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  1. Wow, seems like lots of different opinions, it’s true that each person has their own comfort level, that’s what makes the world so great! I was on an obstructed balcony two years ago and I didn’t mind the tender in front of me, I liked sitting out there for the fresh air and a bit of sun. The full balconies are not worth the price to me but must admit I’d never been in a minisuite and was very curious. And I do agree with the previous poster about the bad exchange rate. I would pay the 199 usd and not the 289 Cdn. Still about 60 a night for both of us, I think I’ll pass. Probably too late thou
  2. Thanks for your opinion, I'm leaning towards not taking it as well!
  3. I have a feeling this is the same deal, 199 USD per person would be 400 USD but in Canadian dollars it would almost be 600 CDN. Seems rather steep even though it’s cheaper than what is online
  4. Thanks for everyone’s opinion. The price online is about 650 more per person over what I’m paying now so it is a good deal' however, I may have better things to do with the 400 dollars ☺️
  5. Thanks for pointing that out to me!
  6. Oops sorry you are right, its per person. Thanks for your opinion!
  7. congrats your upsell sounds way better than mine!
  8. Hey there, yes 7 day Caribbean in December. The minisuites go far way more than that amount so on paper its a good deal.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm booked into an obstructed balcony on Regal Princess and just got an email to a minisuite for 199US/289CDN (I'm Canadian so it would be the latter). I never have been in a minisuite before but I don't want to get used to being spoiled😂 .Would you guys take the offer?
  10. Hey everyone i just booked a GTY Neighbourhood balcony on Oasis and wondering if this promo is still active? I don’t know if I will be getting a Central Park or Boardwalk balcony yet. Are the promos exchangeable? And if you get the soda package, do you have to pay gratuities on top or is it all included? Thanks much!
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