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  1. Speaking of double points... I received 72 points for our July 27th Equinox cruise that I was expecting 144 points for. : ( Now I can't find the advertisement or double point offer I thought was applicable. Does anyone know where I should look? I reached out to Celebrity by email but haven't heard back yet. I should have printed it out at the time!! (lesson learned!) BTW, I did not receive the 2 points for the August Europe quiz yet either, nor did I receive the original email. I did the quiz thanks to the helpful person who posted the link here. : ) I love how we all help each other!!
  2. Date of Cruise: July 24, 2021 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 10191 Deck #: 10 Cabin Category: S2 Cabin Location: midship Bed Position: facing the veranda Balcony Type: traditional Balcony/Window Size: large, typical for class, full glass wall Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: none Balcony Overhang?: completely covered but no other overhang Magic Carpet Issues?: no, it's on the other side Noise Issues?: none Wind Issues?: none Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: N/A Suite Details: Convenient location by the aft stairs and elevators. We liked the deck, not too far to go up to Luminae & the Retreat areas, nor too far to go down to the theater, martini bar, etc. We don't use the elevators, just stairs so we appreciate being in the relative middle. Advantages/Problems/Comments: We found the couch to be uncomfortable. Not sure if all the sofas are hard with no arms or if it was because it has a double sofa bed to sleep 4 in the cabin . Would You Book It Again?: Not sure, love the location but would prefer a more comfortable couch. Photos or Photo Links:
  3. Each activity has a "complete by date" so you can't do the old ones, but if you follow this thread you won't miss any of the upcoming ones. Everyone on here is great about letting each other know when opportunities arise and when points are given. I for one really appreciate it!!
  4. Me TOO! ugh, it's messed up almost every month. I'm so tired of having to contact them to correct it. I received 3 points today, I should have gotten 9 (2+2+5). The only thing I did worth 3 points was the text sign up on 4/1. Could they have posted an April item before all the March ones?? I think I will wait a few days & see it the others post, if not..... I'll email them AGAIN.
  5. Yes it is more expensive and we would lose the perks we had for booking on board, and the promos offered at that time. Azamara has had our deposit for 2 years and our entire balance for over a year now. The email they sent to me when they cancelled said: (cut & pasted) "To make it easy for you, we have listed the closest itinerary options for you below. If these options don't fit your plans, please call your travel advisor or Azamara directly to review other options." What we are disappointed about is that there in fact are NOT any other options (then why offer??).... that they won't explain the reason WHY the itinerary we'd like doesn't qualify...... and why, when they tell us to contact them directly to review other options, they wouldn't communicate with us... again, why offer?? So yes Floris, It is more expensive and that's a part of the reason we didn't take the 125% & rebook. The more important reason is because of the "why's" above. As much as we enjoy the wonderful shipboard experience of Azamara, we sadly don't feel comfortable continuing to support the company.
  6. What's a "BDM"? Our agent did go up the ladder to a supervisor but they were evasive as well.
  7. Good question Jelayne, here's the answer.... We were booked on a 16 night sailing during the 1st 2 weeks of July. The one we requested was a 16 night that left 10 days earlier. The ones they offered were 14 nights, one was also at the beginning of July (2 days earlier) to ports we've been to multiple times, the other one was 30 days later and went into August which conflicted with a family event we have. Again, we have no problem with them saying yes or no to a L & S request, we just asked WHY? If it was the dates they could have just told our agent, we would have taken the 125% FCC and booked something that worked for us.
  8. I understand, but if they won't answer the question with the agent after 3 attempts, I thought it was worth a try! Plus they sent the cancellation email directly to me, thereby communicating with us about the options.
  9. I really like both lines, Celebrity is our favorite. We did Celebrity Honolulu to Vancouver and had a great time, BUT.... there really wasn't much of a "Hawaiian" feeling to it, we could have been in the Caribbean. I've been going to Hawaii since I was 3 so we didn't choose this itinerary for the Hawaiian culture, just a West Coast option to enjoy time on Celebrity. From what I've heard and read, Princess gets into the "Hawaiian feel" more. Speakers, food, entertainment, etc. Again, I haven't actually done Princess to Hawaii, but if you are looking to learn about and experience the Hawaiian culture, Princess may be your best option. If you just want a beautiful destination on a beautiful ship, then Celebrity fits the bill perfectly!!
  10. I think it’s a sad goodbye to Azamara for us. : ( We are in our late 50’s, retired and cruise 4-6 times a year, usually on Celebrity (Elite +). We had 2 wonderful experiences with Azamara in 2018 & 2019 and were thinking we'd found our new go-to favorite line, we saw a wonderful future together! We booked Iceland for 2020 and lifted & switched to 2021. When that cancelled, we requested a lift and switch to another itinerary that fit the criteria as well if not better than the 2 options offered in the cancellation email. The given options didn’t work for us, 1 due to dates and the other's ports we've already been to at least once. When our request was rejected, our wonderful agent appealed their denial but to no avail, and they wouldn't say why. We strongly believe Azamara has the right to accept or deny any requests of lift and shift, all we wanted to know was WHY it was denied. I sent an email explaining we wanted to take the FCC and book another cruise but we were uncomfortable proceeding without knowing why, when our cancellation letter said there were "other options" and our choice met the criteria, that our request was denied. The reply I received from Kelly in the Wichita service center completely avoided our question. She reiterated that they are “unable to offer the sailing you have requested” with absolutely no explanation at all. She also made it clear we are not able to discuss our reservation with her or anyone else at Azamara, they will only communicate with our agent. Our agent was cc'd in my email and she had talked to them 3 times before I tried reaching out. She got nothing but a run around as well. Transparency and having confidence in a company is very important to us, especially these days! Azamara is a great product, no question, but not the only fish in the sea. ; ) We are sad to move on, but are looking forward to our upcoming cruises with Celebrity and maybe trying some other lines.
  11. Since I don't eat red meat I guess this activity is a pass for me. : (
  12. I appreciate the bonus points and actually enjoy some of the activities. I skip the ones that don't interest me & do the ones that do. All good!
  13. Thank you cruiseb4udie!! I figure even though prices are high I might as well put some of my FCC on something....
  14. Thank you, but I was referring to the “book a cruise by 12/24” offer. I already used that link at post #1448 for the Apex webinar & it worked. : )
  15. Could someone post the link to this offer? I haven't received the last 3 Power Up e-mails.... I'm not sure why they stopped all of a sudden.
  16. We had a cabin in the front (6018) & thought it was loud being over the cabaret so we tried 6079 (in the back right near your 6085) and thought it was great! Very quiet & convenient to everything. We liked that back area of deck 6 so much we booked 6075 for our next cruise. Do not worry about noise from Discoveries, it's a great area in our opinion.
  17. Quest, June 2019, 10 days Alaska Originally booked a window cabin. (This was a last minute cruise for us, we only booked about 8 weeks out) bid $200 per person for balcony (min. bid was $200, obviously our bid was “weak”) upped it $50 more per person about 10 days before sailing when I saw some balconies were available again status: Discoverer Plus (2nd cruise on Azamara, 25+ on Celebrity) 2nd bid was successful about a week before we sailed. We had a balcony for Cuba in February for our 1st Azamara Cruise & loved it! I’m sure we would have enjoyed the OV as well, but we were very happy to get the upgrade for $500, which was significantly less than if we had booked a balcony originally.
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