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  1. I would think that keeping the Serenity and Symphony would be necessary to keep the brand alive, even at at loss. And although we will see less passengers on board, the demand will keep prices up on all brands. As for new builds, Crystal has promised new ships since 2015. Does anyone believe we will see a Crystal new build before 2024?
  2. In may not be relevant but actually the purchase of Pifzer's vaccine - the initial 100 million doses and up to 500 million more are part of Warp Speed. Pfizer certainly would not have invested if they did not know the USG would purchase the vaccine. As a note, Quantas announced they will require the Covid vaccine once approved and released for all international travel.
  3. Interesting. Our church has celebrated Mass in person since early June - first at 25% then at 50%. Social distancing and masks for all, no choir, church sanitized between Masses - and not a single case of Covid for any Parishioner. Responsible people do not need government mandates that threaten the freedoms for which we were founded. I am not sure how one can equate NZ with the US - 5 million residents in the middle of the ocean the size of Colorado. Japan has taken a different approach --- and not one of central government action but in the people understanding how to preve
  4. Certainly that is an opinion. Which countries got it right? Seems those complimented three months ago have locked down again. My nephew, who plays professional hockey in Sweden has just had his season canceled until January. CA has been in a state of suspended animation for seven months without any success. If there is a failure, it is due to individuals not paying attention to responsible actions. Then again, that is my opinion. Creating a mandate to wear masks is unenforcable.
  5. Sorry but in NY, NYC, CA, MI - among others where the governor (or mayor) makes unilateral decisions daily. The President's Executive Orders have limits - they apply to certain Federal Agencies. Please look up the limits .
  6. The federal government had no authority to "lock down" the nation. That authority rests with the states, and in particular those governors who have been given extraordinary powers to dictate measures they believe will slow the transmission of Covid.
  7. You miss the point Kirk. We live in a nation that was established to prevent a single person from making rules. The Constitution limits powers and does not authorize the President to unilaterally decide what is in the national interests. Speed limits vary by states and seat belt requirements are in state not federal laws. Yelling fire in a crowded theater is an example where "freedom of speech" was defined by the courts not dictated. Do I wear a mask? Absolutely. Do I socially distance? Absolutely. Am I a responsible citizen who can make decisions on my health without having one perso
  8. Maybe but when I see people wearing a mask that does not cover their nose, I avoid them as if they did not have a mask.
  9. I believe in wearing a mask but having a single person dictate what we must or must not do, is a step in a direction that we would not even consider.
  10. I would think the faster and cheaper route goes thru the Med to the East Coast. 30 days transit at 15 knots from Klang to Miami.
  11. You may be right. Of course, why put money into advertising a product that has an unknown future, not just when but if.
  12. I saw but part of my deposit was only FCC by choice at the time. I do not want it considered as such now.
  13. Trying to sort out what of our payments qualifies for the 25% bonus, For what it is worth, one of the large travel consortiums has pulled all marketing for Crystal.
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