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  1. The May 3rd Encore cruise to Bermuda we booked in early February went down in price originally but is now up a $500 for a studio and $1,000 for an inside. I would not book now..
  2. Unless things have changed, the unused portion of your refundable credit will be refunded back to the credit card it was originally paid for with.
  3. It depends on what was being offered last week when you upgraded. When I looked into it for myself, the perks were the same and I hesitated. Today the perks offered are much more and they were included in my upgrade from studio to inside.
  4. That’s cool. Do you know if they changed the set on the Escape? It was only one level when I saw it last year.
  5. Pure speculation on my part, but Choir of Man started in 2018 on the Escape, I think your chances of it still being onboard in 2021 would be better on the Encore.
  6. Thank you all for your responses. I spoke to some very pleasant people today. They both see his cruises. Latitudes passed me to someone who could fix them not showing up on the website, that department then informed me that they will not show until after he cruises again. It’s not a huge deal, but the excursion discount would have been nice. I’m not going to stay upset about unfair policies I can not change.
  7. You can certainly deny any person charging capabilities on their sea pass. I suggest asking his parents to add him as an authorized user to their credit card and have him use that credit card.
  8. When I spoke to NCL a few years ago, they had the cruises he took attached to his Latitudes number. We made him an NCL account online last night and none of his cruise history was listed. He should have 55 points for the cruises. I would very much appreciate a contact to help resolve this. The consultant last night told me twice that he will not get credit for any of those cruises. Past experience leads me to believe calling again will be a crap shoot at best.
  9. None of the on board credit from Priceline will be there. Travel agencies don't usually purchase the credit until the last minute. I would call Price Line and see what their intentions are regarding the new limitations.
  10. THANK YOU! I never looked at “when” because I know he’s had a number for years. I feel he should board the cruise as silver/gold and receive the perks, but at least he will get them..... eventually. If I learned nothing else from these boards, I’ve learned not to completely trust the answer of an NCL rep. lol 😂 😀
  11. My son has a latitudes number and has cruised with us 5 times in the last 9 or 10 years. He will now be booking his first cruise since turning 18. I was told (in the past) that he will get credit for the cruises he took and be given the appropriate Latitudes level upon reaching 18. Today I was told he will not get any of the cruises credited and he only has a number but no level. Is that representative correct? When did they change this?
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