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  1. There was a separate VIP Lounge on the Majestic, only open to Suite passengers. Not particularly pleasant. Its an internal space without natural light on Marina deck I think.
  2. I agree that it is affected by personal preferences. I call the 5* harbourview hotels high price, but my suggestions are only 4*, no great views but a good location. I only paid sub $200 per night at the Mantra in late 2019 (which I thought was super cheap) so the price depends on season and deal searching ability as well.
  3. Mantra 2 Bond Street or Holiday Inn Old Sydney.
  4. Agree completely with your sentiment. In Aus I only fly Qantas (preferably) but internationally I shop on price and service.
  5. Yes, agreed. But for some reason I feel more alignment to Qantas as being Australian. Clearly it's just that kangaroo on the tail!
  6. None of their main owners are Australian, are they? It would be a shame for Qantas to regain a monopoly here but I would rather see Qantas supported by the Govt. I understand that Qantas like having Virgin in Australia because they are not considered a direct threat and it prevents another airline from moving in. For example, if a govt backed airline from another country moved in here, they would likely take business away from Qantas.
  7. I don't think Virgin will come through this. They don't have any assets, and their planes are leased. How do you make lease payments without income?
  8. I cancelled a Cunard cruise for my parents, via those Oz folks. They got 100% refunded. Well, they don't have the refund yet but they got an email confirming the refund amount, which was 100%.
  9. They don't seem to be available on the Princess site but seem to be available on agency sites.
  10. That's the bit I don't get. I know plenty of people who have claimed high priced items, and multiple items on one trip but I don't know of anyone personally who has been pulled up on return. A computer could just ping them straight away so I don't know why they don't bother. I get that its probably not a high priority but it seems so simple!
  11. Why don't the government officials pull up every person re-entering the country who has claimed via the TRS for all items over $900? Or, even simpler, why don't they "remind" people at claim point that, you will be responsible for paying duty on return?
  12. Oh yes, you are 100% correct! My son's laptop was just over $1000.
  13. Sorry, should clarify my statement. I wasn't looking at the full circumnavigation. I'm looking at shorter cruises.
  14. I agree. The prices sounded very high to me. $200 per night for a balcony cabin is not a bargain (that's approx what I was quoted) but at $100 per night I would grab it. I've decided to watch and wait. There might be a last minute deal for me in a few months, but if not I'll find something else.
  15. Yes, exactly as above. My son just had to show his MacBook and receipt. No original boxes or extras required. Make sure the receipt has your full name AND address on it. That's the requirement from the Govt website.
  16. Thanks for the info. I've seen a number of people who have received cabin assignments so I was just curious. The website is just very "broken". E.g. there are two buttons to choose bed configuration but no wording or diagrams to say what the options are. I guess they're just playing catch up with their website??
  17. Congratulations! I've booked my parents on the same cruise but can't find any mention of a cabin number anywhere in their personaliser. I know it was only booked as a guarantee but I can't even see where cabin number is supposed to appear. Is it just on the Booking Summary page where the voyage details appear? There are so many broken links/images on the page that it's hard to follow. This is our first time dealing with Cunard.
  18. Hi all, Do you have the Sapphire prices? I've secured a cheap 6 nighter on QE - and with Jetstar super sale today I snagged cheap flights too, but I'm looking for something later in the year on Sapphire as well.
  19. Ok, so I'm trying to do some quick research on this one for my parents. They are keen to book it. They've done 50+ cruises but never been on Cunard, usually Princess or Celebrity. Daily grats on Cunard?? Taking wine onboard?? Any other tips or things I might be missing?
  20. Literally a few minutes, and downhill. My elderly parents (80+ and pretty fit) can do it easily. A couple of years ago my dad had open heart surgery just prior to a cruise and we stayed there. I walked the bags down and checked them in that morning and then went back and got my parents (dad was in a wheelchair) and took them down later. There's no rush to check out of the hotel and get everything down there in one go if that's a problem. Take your time and make a couple of trips if that works better for you. My comments obviously assume you are sailing from the Overseas Passenger Ter
  21. Yes, true. But still a good deal for 3 weeks onboard the Solstice with free drinks (if that's the chosen perk).
  22. Brisbane yesterday, from my place, which is right near where the ship docks at Portside Wharf.
  23. Unfortunately for you, they don't need to honour anything. There is no contract in existence, which would be the legal basis for any argument on the topic. I have been lucky enough to grab an incorrect price in the past, but I had booked and paid in full online at the cheap price (it was clearly an error - dropped digit fare). Princess could have cancelled my booking, even at that point, but they didn't. We were lucky.
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