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  1. A cruise is a just that a cruise. We generally book a mini suite, but have booked an ocean view when we booked at last minute and no mini suite available. Did find we spend more time in our cabin and on balcony with mini suite vs ocean view. Enjoyed both cruise experience but prefer mini suite if available.
  2. We are folks who pack a lot, now days we just pay extra, years ago we use to go with at least 2 , 70 lbs suite cases, plus two carryon garment bags, plus personal items. We don't do this to impress anyone else, we do it please ourselves. Just like you pack light to please yourself I am sure. We dress up every night, even if we go to the buffet, LOL. Actually have had unsolicited complements from others in the buffet. So others do notice, even though it does not matter.
  3. If Princess was smart, they would have passengers check as usual, then run a class on board to get everyone up to speed. This is crazy to put passengers through this transition with out any real help. Another option might be to do a you tube video, step by step. I don't have a cruise till January 2022, hope it gets better by then.
  4. This does not always happen, I took the card to primary and had it entered in doctor's records.
  5. my dh and I have the same thing. Considering the rush to get folks vaccinated around the country, I would think this very common.
  6. Don't think so. I am planning to do the same with my family, we will settle up the finances between us.
  7. 30 cruises with Princess, luckily I don't cruise for perks alone, since lost free internet and on board credit for 30+ cruises. We will continue to cruise Princess out of our home port of San Francisco. I try to avoid flying to get on a ship these days. Much prefer to take a taxi to the ship.
  8. 1997 we did a Baltic cruise, when we got to Gdansk Poland, negotiated with a taxi driver in the port to take us to old town, we had a very nice time, we did not speak much Polish and driver not much English but we managed to communicate. He was very proud to show us some sites along the way, stopped at a couple of Catholic Churches along the way, since Pope John had just visited his home country. We visited the old town of Gdansk for a couple of hours on our own and then had the driver pick us up and we stopped for lunch with the driver before returning to the ship. We returned to the shi
  9. We have been on cruises in middle East, Halloween was celebrated. Had some fun costumes on a cruise out of Egypt... think mummies wrapped in toilet paper.
  10. I don't think these comments are helpful. We all need to help those who are confused.
  11. It would be nice if those of us who know have patience with those do don't. This topic will need to addressed many more times as more folks coming back to cruising.
  12. We booked RCCL, Song of America, was brand new about l982, in the Caribbean. At the time never realized we would cruise so much. My DH picked the ship and cabin from a brochure with a TA. Lost count on how many cruises we did sometime ago, have been on 9 different lines, well over 60 cruises. Lots of fun and memories.
  13. You will love the Ruby, if you like the Grand. It has been a few years since I have been on the Ruby. Did a 7 day on the Ruby in Caribbean when it was new, liked it so much booked a TA. Had a fantastic TA on the Ruby. Did a TA on the Royal a few years later, not as pleased with it. Missed the main deck and balconies are too narrow. I would prefer the Ruby over Royal based on past experience. I am looking to book another TA or British Isles cruise in 2023, want to avoid the newer ships, too big for us.
  14. This message also reminds me I have goggled a specific port web site ... often port sites contain info on public transportation available.
  15. We have done self tours in ports all over the Mediterranean... have used the above sites and found them useful. I also google you tube for new ports I have not been to previously. Home videos really can give you a lot of info too.
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