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  1. no only the price,although on one cruise they stopped a guy from starting to drink at 08,00
  2. Oh goody i can book a royal suite now,rather than a gtee stateroom
  3. Roads are shut in the afternoon,resturants with the best views are expensive and will fill up quickly,we stayed on board and watched from upper decks,bubbly at midnight and smashing ice numbers by the pool it was a good evening ,we were on Dec 15 the roll call had a lot of info
  4. Pound notes from Guensey can not be spent in UK,coins can as they are the same shape etc
  5. for the tram line,shuttle to the port gate,turn right walk along till you reach a SPAR supermarket,buy you tickets and tram stops are right there :):),you can go to Holland on the tram
  6. I felt sorry for the MSC passengers,it was a long bus ride to the ship,also had to turn a group around heading for the Quest.We had no problems with the shuttle this was about 11.00 ,the miele had died down,enjoyed the cruise but it was tiring towards the end
  7. We also received on today,we are boarding on Sat :D:D:D
  8. something wrong some where,different rules for different countries
  9. filled in survey,gave my views on art auctions,seemed to me what could they drop and what would you pay extra for,i agree the shots bar was a random question questions about the lunch time food in the restaurants looked interesting,wait and see
  10. Reading the list,it looks like machine sodas only,i like vodka and bitter lemon,also what about the cabin sodas are they going to be chargeable,list has been really scaled down is it a ruse to get people to upgrade,i wont go into our experience on RCI with drinks packages
  11. Have i missed something,do the prices included gratuties or are they added at what rate,Rearly drink sprits or cocktails so wont make a big difference for us
  12. Escalators from kitchen to the dining rooms,When we were on the Epic they packed up
  13. Next big question milk 1st or after,really need a kettle to make decent tea
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