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  1. 7!!! Wow!! I'm glad to hear your sister is a survivor. Unfortunately, I had the surgery, too! I had chemo, then surgery, then radiation. Thank you!
  2. I surely hope you get to go, and on many after that! Our SF to Hawaii sailing was to celebrate my finishing my treatments for breast cancer.
  3. Anyone else sign into Princess every day, just to make sure that there cruise is still there and hasn't been cancelled? Just me? LOL Had a May 2020 cancelled, as well as a May 2021. Booked for November 16, 2021, hoping it sails!
  4. Both rooms would have their own booking number, I believe.
  5. Mine would spin, not doing anything. But, open another browser and I was signed in. I could access my 2 bookings okay in the new browser.
  6. Yeah, that's what it looked like. We just booked the Crown and we could get up to a BB, but we liked the BD Balcony on Caribe, so we took that!
  7. We were just looking at the Crown and saw some classifications that we hadn't seen before, or at least hadn't noticed - B1, B2, B3 We booked a BF, with an auto upgrade to a BB. have they always had these different classifications? I don't remember them.
  8. Yes, I saw that last week. When I said it technically wasn't cancelled yet, I mean that Princess still shows our cruise as upcoming when I sign in to our cruise personalizer and we have not received a notification from them yet. I'm sure it will come after their announcement tomorrow.
  9. I foresee changes, but not nearly as drastic as most of you. We do have to reclaim our "new normal" lives soon. You can't force people to get a flu vaccine. And, yes, I did get a flu vaccine last fall, after never having a flu vaccine in my life. I see heightened awareness of handwashing and face touching, etc., but I don't think people will need health certificates to cruise. They would really be useless, as someone could get infected on the way to the ship or in the days between their doctor visit and the cruise. It's not realistic. I want (and do) take health precautions, but I
  10. Wow. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I am sure hoping that things will be somewhat back to normal schedules later this year. We were supposed to do The Grand May 30 (which technically hasn't been cancelled yet) to Alaska, but were actually thinking of booking a Caribbean over Thanksgiving, after we get more info about credits etc from our May cruise.
  11. No end date announced. Just "until further notice"
  12. We are booked on The Grand for May 30th. I check the website every day, expecting to see that it is cancelled. The company I work for put out a policy that if an employee leaves the country they will have to quarantine for 14 days before returning to work. Also, if an employee goes on a cruise they will need a doctor's report before returning to work.
  13. We love the Grand, too. We are booked on a May 30 Alaska Cruise. Not going to happen, but haven't received any notice from Princess. It still shows in our personalizer, too.
  14. Absolutely!! We are booked for the May 30th Anchorage to Vancouver, which we planned on going to. Now, with the port of Vancouver closed until July, not sure what is going to happen, but we will rebook!
  15. We have the same cruise scheduled for May 30. Haven't heard anything from Princess yet. It may take a few days.
  16. Yes, I knew that. We are flying into Anchorage and the Princess site itinerary says Anchorage with Whittier in parentheses.
  17. We are booked to cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver on May 30th on The Grand. Hmmmm. Thankfully, for the first time ever, we booked airfare through EZ-Air!
  18. The problem was Princess didn't HAVE one of the tests, even if they had wanted to test the crew member before they were ordered to. If they had a test right when ordered to do so, they could have cruised, but left late. They had to wait for the CDC to get a test to them to preform it.
  19. After 4 of us went on a snorkeling excursion in Hawaii, two other members of our party (who did something else) told us about a man local to our area who had went missing the year before while snorkeling in the EXACT area we went. He was with his son and his body was never found. They were assuming a shark got him. We were like "something you could have told us BEFORE we went", but they didn't remember until we were talking about it and they went back and checked the info.
  20. My additional OBC showed up the day after the email went out.
  21. We showed up and LOVED it, LOL Jaws freaked me out a little more than Titanic. We were floating around the Caribbean, so not worried about an iceburg. However, sharks are always a possibility. But I remember laughing about it then.
  22. We were on the Caribbean Princess in March 2006, too! I posted about those, but I don't remember The Poseidon Adventure. I do remember Titanic and Jaws!
  23. Actually, on our very first cruise they showed Jaws and Titanic on MUTS
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