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  1. bcummin

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    For now, this is good enough for me. This tragedy has traumatized other lives, and we send our thoughts and prayers to all affected. More facts will surface. Barbara
  2. I do not think that HAL ever intends to dock ms Westerdam close to the Bund. Last winter they were already telling us on the Volendam that the Westerdam would be docking far from downtown. I really enjoyed reading sailingdutchie’s account of ms Volendam being ”Shanghaid in Shanghai” last fall with Capt. Turner. A very similar situation happened to us with Capt. Van Der Hoeven. We enjoyed March 27, 28, and 29 in Shanghai, docked near the Bund. March 30 we were still in Shanghai, because a storm out at sea had prevented our leaving. However, we were allowed to go ashore until 1:30 pm with shuttle service. The 2 pm departure never happened, but the 3 am tidal window of opportunity provided water deep enough to turn the Volendam around and depart Shanghai. On April 30 we were finally out at sea. Just because Capt. Turner said it could be possible to turn the Westerdam around if docked near the Bund does not make it practical. There are too many unpredictable problems in that port. And there is only one Capt. Chris Turner. Barbara
  3. bcummin

    What You Like & Don't Like About Maasdam

    Do you speak from personal experience onboard ms Maasdam, as was requested? Barbara
  4. bcummin

    Maasdam --- Too tired or not?

    The attacks did not come from the OP, who asked an innocent question. The rest of your thoughts are valuable, so please keep posting. Barbara
  5. bcummin

    Maasdam --- Too tired or not?

    Your math is wrong. If 95% of the problems are caused by passengers, that does not say how many passengers made stupid choices. It could be that only 2 or 3 % of the passengers caused the problems. Barbara
  6. bcummin

    Maasdam --- Too tired or not?

    Different people appreciate different things. Almost everyone here has agreed that ms Maasdam and other smaller, older HAL ships are well worth enjoying. Only one person insists on arguing and insulting people. Barbara
  7. Sorry about your disappointment, but this distant dock for the Westerdam was already being mentioned onboard ms Volendam last winter. HAL should have done a better job of letting you know what to expect. We have docked at both the distant dock and in downtown Shanghai. You can still stroll the Bund. It will just take a bus ride to get there and back to the ship. No fun, but well worth the effort. Even when docked "downtown", a shuttle bus takes you to the Bund area (unless you like long hikes). You will still love your visit to Shanghai. Barbara
  8. bcummin

    Maasdam --- Too tired or not?

    We stepped off the ship in Singapore as she was handed over to her new owners. That is what a final voyage means. Barbara
  9. bcummin

    Maasdam --- Too tired or not?

    Why must you insist on arguing? We sailed on ms Statendam's final voyage, and she was still a lovely lady. Barbara
  10. Good to hear from you again, OlsSalt. Glad you are home safe and sound. Try to concentrate on the good memories. Hope to hear even more about your cruise. Barbara
  11. We are thankful that you had such a good and safe visit to Easter Island. Sorry that the internet is a problem. Yes, Tim has a good blog for this voyage. Each post has about one photo. http://timmer2018polynesia.blogspot.com/ Thanks for taking us along on this awesome adventure. Barbara
  12. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. This is such a special day. Tomorrow too. Now the Sulawasi, Indonesia people are having to live with a volcanic eruption. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/volcano-erupts-indonesia-s-quake-tsunami-hit-sulawesi-n916131 Barbara
  13. Thank you for these details. Our Perth to Singapore Maasdam EXC In Depth cruise in January will visit Ujung Padang, Makassar also on the island of Sulawasi. I have read that this port in the far south is far enough away from the earthquake/tsunami area to be a safe haven and a source of relief - which is not going that well yet. Yes, these good people and the crew members all need to be in our thoughts and prayers. Barbara
  14. Great plan. Your Captain sounds like a winner. Hopefully you will soon be delighting in two days on Easter Island. It is always a gamble. God is in charge. Thanks again to everyone who shares insights on this historic voyage. Barbara
  15. Your cabin TV is your friend. Turn it on to the ship's bow camera, when you want to see what is happening outside. If the nightlight does not work in the bathroom, you can leave the bathroom light on all night with the door closed for a hint of light to find your way. You will always have enough darkness to sleep well. Enjoy your cruise! Barbara