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  1. Not really any of our business. i f you a shareholder you could propose a motion at the agm, but otherwise as a customer your only choice is to buy or go elsewhere.
  2. One thing to note is that there may not be a lift (elevator) at the station so you will most probably need to take your bags up a steep set of steps.
  3. Hi Uktog, I don't think this is a case of one cruise line v's another, I think we all have to be visibly seen to be following guidelines for cleanliness and this means washing hands whenever you wish to eat at the buffet. Sadly the majority of hand sanitisers will not protect anyone against Noro virus or Flu virus mostly because they don't contain the right chemicals (some do) and secondly because they are used incorrectly - a quick wipe isn't good enough. The best policy is to follow the healthcare recommendation of regularly, repeatedly wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Like it or
  4. Sadly this doesn’t protect anyone from those who eat from their plate with their fingers at the buffet, lick their fingers and then handle tongues or fruit. I am disappointed to tell you that this happened lots on my recent Viking cruise and I have seen it on other cruise lines. I always ask the crew to change the serving utensils but they never speak to the offenders. If you really care, wash your hands, use a napkin to handle tongues and do not think it is cool to eat food with your fingers.
  5. We have snorkeled twice with Woodwind over the years and have been very happy with our choice to be repeat customers. Be safe and be happy!
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