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  1. Lots of states started opening a few weeks ago and social distancing and wearing masks IS being disregarded by large numbers of people, so your feelings are well justified. And any social distancing or other mitigation measures on cruise ships will work about as well, not because the cruise lines do not have good intentions but because so many cruisers will not comply.
  2. I guess I just don't understand comments like this. Does anyone really believe that even with shorter duration cruises that any infections that occur on board with symptoms showing after disembarkation will not be traced back to the cruise?? It's not going to matter how short the cruise is and it will be an absolute disaster for the cruise lines. They've got one chance to get it right, so they better!
  3. Impractical...maybe. But if these measures are put into place as the only means to reopen and sail again, you can be assured that enforcement will need to be done. If they don't enforce them and there is an outbreak then the cruise line (and probably the industry) will be finished. Plain and simple.
  4. Wow! That's an interesting way to stop someone from requesting a refund 😉
  5. That's what Don does. Every one of his videos over the last two months has been full of half-truths and misinformation. He likes to get his viewers all riled up over one issue or another and spread false hope constantly. He is a travel agent and it is apparent if you watch his videos that he is simply trying to retain his business. Not doing himself or his viewers any favors in the long run. It's obvious given cancellations by Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Disney, etc., that the european cruise season this year is a no-go. Any other lines that are holding out on cancellations now just want to keep their customers' money for the time being. Don, and others like him, will have to face the music when the truth hits.
  6. Wouldn't disagree with your assessment of the practicality of any of the measures. Maybe in that case the cruise lines shouldn't even attempt to open up, but open up they will and with measures in place because they will have to be. The lines had best hope the measures work because one outbreak and they will be done. My challenges to the poster were made because it seems he believes that such measures are unnecessary and won't be in place. It is very clear he would be wrong on that front. Further, it sounds like he would be unwilling to comply. Personally, I would not spend thousands of dollars to cruise under circumstances that would spoil the experience AND because I've have to worry about so many choosing not to.
  7. Here here!! It'll be a miserable experience for those who are willing to cruise and comply. The cruise lines best not think they can blow things by the CDC (or any other authorities) and/or not give a hoot about enforcement of mitigation measures because ONE infection outbreak and they will be done! Maybe the militants should consider that before they go on their "my personal freedoms" bender...but they won't 😏
  8. Two things: 1. Do you honestly believe that there will be no social distancing or other mitigation measures on cruise ships to reopen? Do you also believe that if YOU "get out there" and cruise that you will have the option to not abide by those measures? Good luck with that! 2. There are lots of us willing to venture out with mitigation measures in place and it's because of the attitudes and lack of respect/concern of people like you that we will remain reluctant to do so. Especially on a cruise!
  9. Seriously! The fact that anyone would ask such a question...🙄
  10. Wow!! Judgemental much?? And for a first-time cruiser at that. Who are you to make assumptions about anyone's personal circumstances or how they paid for their cruise?!?! Simply because someone has paid money on a cruise, has requested a refund for a cancelled trip AND that refund is not forthcoming within a REASONABLE period of time (NOT 60 or 90 or 120 days!!), and then chooses to exercise their rights to the return of those monies sooner through their credit card company, does not give you the right to cast unfounded aspersions. I am so glad for you that you can throw away thousands of dollars and not care a bit. Here's hoping you get just that!
  11. Pathetic! So you are threatening your clients with helping Princess ban them as passengers? Way to get business in the future...
  12. This is my first time posting to any Cruise Critic board. I made two bookings on Azamara on January 23rd. We have never sailed with Azamara. We always make reservations for two booking dates as we are not sure of my husband's vacation awards until late in the year. I called to cancel those reservations this morning as we will not be able to make either of those cruises. I want to qualify my comment by admitting that I was not careful enough to look at the deposit return policy when I was making the reservations. I was told by the customer service agent that my deposits would be funded less a "service fee" of $150 for each booking. I just lost $300 in 7 days! While some of you might think that is fair under the circumstances, I do not. We have sailed numerous times with Celebrity,Royal Caribbean, Oceania and Silver Sea. I have never had a "service fee" charged by any of these lines for any cancellation. This to me is absurd! I spoke with a supervisor and she said that the only thing she could do was send my request for a rebate of those fees to some "appeals" unit. So I now sit and wait for a likely response of no return of the fees. I read Cruise Critic reviews of every line and I do note that about 33% of the Azamara reviews are negative for any number of reasons, including customer service overall. Not an acceptable percentage Azamara! Add my name to your list of prospective passengers who will not sail with Azamara in the future. I will update my post once I have heard back from their "appeals" unit (eye-roll).
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