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  1. How old is your daughter? If she's young enough to enjoy the kids menu from the MDR, she can order off that and you won't need to pay anything more. If she's older, the meal plan will probably save you a few dollars. Especially if you plan to go to Cagney's.
  2. Am I the only one who wonders why some people seem to have a need to tell others how they should spend their money?
  3. I book with a TA & have never received an email but it has always shown on My NCL. Good luck!
  4. I don't especially care for Pepsi products but find Diet Pepsi tolerable with a lemon or lime.
  5. Last time I used travelers checks it was a real PITA. They wouldn't take them at the tables & the cashier had me standing on my head if I wanted to cash more than $500 at a time. Cashing them at a bank in New Orleans is probably the route I'd take.
  6. I don't get it. I follow the rules and buy insurance in case we need to cancel (we did) and a lot of posters here believe someone with a sob story should get the same benefit (refund) that I do. Actually, they would make out better because I'm out the cost of the insurance. Why does that make sense?
  7. I cancelled our October cruise mid September while DH was in the hospital. Taxes, fees, and other prepaid items were refunded within a week and the balance was received from the insurance I purchased through NCL less than two weeks after submitting the paperwork. Compassion is wonderful but why should those who choose to gamble get something others pay for? I don't want to subsidize them, do you? The insurance for our cruise cost $398 and the cruise was $6,000. I'm a gambler but I'm not an idiot and I only gamble with money I'm willing to lose. Sorry your wife is ill OP and I hope she wins her battle but this is on you, not NCL.
  8. I recently had to cancel a cruise that we have been looking forward to for almost two years. When it was originally booked, I opted for NCL's insurance since it was less expensive than other carriers. It was a Caribbean cruise, from out home port, and I was comfortable that we could handle any expenses over and above what the plan may cover. My TA started the process with NCL and emailed the paperwork I needed to complete. The portion being refunded by NCL was on my credit card within a week of the cancellation. Our doctor completed the medical paperwork and when I found the time, I uploaded everything. Nine (9) days later, I had checks (one for each of us) in hand. I would have much preferred taking the cruise but, for those of you who aren't sure which insurance to buy, don't automatically rule out the insurance NCL offers. I can't speak to trip interruption or lost luggage claims but they came through on cancellation due to medical reasons quickly & easily.
  9. I understand your disappointment but the problem is with your travel agent, not NCL. They should have told you that when you can't choose a cabin, you're buying a guarantee. What the cruise line considers an upgrade is often not what you would consider an upgrade. If you can cancel without penalty, go for it. If not, I hope you are able to enjoy your cruise in spite of the cabin location. Either way... you should probably consider a more knowledgeable TA!
  10. We now have a like button which is great & making the font bold and/or larger is an option. Overall, I'm sure it will be fine once we all get used to it.
  11. No worries, we'll help. The search function is tiresome & you're never sure the information is current. The beverage package includes adult beverages with a max cost of $15 & soft drinks. You will be charged the difference, including gratuity, for any drinks that exceed the $15 limit. Soft drinks are served from the bar. Canned drinks are not included. Other than saying your dining package is used at the specialty restaurants, I can't name any. I have only cruised on Dawn. The Service Charges you paid pretty much takes care of everything & everyone. If you're in a suite, it does not include the Butler or Concierge. If you use room service, it is customary to tip when it is delivered. If you receive great service from someone & choose to tip them additionally, it will be greatly appreciated however it is not required. Enjoy you cruise!!
  12. Yes! After final payment it's not a cancellation if you do a paid upgrade. Once you've done that, you should (no guarantee)get the opportunity to bid on an Balcony & Mini-Suite.
  13. I have Vertigo & during our first couple of cruises had an awful time with seasickness. After ending up with a very large bill from the medical center on a cruise in 2007, I bought a Relief Band. https://www.reliefband.com/collections/reliefband. It's drug free, has no side effects & it works. I use the original version which is looks just like the 1.5. The 2.0 looks really neat but it's not necessary to spend that much money. The only issue I've encountered is when there are consecutive sea days, I make sure to swap wrists because the first time I used it, I got a sore after wearing it on the same wrist for 3 days.
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