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  1. 6rugrats

    Windstar Beach Experience-Drinks

  2. 6rugrats

    Non-Alcoholic Drinks On Windstar

    Griller already posted these complaints about his TA cruise.
  3. 6rugrats

    Staterooms (Shower/Bathtub) on motor yachts

    Star Pride Cabin 128 has shower/tub combo with two sinks.
  4. 6rugrats

    Windstar Beverage Prices November 2017

    No, you can't share, that would be stealing. The only drink that's "been paid for" is the drink for the person who purchased the package. You've only paid for one package. Believe me, they will know very quickly who drinks what and how much. You each must purchase your own drink package if you both want one.
  5. 6rugrats

    Doctor on board for transatlantics?

    If your travel insurance is secondary, you’re always going to have to submit a claim to your primary carrier, even if they exclude that service. You need the denial to send a claim to the secondary carrier. if you don’t want to do this, you can purchase travel insurance that is primary.
  6. 6rugrats

    Specialty coffee freak

    There is no Yacht Club on the Windspirit.
  7. 6rugrats

    San Juan and the Virgin Islands - itinerary change

    Thank you for posting this. I also have this itinerary booked, and neither Windstar nor my TA has notified me of this change. Very disappointing. I don’t like St. Thomas and am not impressed by the lack of notification,
  8. 6rugrats

    Help with AA in flight amenity:

    They don’t clean and sterilize the blankets after each flight, so doubt the headphones are cleaned. I just bring my own.
  9. 6rugrats

    Luggage forwarding

    Who would you forward it to?
  10. 6rugrats

    Lisbon, Portugal - Taxi - Car Seats?

    Children under the age of 12 must ride in the back seat, and car seats are mandatory. Arrange transportation with this company; they will provide child seats at no charge: http://www.best-airport-transfers.com/lisbon-taxi-transfers.html
  11. 6rugrats

    Princess Air screw up

    Not sure why post #18 pulled up a thread a year old, and added nothing new.
  12. Not sure what you’re talking about. It’s right herehttps://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2593463
  13. I’m not sure if someone was simply bored today, or if this is an actual review. Windstar is not a luxury cruise line.
  14. 6rugrats

    Inflatable Child Car Seat

    Not safe, not a good option. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1536016