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  1. There is more. There were 76 photos total. I can try to post more.
  2. It was on a social media account. The original poster was Italian.
  3. These are just a few of the photos I was able to find. I did not take these pictures myself.
  4. There are some actual photos floating around (not just renderings) of the different venues. It appears that there was a walk through recently. When I have time I’ll try to copy and post them.
  5. They are located in the cruise terminal as you exit. You set it up then.
  6. Yes, you are able to walk to the Quarter. We had a later flight, so we looked around the Ogden museum.
  7. So, I just got off the Breakaway on Sunday and used Advance Check In to transport my luggage from the cruise terminal to the airport. I’m happy to say that it all worked as described! They were easy to find in the cruise terminal and at the airport. We had a late flight and were looking for a luggage storage option so that we could roam around the city for a few hours.
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