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  1. These storms are unpredictable at best. It would be futile to start releasing plans before things are certain. It is hurricane season.....show up and let them handle it.
  2. 30 bags? I have seen them get 2/3rds of that just from the shuttle I rode on. One shuttle, 5 minutes work.
  3. No kidding....I have seen the line 25 deep looking for that midnight snack.
  4. I always love these topics. I make a point to read reviews after we come back from a cruise. I always find some that make me question if we were on the same cruise. I am not talking about subjective topics either, I am talking about black and white claims.
  5. Never had that complaint in my 1/2 dozen NCL cruises.
  6. I liked the late night snacks at the buffet though in reality if we grabbing something late it was usually from room service. The new menu is certainly nothing to be excited about. My main complaint is putting it all at the pizza place. The line could already back up at times, this will make it much worse. NCL has late night grub figured out with the sports pub theme.
  7. Alcoholic drinks are big money in the cruise world. So big, it is common for passengers to covertly bring alcohol to consume on board to avoid the bill. To think there wouldn't be a noticeable percentage who would buy a single package to share is naive at best. I know this, Carnival knows this. If you make exceptions you would be shocked at the people who could not drink for health or religious reasons. I know this, Carnival knows this and they don't want to be put in the position of policing it. Easiest thing to do is make a hard line rule and enforce it.
  8. People spend so much energy critiquing every aspect. Just look at the total cost. Is $3k a reasonable price for your family to take a week long vacation? If so go. If not look for something else. Worrying about how it breaks down into gratuities, price of drinks, taxes, ect is all a futile effort.
  9. LOL.....'main attraction' and 'contact my lawyer'. I would hate to work customer service these days.
  10. They are very similar ships as all the Fantasy class are.
  11. Apparently she wasn't a disappointed as she pretended to be.....she was going after the 'free' lottery and lost.
  12. That will never happen. The purpose of Cheers is to offer an 'unlimited' type of program and not to offer discounted drinks. A program like Cheers is priced based on averages. They will have it broken down so they know the majority of passengers will consume 'X' number of drinks. You then have outliers at both ends of the spectrum that will likely even each other out. They will look at that overall average and price the plan accordingly so they still stay withing their desired profit margin.
  13. Epic is no different than any other ship on any line with the guarantee selections.....some people end up with great cabins and others not so much.
  14. ......because this is exactly what trolls do. They post topics that they know will put people on both extremes. Just as you see with this topic where it ranges from 'pay what you owe them' to 'NCL customer service sucks'.
  15. Ehhh....this has to be a troll post. Finances so tight they can't pay for their cruise but didn't notice an extra $900. Come on.😒
  16. Obviously there is a reason or they wouldn't go through all the trouble to change it. It comes with cruising, all lines do it at times.
  17. Everyone is different. For us Cheers absolutely makes sense. I never have a day where I don't drink at least 6 drinks. A couple of beers mid-day by the pool, two with dinner and at least two watching the live bands in the evening. Then there are the sea days where that total may double. When we factor in the coffee we start off with daily and the bottles of water we order every few hours it all adds up. .....but I am not one to analyze things down to the penny. I am willing to pay for the experience I want, that is why we cruise or do all inclusive type vacations. If squeezing every dime consumed my thoughts I would just do a motel 6 at the beach.
  18. They serve you the liter size bottles. We always have the water served from the pitcher and take our bottles to go.
  19. A good portion of reviews are full of exaggerated crap. People use them to try and settle a score, on the other hand 99% of people who are perfectly pleased with an experience will never document it. You have to take all that in context. I read reviews after we get home of every cruise we go on, usually I find a few that leave me scratching my head wondering if we were on the same ship.
  20. East......Western cruises are a dime a dozen.
  21. By what exactly? In my experience they sell the same things Carnival does.
  22. Yup. The mainstream lines are all so remarkably similar in their business model. I just can't understand how you can find so many negative differences that are so substantial they wouldn't 'go even if it was free'.
  23. I can do without the balcony, my bar tab is going to be expensive either way so I might was well get Cheers and enjoy it.
  24. I read this with a puzzled look on my face. I have been on pretty much every mainstream line, several times each with Carnival leading the count by a large margin. They all do most things the same way, in the spots where they try to be unique you will find something better and some worse than the competition. However, NCL in my experience is nothing like you describe. The food, just dishes just like other lines, ranged from okay to fabulous. For the entertainment, even on the biggest ships, there are only a couple of shows where reservations are recommended. You can still show up for those if seating is available. For the rest of them it was general seating just like Carnival does. Thinking of it, the cruise we took on the Escape last year may have been our best cruise ever.
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