybe they should throw in pictures.
  11. A rule is a rule. If you are arguing they can ignore that rule then you might as well argue they don't have to let you board with a certified BS or a passport.
  12. Some people are unable to say " I was wrong and I've learned something". Instead they keep giving the same crap information over and over and then act offended when people point that out.
  13. Raised seals are a thing of the past in most places. The document is being compared to a state issued drivers license that has become more and more secure by the year. In a few years when the enhanced DL transition is over it will replace the need for bringing the BC at all.
  14. Correct....clause 1 covers that scenario. It pertains to originals or certified copies obtained directly from the state. Clause 2 covers simple copies of the document issued by the state, further clarified that there is no need for it to be independently notarized or certified. An original or copy of a birth certificate issued by a government agency (state/county/city) or the Department of Health and Vital Statistics A clear, legible copy of a birth certificate that was originally issued by a government agency (state/county/city) or the Department of Health and Vital Statistics. The copy does not need to be notarized or certified.
  15. As above....the one from the TA is usually provided the day before or the day of the cruise.
  16. I'm sure if it is truly an ongoing problem they are working to correct it, that is if the problem isn't with your bank. I mean....there are thousands of people paying NCL daily and this board is not filled with complaints says something.
  17. If you look under the actual requirements of the WHTI on the CBP site it clarifies it. U.S. and Canadian citizen children under the age of 16 (or under 19, if traveling with a school, religious group, or other youth group) need only present a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. The birth certificate can be original, photocopy, or certified copy.
  18. LOL....is this a serious post? They told you factual information, not every sailing qualifies for the full amount. Up To $500 Free Onboard Spend Offer Valid For Select 4+ Night Sailings
  19. A simple copy. They go as far to say it does not have to be notarized or certified to further clarify that.
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