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  1. Corrected on the S Class adjoining rooms with double doors but on M Class the single door between adjoining rooms leaves nothing to the imagination. We have heard it all at night and my wife still blushes. Somethings should be private. The S Class ships have solved this anomaly .
  2. Last Sunday i was in the sun for a few hours and got a bit burned around the forehead and temples. At the hospital entrance the next dat, I registered 99.8 degs and was not let in for an appointment. They told me sit in the shade and cool down for 20 mins. I did and still was over the limit. i asked them to get an oral digital thermometer and after 15 mins a nurse came back and took my temp via the mouth and it was 98.5 degs and I was let in. A huge waste of my time knowing I was feeling perfect. So, the way temps are measured may not be that accurate and hopefully if someone exceeds the parameters at the airport or cruise ship terminal there is a secondary oral temp check.
  3. One thing that is annoying. if we stay in the cabin on the day of the ship weekly Crew Safety Drill it blares in the room. Wish they would not pipe the commands into the Passengers State rooms. We put ear plugs into our ears and its still annoying.
  4. A bit of irony. The C and M class had cafeteria style lines with trays. A crew member gave you basically the portion you asked for. Then came the S Class with total self service and mostly everyone loved this new concept. Now, hopefully they take a step back and serve everything as it was. If you got up to the Oceanview Cafe by noon it was a breeze getting your food. Personally, I prefer the way the buffet was handled on the C and M class way back when.
  5. Still wondering if their generous CC amenities will be reduced somewhat. X's CC program is the most generous in the business, especially at E+ and Z levels. Waiting on the sidelines for many things to fall into place before booking any future cruises with any Cruiseline.
  6. If we book a RS that comes with unlimited specialty dining we hardly eat in Luminae. Lunches in Sushi on 5 and dinners spread between Tuscan, Murano and Lawn Club Grill (on SI and RF). We do not eat breakfast outside the suite. if we book a Sky Suite then its Luminae for the meals they are open for. Of course we prefer the Specialty Restaurants if all is equal.
  7. Been reading a lot about inferior cruise ship ventilation systems. First thing is to change the air filtration systems to state of the art that will eliminate all airborne particles. Currently the air is not up to par and many get some type of illness on each cruise. I am looking to see what will be done in this area.
  8. LOL, A legal Ponzi Scheme. We were X Loyalists but with all the monkey business going on lately we are history. We pay our Federal Income taxes annually and have zero compassion for Corporations incorporating oversees to avoid US INCOME Taxes. Maybe there will will be changes to enact laws that will require corporations doing business in the USA to pay Income Taxes. MSC is privately owned and in great financial shape and haven't read of any Covid 19 aboard any of their ships. I have read nothing about MSC begging for handouts or loans. Good Luck to Celebrity and their near sidedness and over leveraging. Our best cruising days were on the C Class Ships and the new M Class ships. Those days will never be bested for us. After Dan Hanerhan left X things have never been the same. The current CEO is all about her and her phoniness.
  9. Of course I have empathy for them. Imagine losing $110,000,000 of worth in two weeks time? i dont care what they paid per share with options and or incentives (bonuses). Bottom line was their RCL holdings dropped by an unthinkable amount. I am sure LLP is hurting too. My guess is the Captain Club Perks will be diminished. Before this crisis it was obvious that the loyal cruises were not catered to as much as the suite guests and the newbie cruisers. I doubt the marketing model will change. As I write this, the Dow futures are down 850. When will this bleeding stop?
  10. Referring to CC Elite Plus and Zenith Perks. Zero costs to those at that level. Surmising if they will be cut entirely or be reduced. Nothing stated about the Go Better, Best or built in perks in my posting.
  11. In light of this horrible economic downturn I wonder if the CC level perks will be severely cut or go away entirely. X certainly won't be giving away revenue producing perks, eg, internet or Premium Bev packages until they are profitable again. i just looked at the 10K Filing. Mr Fein owns 1,000,000 shs and Mr Wilheim 25 mil shares of RCL. Imagine losing (unrealized) $120 a share in a few weeks on such huge holdings. One has to feel badly for them. Lets pray for a quick recovery.
  12. Left MIA ON the ML in mid October 2012. Debarked the ML in the second week of February 2013 in Singapore. Some repetition but still an exciting time. Eight b2bs in verandas, CC, Sky Suites and a CS. After 2 months onboard it felt like home.and time flew by.
  13. I do not agree with the mandatory reporting. When similar items are purchased off the ship there is no reporting. I like a level playing field. Through the years cruising I have befriended high end watch buyers and I doubt they have ever declared them to customs. Buying on the ship leaves the cruiser no choice but to declare. I am not a fan of Big Brother. Then there are the b2b cruisers who park their vehicle in the Terminal lots and when the ship is cleared and the Customs Personnel vacate the terminal, they walk off the ship with backpacks filled with cigarettes and expensive jewelry purchased in the Islands and unload into their trunks. Then use their transit pass to reboard. It happens very frequently and customs, although aware of this still has no presence once the ship is cleared of debarking cruisers. This also bothers me big time.
  14. If you are purchasing an expensive item on the ship, eg, a refurbished Rolex for $8500, the shops will circumvent this reporting rule. If you use your personal charge card and NOT place on the shipboard card, US Customs will not be notified. They get their info from X based on charges to your Ship Card. Best advice is to buy off the ship from a non recommended store. They will let you take the purchased item with you and mail the box to your address from the USA once someone From the store travels to Miami to buy merchandise. The shops will tell you that anything above the customs limit will be reported to US Customs by Celebrity. That is a point of contention with me.
  15. Forget about the holiday feeling. The stuffing (dressing) tastes like hot white bread spiced up, very small scoop. Lots of rubbery dark meat with a watered gravy. Small cube chunks of sweet potatoes that were crunchy. Huge let down. If it were more authentic the cruise would be sold as a Thanksgiving Cruise and be 20% more.
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