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  1. debt

    What is on the Norwegian Bliss?

    Hi Sam! I'm booked for Halloween, 2018. Can't wait! I'm hoping they have the racetrack like the one on the Joy :cool:
  2. Metro PCS has a service that provides unlimited talk text and data in Mexico for a additional $5 per month. The catch is you have to have a plan with them for at least $40. :)
  3. debt

    Hanukkah At Sea

    I will be on the Jewel Dec 6-13 which are the dates for most of Hanukkah. Does anyone know if there is some type of service for Hanukkah during that time?
  4. :eek: there they are! Thank you for your review and pictures. I'll be on the Jewel in 18 days!! Do you recall if any specialty restaurants were open on sea days? Waiting for more of your review!!
  5. debt

    King David Tours

    I am interested in the bird watching tour with King David tours in Mazatlan. Is anyone familiar with the company and/or the tour?
  6. debt

    Next Cruise Certificate

    Thanks for the info. I am hoping to get the cost of the certificate off my budget so I can shop without having to worry if I have enough pesos :p
  7. Is it possible to buy the next cruise certificate on embarkation day? I would like to take care of that before I start shopping. And about shopping, does anyone know how much a carton of cigarettes cost in Mexico? No specific brand, just a general average.
  8. debt

    Ala Carte items in MDR

    The above items and prices look very similar to Cagney's menu
  9. debt

    Let the Mexican Riviera Season Begin!

    Did you happen to save the daily schedules?
  10. debt

    Eating at Cagney's

    maybe I should hide a lobster in my suitcase and drop it in the hot tub before dinner
  11. I've read elsewhere that you can only select one entree per person. Are you able to order the extra charge lobster with a entree or would that be your one entree?
  12. Is the sushi bar on the Jewel opened on embarkation day?
  13. debt

    GG's Jewel Review 5/30-6/6!!!!!!!!!!

    [quote name='gg_galaxy2002@yahoo.com']Thanks so much:) I think it was level 4 to board the tender, we had to walk through the employee area to get to it:)[/QUOTE] Thank you so much for answering my question. I will be on deck 4. Finally a perk for travelling steerage! If you wouldn't mind another question, were there any must see/ do on the ship?
  14. debt

    GG's Jewel Review 5/30-6/6!!!!!!!!!!

    Great review! Do you recall which deck you boarded the tour boat on? I will be on the jewel in December and wondered which deck was used for the tender boats.