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  1. Cruises and hotel chains aren't comparable.
  2. In my opinion the DSC that is billed to your account along with the gratuity that is tacked on to drinks and dining are sufficient for most service encounters. The only thing we tip additional is when a server or bartender goes above and beyond or if we order something from room service.
  3. We usually attend once or twice just for the change of pace. It is not something we would take time to seek out at home. A nice tea and some lights snacks hit the spot.
  4. They should.....however turning real money into a paper certificate that has no financial gain always comes with risk.
  5. I would eliminate the singing and dancing wait staff. Dinner is already long enough....let them focus on their job.
  6. Most probably don't. The current trend is for people to look for things they can be outraged about. This provided ammunition........
  7. ummm.....no. That might be a sign of mental illness though.
  8. Know what? It is obvious there were several changes all at once when they went to the more casual atmosphere that coincided with American Table. Two obvious changes off the top of my head were the addition of water carafes to the tables, bread baskets and decorative bread plates. So....in creating the new atmosphere they will realize some minimal savings due to less laundering and handling of the table cloths but there was an outlay for the new table accessories which come with their own handling and cleaning costs.
  9. I don't have 'huge limits' but I maintain enough I can travel without worrying about trivial things.
  10. So?.....it is still just a temporary reduction in CC limit at best. If you are using a debit card for these type transactions at least you know where the problem starts.
  11. It is only a cost savings if everything else stays static. Any additions at the same time are a cost and may actually have more financial outlay than the internal cost of laundering the table cloths they already own. Everyone wants to talk about 'cut backs' but then ignore expenditures.
  12. Yet the price of a cruise adjusted for inflation is 1/2 of what it was 2 decades ago.
  13. ....but why does it matter. It isn't costing you anything other than a temporary reduction in limit. It is all a numbers game until it actually posts.
  14. Is that what they determined, or did they determine their business model and the mainstream industry itself is trending in a direction where the average cruiser prefers meals served in a more casual atmosphere similar to land based restaurants where 99% of the public choose to dine on a daily basis. Eliminating table cloths in no way correlates with reduced cost unless you can see the overall cost of the service environment.
  15. As a business owner I can tell you everything comes with a price but not every aspect of the customer experience is based solely on financial considerations. I may decide to remove an aspect like table cloths but choose to add a carafe and serving dish to the table to create the desired atmosphere. Not everything exists in a vacuum and you can't always focus only on one aspect..
  16. I still don't see this being about $$$. The cruise industry is changing. When we started cruising the industry still held on to many of the traditions from a century earlier. They wanted to an environment to model the transatlantic voyages of the past from times when passengers were still divided into classes. Now the feel on a cruise ship is meant to be a floating Caribbean resort that moves you from place to place. If it is a common practice that sundresses and shorts are acceptable to be worn when dining then the white table cloth atmosphere clashes.
  17. LOL.....now a tablecloth has 'value'. Carnival is matching the new norms in society. Table cloths are no longer commonplace.
  18. Just bring a small power strip so you can charge in your cabin.
  19. Criteria? As with any business....profit.
  20. You are right....but it can be determined with simple math. Either way, it has nothing to do with '30 drinks' as you stated.
  21. I will never understand why people fixate on this. Is logic lacking in society today?
  22. No....they charge gratuity based on the price of the package. Also, drinking '30 drinks a day' has nothing to do with if the package is financially viable. For example, my thing is martinis. If my ship has an Alchemy bar I will be there. My last cruise my favorite dirty martini was $11, so basically $13 with gratuity. I paid $51.95 for the package or $61.30 per day with gratuity. So, the math says by 'break-even' was 4.7 drinks per day. No where near needing to drink 15 drinks to 'justify the cost'.
  23. .....but there is no problem.
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