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  1. Nobody's views are meaningless! I savor each and every one, delighting in your experiences. Barbara
  2. Are you thinking of Bill Prince in Seattle? Willem "Bill" Prins, who died a couple of years ago, was responsible for the HAL Jakarta school. A truly great man. Barbara
  3. I do not think that a passport used to be required for Alaska sailings. Barbara
  4. Talk to Shore Excursions about any meals on your tours. That can be helpful. Barbara
  5. Once before we reached Hakodate, Japan, I asked shore excursions how "strenuous" the tour really was that we wanted. They did some investigating, and the choice tour ended up with options for those who were not up to strenuous hiking. It turned out so good. Barbara
  6. Essiesmom, we dropped our private insurance, now having Medicare and Tricare for Life. We still usually have no copays. Barbara
  7. Might Tricare for Life work as your dad's Medicare supplement? Good luck ! ! Barbara
  8. Happy Anniversary to Maria & John !! Thank you for bringing us along on this memorable cruise. We always enjoy your wise posts, but remember to enjoy yourselves and celebrate the cruise. Barbara
  9. Brentt, sorry that your daughter got an unexpected dunk. Mortifying. Our sons as Boy Scouts delighted in purposely flipping kayaks to practice getting back into the kayak. Yes, this was theirs and others. :) Barbara
  10. Thank you, Liam and Brentt, for answering my question about the photographers. Enjoy this special cruise and stay well. Barbara
  11. Thank you for sharing this sentimental cruise with all of us, Brentt.. I would like to know if there are HAL photographers aboard. What have you noticed? And have you seen a photo package deal?? Thank you. Barbara
  12. We enjoy hearing about your historic cruise to Alaska. I look forward to hearing more. Barbara
  13. And those who are not Muslim are Hindu. Barbara
  14. Yes, make sure that the dining room staff knows what you are hoping for in advance. It could be a day or two after you board. I have enjoyed a delicious carrot cake, and DH's sugar free cakes have been scrumptious. One tablemate had a rum cake floating in rum. It can make the whole table happy. Our servers were happy to take the leftovers to enjoy later. Barbara
  15. I assumed that "using the correct formula" meant a serious situation. Barbara
  16. I love this story. Our faith believes that salvation and baptism are between the believer and God. Period. It would be good if the Captain could issue a certificate of baptism, if the child believed that a significant event had happened. Barbara
  17. Unfortunately, some segments of Cruise Critic fail to appreciate the technology challenges with which some of us struggle. Some of us are sincerely trying to help each other. Barbara
  18. You can always ask. Ask Seattle. We were told to present passport information, etc to the front desk onboard. (Filled in form to be approved by the ship) Our son's family got to come onboard in our home town. And our daughter & son-in-law got to come onboard in Seattle. Things are different now. But you can always ask. Barbara
  19. We can always dream :) Barbara
  20. We used to be able to count on ministers to lead the interdenominational services. That has changed. Now it is wise to check with the front desk to learn what is planned. On one cruise the CD forgot about us on the first segment, but an opportunity was presented after we asked. Different people have different expectations, but whenever "two or more gather" we can inspire each other. A lot depends on what we put into the gathering. Onboard we also have opportunities to rub shoulders with different religious leaders. Barbara
  21. Enjoy your freedom, but please be careful. COVID-19 is not finished. Please get vaccinated. There is still more to be learned, if you choose to listen. Barbara
  22. As hopeful as we want to be, COVID is not quite finished. Two weeks ago, one of our granddaughters suffered COVID. She had not got around to being vaccinated, but it sounds like she enjoyed a party. She paid the price big time. Thankfully she survived and is now repentant, ready to be vaccinated in the future. Caution is still the smart choice. Barbara
  23. This year Canada needs to concentrate on vaccinations and dealing with COVID. We wish them the very best. Barbara
  24. Our HAL transfer from Venice to the airport was in a vehicle with only us as the passengers. No waiting. Nice transfer. I learned how thorough the airport security screening was and lost the short blunt scissors from my sewing kit that was in my carry on. Live and learn. Barbara
  25. Contact tracing continues in our Pacific Northwest Washington state county. Our newspaper prints daily articles reporting the activities of the Health Department. No names, unless there is no cooperation. Last year one bar was named on the front page of the newspaper. I feel pleased that our local Health Department has worked so hard for us, especially providing the mass vaccination clinics with so many community volunteers. Barbara
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