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  1. Yes we took a taxi from the ship. It was $4 per person and dropped us off right at the front door!
  2. I don't but you will LOVE the room! We were is 1838 (I think that was the number) on Deck 12. When you walk in there is the bathroom then couch that turns into a bed, then the regular bed and then two chairs with a little table (sitting area). The windows are amazing! We would book this room again in a second! There were 4 of us in there and had plenty of space and storage for clothes!
  3. For a family of 4 the comfort suites was $340 total. (prices vary according to dates) I think day passes to Atlantis would have been $135 a person. We checked into the comfort suites about 10am and even got into our room there at that time. We only booked the comfort suites about 3 days before sailing. We were in Nassau until midnight that day and I think the ship excursion was only 5 hours or something like that. You can also purchase day passes at the Atlantis. 🙂
  4. Which restaurant would you pick on Allure, Chops or Giovanni's and why? Thank you!
  5. There were two elevators in the front that were not working. They were constantly working on them throughout the cruise but they didn't work the whole time. Coco Kay was just fine during construction. All of the beaches were open and it seemed like the areas they were working on were on a different part of the island. It did not affect us at all. No life jackets at the muster station. In Nassau we booked a room at Comfort Suites Paradise Island so we could have full access to Atlantis for much cheaper. Atlantis is amazing! We spend the whole day there.
  6. They were not. We had a cabin that was just added during the refurbishment so it was brand new. It was on deck 12 and a spacious panoramic ocean view. It was amazing! We would book it again.
  7. Yes they are! They have a new "dress your best" policy
  8. We did not upload photos. They just took them at the port. It only took an additional 5 seconds or so 🙂
  9. Are you on a 4 night? The ice show was on the first night at 730 and 920 and the day at sea at 3pm. The shows each night were at 830 and 10 or 1030. Those were the royal production shows and/or headliners. They also had late night comedy a couple of nights.
  10. The casino was fun but we did not have ANY luck! The food and service were excellent. We did not do specialty restaurants, only the main dining room. The pizza was the best we have had lately on Royal.
  11. Do you have any questions about Mariner of the Seas? We just got off the ship yesterday! Ask away!
  12. Can you be in the water park area with the beach/aquarium pass? I am thinking of getting this instead of the full aqua adventure pass for my in-laws. They wouldn’t do anything in this area but would just want to watch their grandkids. Is it just a wristband you have that they check when you do the slides? Thanks in advance for any info you have! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Does anyone have recent menus from the 4 night Mariner of the Seas?!?! Thank you!
  14. They have lots of grab and go items. Hot breakfast sandwiches, fruit cups, bagels with lots of toppings, little cereal boxes, and pastries. This was our breakfast spot every morning as it was much quicker than the windjammer. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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