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  1. When we got our first shots in January, I was gently advised to drink lots of water. I asked if wine counted and was told to drink a glass of water between each glass of wine. :) When we got our second shots in February, we were strongly advised to take Tylenol and drink lots of water. Barbara
  2. Greece is so much more than her great history. We love her people and her food. Barbara
  3. In 2018 we were docked in Yokohama, Japan. We decided to do the day on our own this time. Walking into the port area, we turned left and into Yamashita Park on the waterfront. Glorious tulips and other flowers were in bloom. One lady was painting a picture of our ms Volendam. Sudden heavy rain sent us into Happy Lawson's shop. Jack enjoyed coffee and the internet. I bought a children's book there. Our grandchildren notice the interesting truck pictures, not the foreign language. The sidewalk to Jonathan's Restaurant for lunch was decorated with interesting tiles to enjoy. Lunch was a
  4. Nice chart, Hank. So why is Washington State seeing a rise in COVID in spite of high vaccination rates? Barbara
  5. Just like we cannot do or eat everything offered on a cruise ship, we do not have to read every single thread that is posted here. Barbara
  6. Code Red on cruises was not the end of the world. Rather, it was teamwork to get rid of the sickness. Eventually successful. Holland America's experience in this area gives me hope that they will be able to cruise again. Barbara
  7. Thank you for posting your source. "no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths."
  8. Salalah, Oman in 2013 was not a prize port. Rkacruiser is absolutely right. We docked far from town, and expensive taxis ruled. I did enjoy the "Leisurely Salalah" tour. We visited Meghsail beach & caves, Frankincense trees, the tomb of Job, a lush orchard for coconut drinks, and the Frankincense market. Barbara
  9. My long tour on our second day in Muscat, Oman was "Enchanting Forts of Nizwa". We drove two hours through the desert and arrived at Nizwa's Friday cattle market. Eye opening. Step carefully. Our tour guide led us through the fish market, meat market, and the fruit & vegetable market. The famous and impressive 17th century Fort of Nizwa was the cultural and political capital of Oman. At the back of the fort are the remains of the Falaj, the ancient irrigation system developed by the subjects of the Queen of Sheba around 500 B.C. Jabreen Castle was beautiful.
  10. Good morning. Our "Passage to the Far East" on ms Rotterdam docked in Muscat, Oman. My "Culture of Oman" tour was guided by a young man from India. Half the population are foreigners. They have the skills and are more willing to work. (But only locals drive the trucks and buses.) The Sultan is encouraging education of the young Omanis. We started at the Souk, where I enjoyed shopping. Then we drove to the Sultan's Palace, where we walked up to the front gates and admired the elegant complex. The Bait Adam Museum was full of historic swords, jewelry, etc. Mr. Adam had his
  11. Thank you, rkacruiser. I enjoyed reading about your remarkable travels through India to the Taj Majal. You paint good pictures with your words, and you have a good heart for the people. I am looking forward to hearing more. Barbara
  12. I am looking forward to hearing about your visit to the Taj Majal. We never made it there. Barbara
  13. In 2013 we were on ms Rotterdam's "Passage to the Far East" from Singapore to Rotterdam and docked at Mumbai, India. After walking to the green gate, we hired a taxi to the Gateway of India. Then we met our friend Jennifer at the Taj Palace hotel. She had grown up in our church, so we were thrilled to spend today together. I wanted to visit the historic Crawford's market, where we bought spices and fruit. She also took us to three nice stores, then drove north past Chowpatty Beach (Queen's Necklace). Lunch in a cafe was tasty vegetarian treats. We enjoyed visiting Jen's family at her ho
  14. The heart and soul of the EXC In-Depth program was far more than speakers. The itinerary dictated the spirit of the adventure with specialists to teach their treasured knowledge, hopes, and dreams. Entertainment was actually downplayed to compliment the theme of the voyage. Barbara
  15. I am afraid that Holland America's superb EXC In-Depth program is history. We can always hope? Barbara
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