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  1. Thank you so much for your help. We will especially need the snacks for the week we spend in Peru after our cruise. What do you do for extra water on the flight? Staying hydrated is so important for flying.:eek:


    We had the same problem on international flight from Cusco to US and I drank my water at the second checkpoint! American airlines provided water on the flight poured into cups from large water bottles. On a previous flight from Cusco to Amazon area we were able to take our water onto the airplane. We weren't expecting the problem back to the US.

  2. We took the funicular up and hiked down. There is a wide trail (had people pass us as they ran up!) that ends in the town and you walk on down through the side streets. Also went to fish market and then up in the castle tower. I wish we had sun as the previous pictures were great. We had light rain much of the morning and clouds the rest of the day. Very compact city to walk on own. We had a snack in town and ate a late lunch on the ship. Don't remember exact time.

    Prices in Norway are high. We wanted to buy children's Troll book for grandkids, can't remember the price but it was very high. Bought it online when we got home for much less, they don't know we got it here.

  3. we also used the train. From the port you walk uphill over a bridge and a cab to the train station would be a good idea if you don't want to pull luggage. We are in our 60s and were able to do it with a couple stops. Pretend you are just looking at the scenery. The train is very easy to use.

  4. I found these on-line or in one of the catalogs that come around Christmas. I have 3 sizes of these vases. You shape them with hot/warm water. They are about as thick as a few sheets of paper. I take these to ports where I know I can buy flowers before I board the ship. In Sept, I used one in Seattle for flowers that I bought at the market.

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