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  1. The post attached is what is happening right now in Italy. They have very good health care, and they are very overwhelmed. This is a hard read, written by just one of the doctors in the trenches. It's time for the US and Canada to be aware of what can come, if we don't stop the spread. This is why you are hearing about conventions and huge celebrations being cancelled. (the spelling errors occurred because this was a tweet translated from Italian to English) https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1237142891077697538.html
  2. Italy is now just getting the worst of this virus. The USA has not seen the worst. I've read several posts from doctors on the front lines in Italy. I'm sharing one of them. This is why we are starting to get these no travel warnings. We don't want to happen here, what is happening in Italy. They are warning us to take this virus seriously. https://www.newsweek.com/doctor-coronavirus-stricken-italy-details-whats-happening-his-hospital-every-ventilator-1491436
  3. I am following one of the passengers on Twitter. She reports the HAL chartered flights out to Malaysia have been canceled. Not sure how many planes have left Cambodia prior to this cancelation. So sad to hear this, there were so close to coming home.
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