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  1. You can find the latest information on Windstar’s webpage. Masks are required on deck when unable to social distance and unless swimming: https://www.windstarcruises.com/health-safety/overview/
  2. Not sure what you mean by “change planes.” If you mean you have a connection, this is certainly shown when you book your ticket. I don’t really think you can compare summer for late fall flights. You can’t predict if there will be issues. Rental cars are in short supply right now. I’m not sure if you are just thinking aloud or have a question. Can you make a rental car reservation that you can cancel? Can you fly in earlier?
  3. Is this a serious question, or just a whine about Ryanair? Rather hyperbolic claims.
  4. I see no correlation between the ability to tip and traveling. You are showing appreciation by patronizing business and spending money. Tips are considered an insult in some countries. Gratuities are not customary or even accepted in many places, such as Japan, South Korea, French Polynesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand and on and on. I suppose this will all change as Americans travel more and leave gratuities where none were expected or accepted in the past. Who knows?
  5. You’d have to book a cabin that accommodates three people.
  6. Tipping in French Polynesia is not customary. I don’t tip there.
  7. Antigen tests are much more likely to give a false negative than a false positive. Windstar has no posted policy but would be unlikely they would issue a refund. If anything, would think you would get only a future cruise credit, if that, but you'd have to check with them.
  8. This is the latest from Windstar's webpage in regard to ports where you may book independent tours. Tahiti is no longer on the list: " For the near term, guests will need to book a Windstar shore excursion to go ashore (unless otherwise noted below as an exception). Exceptions where guests are allowed ashore to explore on their own: Greece, Croatia, Spain, Gibraltar, and Costa Rica."
  9. You should also worry about real positives. Windstar will allow you to cancel up to 48 hours before your cruise and issue you a credit. That’s the only cruise line policy I know for this issue.
  10. O.k., suppose you get you wish and commercial airline “go.” What then?
  11. But, the US will not allow you to enter if you cannot provide proof you have recovered or a negative test.
  12. I am currently working as a Contact Tracer on my state's COVID-19 project, and my state has a pretty high vaccination rate. I would not consider vacationing right now. The Delta Variant is pretty scary. I cancelled my cruise.
  13. My cruise departure was Sept. 27, 2021. Final payment was due on July 29, 2021. I cancelled on July 28th and the entire deposit was credited back to my credit card on July 30, 2021. I'm sad not to go, but know I made the correct decision.
  14. And, CFAR will not cover all your losses. Most will only reimburse 50-75% (depends on policy), and they will take into consideration your voucher from the airline if you cancel. It is very hard to find any travel insurance that will cover COVID related issues now.
  15. But AA is not the same as Spirit. They have interline agreements with other airlines, and will pay to place you on another airline's flights. Spirit will not.
  16. Always disappointing. I was booked on the 27 Sept cruise and cancelled. I would take the refund.
  17. If you just wanted to whine, fine. But, as stated TAP does not fly that routing. So, hard to take your complaint seriously.
  18. Yes, I first cruised with Windstar back in 1988, and will certainly book with them again. It just really seems unwise to do so with the situation today.
  19. Dr. Poole’s excursion is one of the best I have ever taken. Highly recommend.
  20. Due to COVID concerns, I cancelled a Sept cruise; final payment was due 7/29/2021. I was told I would receive a full refund of my deposit.
  21. Sadly, I am going to call and cancel today. I was on the LIS-BCN leg.
  22. Barrycat, I share your concerns. I am on one leg of your sailing. Final payment is due this Thursday, and I am seriously considering cancelling. At the time of booking, I felt pretty good, but with the rise of the Delta variant, I am wondering if taking this trip is wise. Although I am fully vaccinated and am careful, I am worried about traveling, testing positive, and being stuck someplace in Europe isolating. I am working in a COVID related field, and I realize this is only anecdotal evidence, but every day I speak with people who are fully vaccinated who have contracted COVID, and this is in an area with a high vaccination rate. And, I don't want to end up in that spot while traveling. *sigh* What to do?
  23. https://windstarcruises-media.s3.amazonaws.com/media/plan_your_voyage/2019_gift_order_form.pdf
  24. I've always received monies that were due back from Windstar, but it never happens overnight. You need to give it more than two or three business days!
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