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  1. After cruising for a few years and observing how hard the crew works, 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, I made a mental note that if I ever had a private company in the USA, I d hire anyone who has worked several years on a cruise ship. They all so atypical vs the typical land worker. Imagine, no weekends off, no accrued sick days and almost the life of an indentured servant. Very sad when you think of it. I consider my additional over the standard tips as charity since the money will likely be sent home for the family food, the children's schooling, medical, etc. It is charity in its purest form without any middleman.
  2. I am on vacation and I am not anyones supervisor that serves me on the ship. Speaking with the crew member has always solved any problem so there was really no need to take it higher. They could get into big trouble if the problem is egregious. I dont feel it is my place to play boss on the evaluations/surveys. If you cruise often it is better to stay on excellent terms with everyone because your assistant waiter today may be the Hotel Director in 10 years, ie, Zafer Cholak, IN Hotel Dir. And they have long memories.
  3. Each Hotess's stand has a computer and I have seen them checking the reviews from the previous cruises making comments when they saw something negative. I asked to see mine on a b2b and sure enough, the numbered ratings appeared in addition to all my comments. It doesn't hurt to give all tens, especially on a b2b because they are humans with feelings and have long memories. Costs me nothing to be generous with my scoring.
  4. Eric, When i asked for a larger piece of Prime Rib the Waiter said, Oh you want the American Cut. He said there is a Queens Cut, English Cut, Kings Cut. Have really no clue of the differences but I did receive a bigger piece than my wife.
  5. The best meal on the cruise is the first night in the MDR. Ask for an American Cut on the Prime Rib and it will be amazing. I wouldn't trade for Tuscan if it was free.
  6. We really think Jamie and Tangie are (were) top notch Concierges and excellent communicators. We have had Edwin for our EC Cruises on 4 occasions and because of his inadequacies, we will not deal with him again. We have explained things to him, asked him important questions that needed answering and called him back asking why he never responded. He had no clue about our 10 minute conversation a week before I called back. It is not worth the frustration dealing with this man. It is hard to believe he works with the top suite customers on the EC.
  7. If you leave from Vancouver which is considered an American Port for some reason since its so close to the border and go to an American Port and back to Vancouver you must disembark the ship. Cannot go to a USA Port. Kind of antiquated but thats the Jones Act. They are 100% correct. You can go from Honolulu to Vancouver but not onto Alaska. Not sure why they dont repeal this Act.
  8. With the governor resigning last night they will probably resume the stop there on the EQ.
  9. Another scam. We wanted a few miniature Vodkas from the Mini Bar and noticed they looked sealed at the top, were very tight but they tasted like water and in-fact it was water. I had a very hard time getting anyone to believe that some prior guest drank the mini bar alcohol and replaced in contents with water. Lesson learned. The first day I have the Attendent remove all contents in the ice box and store until the end of the cruise. Amazing what people would do for some free libations. The little bottles appeared sealed on first glance but they weren't. I dont like to be in a position of trying to prove something that is almost impossible to prove, its just my word. Luckily I was not charged.
  10. Have carried an NFCU Debit Card for years using it all over the world. The surcharges seem minimal and not worth the time to research to save a few $$s. The nice thing is I can load up the Debit Card online before each transaction. There is hardly anything on the card when it's dormant so there is no fear if it is stolen or if I inadvertently place it in an illegal scanner at an ATM. A very versatile card.
  11. On the S Class Ships there is a night light always on in the bathroom even when the light switch is turned off. The power is never completely off in the bathroom.
  12. The bathroom outlet works with the light off. The electric toothbrush is charged fully in the bathroom outlet on S Class ships.
  13. I have one big problem with the S Class RS vs M Class. When sailing with a parent or a child staying in the living room, you are stuck in the Bedroom with no way to the balcony. There is no door to open for fresh air in the bedroom of the S Class RS. Being stuck in the bedroom until the relative wakes up is a bummer. We would never disturb anyone by walking past them and opening the balcony door during sleeping hours. Cruising without a living room relative is fine except we like to sleep with the balcony door opened a bit to hear the sounds and breath some fresh oxygenated air. When you open the drapes in the S Class bedroom you see a very intrusive jacuzzi in front of the window. The design of the balcony makes me wonder.
  14. On SL and EG they have a Tiffany Boutique. Tiffany prices are not discounted ANYWHERE so when buying Tiffany on the ship there is zero CD the next day that you paid too much. Most of the other items will be inflated, ie, especially cough syrup, Advil and other personal needed items, captive audiences.
  15. Capt K is very special. That doesn't necessarily apply to everyone.
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