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  1. Wise to enjoy the little boat trip to New Zealand. Best Regards, Barbara
  2. More tragic news: https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/08/asia/new-zealand-white-island-eruption-intl-hnk/index.html
  3. The pink flower is fascinating. Enjoy your lemonade. Barbara
  4. Tim, thanks for what you have seen and done. Sorry that you have caught a cold. Hope you are up to speed soon. Barbara
  5. Computer Travel Guy: "BTW - we had two folks in cruise critic group that we heard contracted malaria. I will try and find out the details but will remind future cruisers to Brazil to take simple measures to avoid malaria like not being outdoors around dusk & dawn, wearing long pants & shirts and using insecticide spray or wipes with Deet. We were amazed by cruisers who didn’t bring insecticide with Deet on the cruise (A basic step). As for malaria pills, talk with your doctor. We opted not to take the malaria pills but definitely took the Yellow Fever shots and Typhoid pill series. But again, discuss this topic with your doctor." Tim, this was just posted on the "Volendam Stuck in the Mud" thread. Have you heard anything about this? Barbara
  6. Thank you, Seasick Sailor. Delicate items should be mentioned with delicate words. Batbara
  7. That was quick ! Thank you for this interesting itinerary. Maybe the Zodiacs will be used? Barbara
  8. Thank you for sharing this EXC voyage with us. It is sweet and thoughtful of you to give your DMIL a separate room. We were on deck 5 last winter December to February. You are in for a treat. Our TV was a little old one, so you have been upgraded. And Diana made spectacular omelettes. Do you have a separate Cruise Director, Location Guide (Kay?), and Shore Excursion people?? Is your Captain still Ryan Whittaker??? How many guest presenters are giving lectures???? Guest Chef????? What is your itinerary, roughly? Enjoy a spectacular voyage! Barbara
  9. What is the nearby rocket launch? Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Barbara
  10. Please tell Angela that I like her Tasmania hairdo. It is very flattering. Thank you for bringing us along on another adventure. Barbara
  11. There is no excuse for Kirk's ruined Maasdam cruise. I think that Holland America's relentless cutbacks caught up with them on what was supposed to be a showcase "In-Depth" voyage for a respected and knowledgeable couple. Florin Dragomir was our good Hotel Director last winter on ms Maasdam. Something undermined his ability to do his job. We all know that the dining room stewards are understaffed. Maybe that is also a kitchen problem? "Cruise happens" and we have all lived with minor problems, but HAL really needs to change direction now. I would hope that future passengers could expect far better. Destination Guide Kay sounds like the staff heroine. And a good Cruise Director has recently joined the ship. Barbara
  12. I am so sorry that your cruise was a disaster. You are such a solid and respected poster here, that we have to listen. We were in room 650 last winter and enjoyed a glorious voyage for 56 days. I have followed three different blogs during the time you were on board, and nobody else had such complaints. The closest disappointment was not having lectures on history and Aboriginal people the first days in Australia. Thank you for unloading and for giving chapter and verse to HAL. Surely they can do better. Especially on the special EXC In-Depth voyages ! Barbara
  13. I have thoroughly enjoyed your In-Depth Voyage, Ken. Thank you for bringing us all along. Safe travels home ! Barbara
  14. Thank you for the article on San Miguel de Allende. I spent the summer of 1963 doing graduate work at Instituto Allende, the art school there. Many fond memories. Then I married a sailor and followed him around the world. Safety in Mexico is indeed a serious situation, especially now. Barbara
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