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  1. Just the back part of the seat folds down and the steering part ( you can loosen the side to bring it down to fit into a car and such) Other than that, it's just one big piece.
  2. Suggest you contact Viking directly!!! Happy New Year!
  3. When you cite the benefit of the Oceania Plan is to cut red tape-of course I agree!! It makes life a lot simpler. But unfortunately not all lines have this plan. In that case you may have to bill your regular and secondary insurers to get denials which must then be forwarded to your travel insurance. They will then pay the ships Doc along with any other claims as specified by the insurer. But the bottom line is they WILL pay (unless the claim is totally arbitrary and capricious) for any emergency/critical treatment. This was my only point as I specified earlier. If people go to the ships Doc for elective procedures-lots of luck! Having been in the medical field I doubt that 95% of the cases fall into that category!!!
  4. Any services performed by the ship would be the primary treatment. If evacuation to a hospital is required, that would also be reimbursable, but in no event would the on board treatment (not drugs) be denied. I suggest you review your plan and perhaps choose one which does not exclude ship treatment! By the way, which plan do you use that excludes treatment by the ships Doc?
  5. Could you please cite problem with my statement. I've always claimed and received payment when Doc is not covered!
  6. If you have trip insurance it will reimburse you for the ship"s Doc-even if not free!!!
  7. Thanks Trinicruisegyal: Your pictures answered my questions perfectly! Thanks again!!!
  8. Does anyone have any info/photos on cabins #6020 and #6021 on Viking Ocean? How do they differ from "regular" PH Jr suites? Would greatly appreciate any responses!
  9. LADUREE MACARONS For those lusting for the above, if you go to the website goldbelly.com, I believe you can order a large variety of the above shipped to the USA and perhaps elsewhere. Give it a try...
  10. Macarons/Macaroons: Amazon has a large selection of both! Take your choice!!!
  11. A TA, assuming you have a good one, can often give you cash or OBC from their commission!!! If a long voyage, this could be major!
  12. You might choose to pose the same question on the Viking Ocean website. Answers may be very different!!!
  13. All this from a person who removes the auto-tipping and tips discretely when deserved!!!
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