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  1. Just returned from this trip. We went to the Choco Bar for breakfast. It is great, I highly recommend the avocado toast. Its French toast with fruit, avocado and egg on top with some sweet sauce for dipping, oh so wonderful. I also tried the bourbon drink that has the chocolate rim on the glass. It is very good and the dark chocolate on the rim brings out all the flavors
  2. Thanks for the responses. Seeing as I like to gamble I will see take the free interior and try my luck at a cheap upgrade.
  3. Has anyone got an Royal Up offer on the Comp Cruise. Thinking about rolling the dice(sort of speak) taking one of the interior freebees offered. Right now to upgrade to a balcony I was quoted $800 since I have a 3rd person in the cabin. Thinking maybe I could get it cheaper trying the Royal UP program if it is available.
  4. If you book the free interior offer and are paying the taxes does that mean you get the c&a points
  5. The NY strip is not offered in Giovannis on the Allure. It is a filet mignon and it is so much better then the Chop filet. Happy with what we were served, so much so we ate there 2 nights.
  6. Thanks for a great cruise Flavio, we were on the March 10 sailing and think you will be a great Cruise Director in the future, but you have to get on the Zipline, flow rider and rock wall before they will give you your stripes. Isn't this what Matt was telling you, just do it and get those stripes.
  7. We too we on this sailing and got the same response. So we dined in Gioviannis both nights, after talking to the staff they let me know I could order something off the Chops menu for night 2, since they had time to prepare for it. I ordered the filet both nights. I will say the Giovianni's filet is hands down a better filet, so tender. The chef came out and spoke with us and said the Gio Filet is marinated for a couple days before cooking where as the Chops filet is not. They also on the 2nd day brought us the shrimp app and the Red velvet cake from Chops. They where very understanding since I think they get an ear full about the BOGO on Allure.
  8. Just off Allure and the Activities director recently posted a topic on this board about what we would like to see at the gathering. So he is still listening, he said most people want booze to be served which they do not have a budget for, but all other suggestions are considered. His name was Flavio and he checks the board every week.
  9. Since we usually cruise when school is out of session, since we have a jr high school student, we have noticed that the diamond lounge is usually the younger diamond cruisers(us included). All the reports I hear about crowded lounges are when the ship is doing a TA or during the off season. I will report back after our spring break cruise to see if this still hold true. Since the last two spring break and Thanks giving cruises while at diamond status the lounge is busy but not crazy crowded. Of course the other key graphic will be this will be the Allure which is quite a bit larger then our home ship the Liberty. We are so ready for our Cruise and we love meeting people that are as excited as us. Most diamond are pretty good with sharing tables, the few pins we have asked just looked down at us since we were a bit younger and they only wanted to critique the conditions.
  10. We are doing this route in 3 weeks and are also diamond. How was the traffic in the Diamond lounge. Only have been diamond for a couple of years and have only experienced the lounge on liberty and have never had an issue with overflow. I hear allure will have more not just because of the size but also due to more frequent cruisers in Florida. If there was an overflow where was it located. We know we can go to any bar for our 3 drinks, but we like to talk to the other diamond cruisers when we get a chance.
  11. Just checked mine and 2 options are now gone. ATS and CLS. But it added an ultra space with large balcony and large ocean view with balcony. Makes me think that the people in those 2 cat already got their bid accepted for the 2 cat that are now gone and they are trying to fill those cabins now. By the way my sailing is not until March 10.
  12. I booked thru a travel agt and just got an email this morning from Royal to bid
  13. Did you happen to notice at any of the bars during your trip if they offered the 10 drink Card, usually around day 4 or 5. I did not see it listed anywhere in the compass. Sometimes its there and sometimes it just advertised at the bars.
  14. If you happen to be close to the casino sometime, can you check to see what the Minimum bet is for Craps. On in 5 weeks and trying to determine my bank roll.
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