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  1. On 8/20/2018 at 3:41 PM, Host Grandma Cruising said:




    I don’t know the pricing for the T-pool (but there are 2 jacuzzi pools on the pool deck too) but I’m sure someone else will.

    On longer cruises there is often a laundry sale - on our last cruise it was $40 for a bag, and it comes back nicely folded, and pressed where appropriate (shirts etc). You can get a lot in a bag - there’s an art to stuffing it in!


    As already said, the self-service laundry is free, including detergent.



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  2.  50thstate can you please post this on our roll call?  I found your post while skimming through Azamara threads. We have not received this information either by mail or email. We booked directly with Azamara. It may be post office problem as getting mail forwarded to Florida is not dependable 😡

  3. On 1/3/2019 at 3:45 AM, diana11 said:

    We have done 2 cruises to Cuba within the last 12 months - one of those was on Azamara. Our experience both times was that we could come and go as we pleased with no one checking that anyone had pre booked excursions.


    We also used Fertours as a private tour on both occasions and both guides were excellent. We also wanted to see a show. We wanted to go to the Parisian and so our guide showed us one of the many nearby hotels that sell tickets for Tropicana and The Parisian. We bought them for that evening and flagged down a taxi to take us there and also arranged for it to come back for us. It was so easy to doit on our own, much cheaper than the Azamara trip......and our seats were right at the front. Brilliant night. 

    We have booked our own reservations for the show. How much was the cab and what currency did you use?  Did you pay round trip and if so did you pay at beginning or at end?  How did you find the cab at the end of the show?  Any other ideas that would help us for that night?

    Thanks Linda

  4. On 1/7/2019 at 11:10 AM, Arizonasunshine said:

    Bonnie : I talked to another person at Shore Excursions and indeed it was the Amazing Evening Event that caused the cancellation. She is working on moving the event to the day before. This should be complete by 3:00 pm today, at that time I will be a happy camper.

    On a second note my TA claims that neither he or his agency received any of the notices regarding the changes in itinerary, or shore excursions, on the February 11, 2019 Cuba Cruise; or the port changes for another of my upcoming cruises, the April 27 Circle Japan Cruise.

    Is there a way to receive these alerts on my email or does it have to go through a TA?

    We booked directly with Azamara and haven’t gotten email and letter has not been received 

  5. The Living Room serves a variety of tapas pre-dinner and is a great place for a before-dinner cocktail.




    The Patio serves a casual-dress, table-service dinner on deck 9. Menu includes lamb tournedos, beef paillard, chicken cordon bleu, and more. You can also take items from the Windows buffet to your table.




    Suite passengers have no-charge access to the spa deck with thalassotherapy pool and lounge chairs at the front of the spa on deck 9. A limited number of spa deck passes are available for a fee for non-suite passengers.




    [Fitting everyone's tips on one page will be a challenge, and most first-timers are not on Cruise Critic.]




    Many of us are first time on Azamara but not first time cruisers. It is helpful to know how this cruise line differs from our previous ones



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  6. I was on the lower level on Vantage's Tulips and Windmills 4 years ago and was perfectly happy. It was sort of neat to wake up, peak out the window and see the water level just below the window. I could see everything everyone above me could see just at a different angle. The Lounge had windows on three sides with comfortable seating along the windows and in the middle. You can also go up to the top deck as there is seating there. When we went two years ago to the Christmas markets along the Rhine, again on Vantage, they had a covered area that you could sit in(no heat) but out of the wind and you could see everything there. They also had a small library with floor to ceiling windows with maybe 4 to 6 comfy chairs that you could also sit in and view the scenery. I would'nt hesitate to book a lower level again. Also, I didn't notice any engine noises as I've heard on these threads on different cruise companies.


    Thank you for all the information.

  7. We have not done a river cruise before but have been on many ocean cruises. We have had ocean view and balcony and are considering the lower deck this time without the French doors as you can't sit on these balconies. Want to save money for possible tour before cruise on our own. What are the public areas on the river boats like for viewing the scenery and relaxing? Has anyone been in these cabins? From the web site it looks like most have high windows, wondering if you can see out, our is just for daylight?


    Not certain which cruise we will do, just in the planning phase


  8. We have purchased, in the past, and still us a great plastic vase from a Museum Store. They are, when not in use, flat, and you fill them with water and they become great vases for travel. We always make sure we have flowers in our stateroom. Enjoy your cruise. !!!


    I also use a plastic vase that you form with warm water. I have seen them on the internet. I have had mine for several years and enjoy it

  9. I have taken flowers onto the ship in several ports. We just completed one on Rccl and the guy at the scanner had never had flowers taken on before. I always go on the CC port site and ask locals where to get flowers. In London we got them at the train station before we got on the train. I have a plastic collapsable container. They come in several sizes and you run hot water into them to form them and then at end to make them flat. You can find these on the internet. It can be awkward to pull suitcase and carryon. In London the florest had a flat bottomed sack with thick cardboard and long handles. I have added it to our cruise box of supplies

  10. We will be arriving on 16 May which I understand is a holiday of prayer. How will that affect the bus schedule from pier C190? Also what points of interest will be closed and what about stores? Please give us directions from the ship as we are planning on following a walking tour that starts at Tivoli gardens.

    Thank you for answering so many questions. Linda

  11. We did a walking tour with John at jj walking albany tours. Go to his website for more information. It is a very reasonable price for 2-3 hr tour. This is not a strenuous walk as he stops often to talk. He has a great sense of humor that made it very interesting. He includes many highlights. We were there last March 2013 and it was too cool to swim and wore light weight jacket in the morning. It did warm up as the day progressed.

  12. Thanks. It is good to know that we can buy the snacks if we do not want to go for a sit-down meal in a restaurant at night.




    Does that mean that we cannot carry the 3 oz. shampoos and other toiletries, in our one-quart bag when traveling one country to another in South America and from South America to the US? I purchase a couple of 3 oz. hair products that are aerosole to carry in the 3-1-1 bag because I know you are not supposed to pack aerosole products in checked luggage.


    That wasn't a problem just the water bottles

  13. Thank you so much for your help. We will especially need the snacks for the week we spend in Peru after our cruise. What do you do for extra water on the flight? Staying hydrated is so important for flying.:eek:


    We had the same problem on international flight from Cusco to US and I drank my water at the second checkpoint! American airlines provided water on the flight poured into cups from large water bottles. On a previous flight from Cusco to Amazon area we were able to take our water onto the airplane. We weren't expecting the problem back to the US.

  14. We took the funicular up and hiked down. There is a wide trail (had people pass us as they ran up!) that ends in the town and you walk on down through the side streets. Also went to fish market and then up in the castle tower. I wish we had sun as the previous pictures were great. We had light rain much of the morning and clouds the rest of the day. Very compact city to walk on own. We had a snack in town and ate a late lunch on the ship. Don't remember exact time.

    Prices in Norway are high. We wanted to buy children's Troll book for grandkids, can't remember the price but it was very high. Bought it online when we got home for much less, they don't know we got it here.

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