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  1. I would not bet on any follow up being done. RCI got rid of the “problem” by transporting the families home and have washed their hands of it. They are strengthening the protocols for vaccinated families with unvaccinated children starting with this week’s sailing, but they also need to start enforcing the unvaccinated mask mandate. Numerous reports that many children/teens not masked on these cruises, hence the infections. Expect more.
  2. The infected teens and their traveling party were flown home under a medical flight exemption to the negative test requirement. There is a lot of red tape and protocols that apply and the passengers must be flown to their domicile airport. They are not allowed to board any commercial transportation within the US. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/interim-guidance-transporting.html The answer to the question “Will they do this for everybody” is NO. This was done for the Millennium passengers and this family on Adventure but I would bet that RCG will get tired (financially and otherwise) of doing this in short order and local quarantine will be required until testing negative to fly home. In the US the cruise lines will have to cover the expense of quarantine and/or private charter transportation, but are not obligated for sailings outside the US. Once the CSO is gone, so will those obligations be. The parents of these teens not only chose to subject their children to these circumstances, but perhaps other unvaccinated children on board to the infection. According to a number of reports from the Adventure sailings, masking of children is not being enforced by the cruise line and not being properly supervised by many parents either. Hence the positive tests. Protocols are changing on these cruises this week involving unvaccinated children and their families and hopefully mask enforcement is one of them.
  3. There is no way that type of change would be made. That would be an unconstitutional infringement on a person’s right to divulge private information about themselves. Even Florida is not going to go that far. Given that the Celebrity Edge sailed Saturday with 99% vaccinated passengers and voluntary submission of vaccination status without so much as a peep from anyone in the Governor’s office is a sure sign that the workaround is valid. Folks are stressing out about nothing.
  4. The CDC has nothing to do with this cruise. The mask rules are driven by the Greek authorities according to all reports.
  5. I think they are doing that for any new bookings. The email/phone call verifications are for anyone who booked before the procedure was put into place. I would imagine for any new bookings they will verify vaccination status (yes/no) at booking, again at final payment, and then you will have to submit your proof at boarding. They are not accepting photos or uploaded proof, only the actual document.
  6. Even IF the CSO disappears on July 18, you will likely see the same choice and process applied by Carnival. Royal Caribbean isn't requiring vaccines, but they are "treating" unvaccinated passengers the same way. The cruise lines will do what is required to safely sail whether under the CSO or not.
  7. This article is inaccurate. They are not "requiring" vaccinations, but are sailing at 95% vaccinated. In order to do that they are asking passengers if they are vaccinated and willing to provide proof at boarding. If yes, they go in the vaccinated pool of passengers. If no, they go in the unvaccinated pool, which is capped at no more than 5% of total guests boarding. Passengers provide proof of vaccination at the port to board as vaccinated. If they do not provide the proof they are placed in the unvaccinated pool and can be denied boarding if that pool is full. Carnival will use the same plan.
  8. Which is ironic, because that was the whole point of the CSO. Anyway, we will see what happens on or before July 18th. Still could be a replacement order or appeal. Who knows.
  9. That's assuming they would even want to sail with a larger percentage of unvaccinated passengers. I don't think they do. They need to twist themselves into knots in order to comply with Florida law. It's pretty clear that the additional protocols applied by Celebrity (and RCI for their sailings) are intended to discourage rather than encourage unvaccinated adult passengers. Word from RCI this morning is that the casino and spa on their sailings will be vaccinated passengers only. Now THAT sends a message.
  10. Well, it's happening already. Celebrity Edge departs today from FLL with a 95% vaccinated passenger requirement. Not a peep from Florida to stop it based on proof of vaccine. They have found a workaround and Carnival will just use the same approach.
  11. Agreed. But I'm not sure that I would take that chance and frankly, if I were the cruise line, I would be concerned about anyone who would say they were vaccinated by phone or email and then show up intent on boarding without the required proof. That says a lot about a person and I think would speak to their willingness to comply with the unvaccinated passenger protocols onboard. JMO.
  12. Those who are unwilling to volunteer proof at the port will only be allowed to board if there is available room in the 5% unvaccinated pool. Otherwise, they would be denied boarding. The calls/emails sent out by Celebrity in advance of sailing will allow them to keep their unvaccinated pool at 5% or less as required by the CDC. Folks who say they are vaccinated and then refuse to show proof at the port may be out of luck.
  13. And if they eliminate a port stop all together, or change their mask protocols mid-cruise so that vaccinated passengers have to wear masks, or a whole host of other possible changes are you going to feel the same way? The only constant in this new sailing environment is change.
  14. Stuff like this is going to happen regularly and people need to be prepared. Look what happened 48 hours before the first Adventure cruise. Everyone (including vaccinated passengers) were told they would be tested at the port. Anybody not willing to accept last minute changes shouldn’t be sailing. It is what it is and there will be more changes coming I’m sure.
  15. I agree with your interpretation and the language you quote backs that up. No one should go on one of these cruises believing that protocols won’t be enforced because that will surely lead to frustration or disappointment, or both. Nor should anyone expect that the rules will change quickly. They may or they may not. “Be prepared “ as you say.
  16. Try this link. It has protocols for all RCI cruise port locations. Nassau, Galveston, Seattle, Florida and Cyprus. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center
  17. Don’t know where the passengers were from, but an “exempted” private flight to carry a COVID positive passenger back to the US would not be cheap. In addition, they would have to be transported to their domicile, not dumped at an international airport in Miami or FLL.
  18. I am aware of the number of hospitalizations/deaths. The CDC link I included in my post is where CNBC got its data. Out of over 150,000,000 fully vaccinated persons, there have been just over 4100 hospitalizations and about 750 deaths. There is virtually a 0% chance for any fully vaccinated person dying from COVID if infected on a cruise ship. I will lay my money on no vaccinated cruiser even being severely ill or hospitalized, never mind dying. Again, the best bet for any cruise line right now is to have a fully vaccinated passenger cohort.
  19. Not 100%, but very close to it. At least 95% fully vaccinated. And they are doing it by voluntary submission of vaccine status at boarding. First cruise is on Saturday. No objection from Florida. They got around the law and NCL can do the same.
  20. Perhaps the Adventure positive cases prompted this decision as others have suggested. I would imagine Adventure’s Cozumel port stop will be changed for their next sailing. Celebrity is not going to directly connect the dots in an announcement, but coupled with Mexico’s infection/vaccination statistics it gives them cover. There is not much anyone can do to change the policy. Things are fluid and lots of things will continue to change in the restart.
  21. You would think. My guess is they will be now. And certainly out of US ports.
  22. It gets picked up on the wire and copied from one news agency to another. My guess is USA Today was the initial culprit. After that it was just repeated over and over again.
  23. I did not say he lied. I said a negative test was required to reenter the US even on a private charter flight. It is. Apparently positive COVID cases can be transported back into the US on private “medical” flights under specific circumstances and conditions designated by the CDC. Smokeybandit linked the provisions above. Is RCI going to go through this bureaucratic process and (significant) expense for each positive case on future cruises? I think this will wear thin after a while and folks will be left quarantining until they test positive. JMO.
  24. Private flight or otherwise you need a negative test to fly back to the US. My husband flies for a private charter company and he has to verify negative tests to bring any passenger back to the US.
  25. Chartered flights still need a negative test to fly back. Not sure how they managed that.
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