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  1. I asked the F&B Dir On the last EQ cruise what happens to the Gelato when they cart it to the kitchen nightly. He said they offer the open container Gelato to the crew and whats not eaten is tossed. They make new Gelato daily. It make no sense to me why they didnt have a fire sale nightly (50% off) but it was not an option. Maybe in the future with this huge debt things will change.
  2. Unfortunately, the Zeniths are being eliminated one by one. This is a sad state of affairs suspending the Company's two top cruisers. I assume after a year, this suspension can be appealed. A few years ago a top Zenith Cruiser was suspended for life because of a physical/verbal confrontation. This scenario is far less invasive and surely can be appealed with Global Security in time. Zenith's, beware, they have you in their sights. This is really all about the bottomline. When business was booming they couldn't have cared less. Good Luck
  3. 100% no way want to risk our life going on vacation.
  4. In a discussion group this weekend we tried to estimate the number of affected people JUST from the retirement of 10-18 ships. An average of 1000 crew on and off per 6-8 month contracts. Thats a huge amount of competition for upcoming jobs. Plus as stated above, the 1000s of laid off/terminated land based corporate workers. Not sure if things will ever normalize. if the CDC/Govt postpones cruising until 1/1/2021, add 3 to 4 months for contracting with Crew, logistics, passing annual medical physicals in their respective countries, obtaining work VISAS, plane flights, hotels.
  5. Wondering how many more applicants will be applying for ship employment from Captains, HD, Chief Engineers displaced from the 10-15 ships recently sold? The market will be flooded with the thousands of this particular group of former workers. The more supply, the less benefits and $$$s will be negotiated. Such a sad situation.
  6. 1.5 years ago we applied to MSC and got the Black Status Level before they changed the rules. As a black card member, now called Diamond, we received the best specialty Steak House dinner ever. The steaks were huge with XL Idaho baked potato. Every Black card holder gets this comped meal. On X, I doubt anyone got a free specialty meal as of a year ago. There are a bunch of free perks being a Black Card/Diamond member. Book the Yacht Club level with the Black Card status and have Zenith Status. Great deal.
  7. i had the long swab stick stuck up my nose and it was not pleasant. I won't subject myself to that on every cruise plus the daily temperature routine. The lines and waiting will require extreme patience and that is not our definition of a vacation. And wearing a thick mask for 2 hours when shopping is pushing it to the limit. When I take the mask off once out the door it is nirvana. This has to get better before we cruise again.
  8. From what I read the best possible scenario is permission is granted on Nov 1 BUT the cruiselines will need a full month to transport crew and train them. There may be quarantine requirements from some international crew. So, deductive reasoning tells me there is little chance that passengers will step on a ship this calendar year. The logistics and training alone will be a huge endeavor.
  9. What if a couple that is Zenith, both have the 3000 plus points, get divorced and each remarries. Is the Zenith benefit now for the four of them? What a deal!
  10. On the SL a few years back heading out of Sydney. The Elevator opened and a co worker and his wife were standing in the back. When you see someone unexpectedly, your mind gets a bit confused but seconds later it was a grand reunion. Guess, we kept our personal business at work to ourselves and neither one of us had a clue.
  11. Corrected on the S Class adjoining rooms with double doors but on M Class the single door between adjoining rooms leaves nothing to the imagination. We have heard it all at night and my wife still blushes. Somethings should be private. The S Class ships have solved this anomaly .
  12. Last Sunday i was in the sun for a few hours and got a bit burned around the forehead and temples. At the hospital entrance the next dat, I registered 99.8 degs and was not let in for an appointment. They told me sit in the shade and cool down for 20 mins. I did and still was over the limit. i asked them to get an oral digital thermometer and after 15 mins a nurse came back and took my temp via the mouth and it was 98.5 degs and I was let in. A huge waste of my time knowing I was feeling perfect. So, the way temps are measured may not be that a
  13. One thing that is annoying. if we stay in the cabin on the day of the ship weekly Crew Safety Drill it blares in the room. Wish they would not pipe the commands into the Passengers State rooms. We put ear plugs into our ears and its still annoying.
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