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  1. I have know a few friends who have traveled to Mexico and stayed in time shares and condos... no problem for them at all.
  2. I don't know how she did but somehow she did, was long time ago, 25 years ago. We may have told her because we were felt she was ripping us off. The first agent fare was twice as high, we had only used her once before and not totally satisfied, so decided to cancel and start over with another agency.
  3. We did that once years ago. We simply cancel with the agent. Booked with another agent. First agent was not happy and tried to claim a benefit with the cruise line. The second agent took care of it for us. Was a long time ago.
  4. Years ago, we met a couple teaching bridge on board. We shared a table with the couple, enjoyed the company, learned they lived near us so continued a relationship after leaving ship. We did not play bridge or have any interest in learning at the time. We talked about going on another cruise that the couple was going on and booked ourselves. Was very annoyed with we got a call from the wife blasting us for not booking thru them because they got a free cruise if they got x number of couples to book. Needless to say that was the end of that relationship and we cancelled the cruise.
  5. If I want to travel, I either accept or stay home... I prefer to travel as soon as I can. Staying home gets after a while. LOL
  6. cruises lines and airlines are following govt regulations, so what is the difference?
  7. I find the debate here on cruise critic so amazing. I trust the cruise lines, airlines, countries will figure out what we need to do for travel purposes. Since I wish to travel more, I will gladly get vaccine. If vaccine required and you don't' want it stay home.
  8. Interesting you mention Israel. I am looking to fly there, presently Israel is not open to anyone with a foreign passport unless they have direct family connections. So watching what Israel does once they have vaccinated their entire population is a good.
  9. I first visited the Vatican in late l980s, possibly early May... we walked in seemed like we had the place to ourselves very enjoyable. Have visited several times since never as enjoyable, most recent was on May Day, a long weekend... wall to wall people not only at the Vatican but it seemed all over the city of Rome. Needless to say our first trip was the most enjoyable.
  10. To be honest I have 30 Princess cruises, whether tip in specialty restaurants is covered by gratuities or not has never been clear to me. Have heard that is and isn't. I do have the "best Sale Ever" deal on my next cruise which includes gratuities, as you state. Regardless, we have always tipped our Room Steward and Waiters more than the auto tip. Did find when we were at the Crown Grill on our last cruise, when I added a tip to our tab for dinner, I had a waiter ask that we simply tip in cash. Since we leave the auto tip on then the waiter can keep the cash vs put in the tip
  11. We always book a mini suite but just below Club Class, use money saved to go to steak house, called the Crown Grill. We prefer the Crown Grill menu to the MDR. We go to the Crown Grill sometimes every night, so can generally get the same table and can arrive within a 1/2 of the assigned time. Works for us better than Club Class. Crown Grill is $29 pp plus tip.
  12. I have some things I only use when traveling, when I unpack and do laundry, I set aside things I will use next trip.
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