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  1. Point well taken. And I wasn't trying to imply that it was Celebrity's fault. They did what they needed to do all the way around, and the blame for the incident lies squarely on the shoulders of the unvaccinated idiots. But, it was my understanding that vaccinated passengers not being tested at US boarding was being waived by the island as a courtesy to the cruise line. Anyone flying in for a cruise has to be tested. So now, everyone will have to be tested on board. The government of the island is just not going to rely on the cruise line representations going forward. It's unfortunate to say the least. Certainly not the fault of the cruise line, just the consequences. EDIT: And I think the "chain gang" reference is exactly the way the excursions are supposed to be handled. Same way they are done on European sailings. Again, unfortunate, but understandable.
  2. I'm pretty sure the cruise line is trying to keep it quiet, but it may end up being in the press eventually with social media and all. A couple of YouTube bloggers are now talking about it. With the "update" to the rules, it would make sense that the two are connected. I can imagine St. Maarten is probably pretty mad about it, and to protect their own people going forward they're going to do what they need to do and not rely on Celebrity to do it. Consequences.
  3. Yes. That is what they did. Glad they got the boot! And now, because of them, St. Maarten is requiring ALL (vaccinated and unvaccinated) Celebrity passengers stopping in St. Maarten to be tested if they want to get off the ship there. This may also translate over to other cruise lines hitting that port as well. Thanks a lot to those folks! 😡
  4. They don't care. Which is likely the very reason they weren't vaccinated to begin with. JMO. Not surprising, but glad they got the boot. It really is too bad that this now complicates ongoing cruises for vaccinated people.
  5. True. But closing the casino to unvaccinated passengers is also a good disincentive to them cruising. Just more ammunition for RCI.
  6. Here's a post from the other St. Maarten thread. Seems like it was just as reported by AbbyCruiser. And they got booted from the ship. As well they should have! Glad to see the cruise line enforcing the protocols.
  7. I think the casino is one of the areas reserved for vaccinated guests only, so masks aren't required in there.
  8. That's on them then. They are making a decision company wide obviously so that there is no confusion from one ship to the next. So, as you and others have said, the many are penalized for the pleasure of the few. Not a great business model if you ask me.
  9. EVERY news report that I see or read clearly highlights the spread of the variant amongst unvaccinated people and the continuing problems that is causing in low vaccination rate states. They have not left out the reference at all, and every time I see a news item on it it just makes me more annoyed at those that are perfectly capable of getting vaccinated and are choosing not too. Yes, it is a personal choice, but THEY are the reason this whole fiasco will last longer than it needs to. And this fact may impact protocols on cruise ships for some time to come.
  10. I wouldn't bet on that. My guess is they will keep all of the restrictions. The biggest issue is that RCI is allowing unvaccinated adults on board for Florida cruises. With Adventure, masks are only required for kids under eligible age and that's easier to monitor. Anyone 16 and over (12 and over as of August 1) has to be vaccinated. RCI would have a bear of a time trying to moderate mask wearing with a large adult unvaccinated cohort. And I don't believe they would drop a mask requirement for unvaccinated folks inside.
  11. Not sure on the sailing date, but I assume it was the first sailing on the 26th. I think your approach is a great one. Going with the flow is certainly required these days. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. The language is “all guests”, so that would include both vaccinated and unvaccinated. I am curious whether the two unvaccinated guests that broke protocols were met at the end of the gangway by security with their luggage. That is what should have happened. As I recall there were only two unvaccinated adults on that cruise. It’s too bad that just a couple of people cause a problem for everyone else. Not surprising under the circumstances I guess.
  13. It’s called sarcasm. My point was that the CDC being removed from the picture likely changes nothing. Anyone who thought it would be a free-for-all without regulations is in for disappointment. My guess is protocols will remain for some time to come, with or without the CDC. But hey, who knows.
  14. Or maybe they’re just going to do the right thing on their own. Who would have thunk it? 😉
  15. Stop moving the goal posts. When the CSO is gone then no masks, no vaccine requirement, no nothing.
  16. Actually, that is exactly what RCI is saying in its published protocols. It’s the CDC that is making us do this. That excuse is not going to last beyond July 18. RCI is going to have to own it. 😉
  17. Wait. I don’t get it. The CSO is set to become “guidance only” in Florida 8 days from now. There will be no legal authority behind whatever mask requirements RCI sets out. They can do what they want. Right? Why are they going to require masks when they are not made to by the CDC? That doesn’t make any sense. They don’t have to do vaccines or masks or any health protocols. Come on! Why are they making it so hard on everyone?!
  18. Yes. May 14. We will have to meet! So excited!! Our first BI cruise.
  19. We are on British Isles cruise in May next year. Are you on that one? We have IV also. We are doing Greek Isles in September on Edge with a CS. I haven’t been on Edge class yet, but I’m excited to check out the ships and I think the IV will be good for UK/Ireland with cooler temps. I’ll just be happy to be cruising again. 😊
  20. A judge’s decision to grant or deny a motion is always in caps and bold type. Do not read any particular inference into that. The CDC was only to come back with “scientific justification” if they opted to revise the CSO. There was no order from the judge that they do so.
  21. That ship has sailed. The government has filed an appeal of the injunction. Mediation was never going to be fruitful in a dispute between two parties with no room or motivation for compromise. The chips will have to fall where they may.
  22. I understand the focus of the appeal. The judge made a determination as to the powers of the CDC to support the preliminary injunction. The ultimate trial on the merits of the case, including the scope of those powers, continues beyond the injunction itself. You can make all sorts of predictions about which way the chips will fall, but it doesn’t change the process. Neither does it mean that the CDC would be better off compromising in mediation. Given Judge Merryday’s comments in his opinion, I don’t believe any “modified” CSO would have met with his approval. Nor is there any indication as to whether Florida was amenable to any revised order. Mediation did not work in the first instance and is less likely to work in this one. The case needs to work itself out no matter which way you slice it. This appeal was entirely predictable and should be a surprise to no one.
  23. And “how” is the process supposed to stop? The CDC has the legal right to appeal and an appeals court could very well overturn the lower court decision and rule that they do have the powers they claim. If Florida had lost, rest assured they would have appealed as well. And there will still be a trial on the merits in any event. No one expects Florida to drop its suit, but the CDC is not going to simply walk away.
  24. UPDATE: The government has filed an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Florida v. HHS, CDC (2150.com) A Motion For A Stay Pending Appeal has also been filed in connection with the Preliminary Injunction. 96_047023193317_MotionToStay.pdf (2150.com)
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