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  1. I looked twice this am, so far only see the cruise listed but no pricing available, says pick another date or come back later. Will check it out tomorrow. I definitely want to cancel 2/21 cruise and replace with 1/22... since virus is not going away any time soon.
  2. We have done a dozen or more Mediterranean cruises since l989. We have cruised on Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, Cunard, Royal (no longer in business) and NCL in the Mediterranean. NCL was the least expensive by comparison to others. At the time we went on NCL, about 5 years ago, we knew the level of service was not the same as the other lines, but the price was a very good, so we decided to give it a try. We felt we got a good value for the price. Cabin was same, it was the food in the MDR and Buffet that were less than par. We tried the MDR for lunch and dinner on the first day, skipped it the rest of the cruise. We don't cruise for food any way, so stuck with buffet and made ourselves a good salad and sandwich from the salad bar late afternoon each day. This was more than adequate for us. One other issue with NCL, ship has a lot of for fee dining areas on board, consequently it is the only line that tries to bar passengers from bring any food items from ports back to the ship. Since we have traveled a lot in the Mediterranean, one of the things we like to do is shop and in open air markets for local items we can enjoy on our balcony. Recognizing NCL will take visible food items away from returning passengers, I took plastic bags, so that I could use if we bought something in port and not have the item taken away from us. That worked. We did buy nuts, coffee cake and some street foods we enjoy. We have always bought items in port on other lines, no problem at all. Lastly, NCL is a more casual line, no formal nights like other lines. We always dress up in the evening, we still did on NCL. It is a free for all, dress as you like up or down, does not matter at all. Most lines have become more relaxed and NCL started this trend. Given your personal plans in Italy before and after the cruise, which sound wonderful, you may find cruising on NCL saves you some money that you can use for other activities. Beside the difference between NCL and the other lines, I would say that Mediterranean cruises are so port intensive it does not matter what ship you go on. You will most likely spend more time in port than on the ship. Given all I have said, would I book NCL again in the Mediterranean? Yes, for the right price. Hope these comments help you decide for yourself. Besides NCL, Cunard is the most formal of the lines ref dress and formal nights. Other lines are all about the same. Some say Celebrity has better food. We are elite on Celebrity and Princess... don't really see much difference.
  3. Both airline and cruise ship travel are optional. So non of this matters. I will reconsider in 2022, not before.
  4. Simple yes, hopefully cruising will return to the pleasant experience we all remember. I am delaying cruising again til 2022 to see if that happens. When I think about how air travel has changed to an unpleasant experience before the virus due to terrorist issues, I hope cruising remains a pleasant experience. I avoid air travel as much as possible... would hate to find I feel the same about cruising in the future.
  5. I have done many cruises in the Mediterranean over past 30 years. There are a few things that are different on Mediterranean cruise for Americans. One is the time difference, ones body clock is off and two the ports of call are a major drawn, many American elect to spend all day in ports of call. In both cases they may have less need or desire to spend time in the gym. I did find on sea days often the gym was very full by comparison with Americans. I glad you are in such good shape. But I would not think that gives you the right to question the health and well being of others. I am an American, my DH is from Paris, a naturalized citizen, I don't see much difference between Americans and Europeans from a fitness standpoint. But may that is because I live in California where fitness is a high priority.
  6. Many threads here where cruise passengers are wanting masks to be required. The way this virus is hanging around, I just don't feel like counting on the cruise experience to be as good as it has been by next Feb, so I am electing to push my next cruise off til 2022.
  7. Been cruising for 38 years, from 1-3 cruises... now will wait til 2022, want to cruise mask free.
  8. Really...I have been cruising for 38 years... I see far more active than inactive folks on cruise ships. Many walk the main deck daily, walk in ports of call... the many ways to get exercise on a ship.... dancing, swimming beside the gym. I see far more people eating reasonably whether American or not.
  9. So far the us State Dept "country" specific advisories seem to mirror country requirements from my viewing. I was not referring to a general travel advisory. From my viewing the country specific identifies country requirements well.
  10. Yes, this is something to pay attention to. I have been monitoring, US State Dept Travel Advisories for months now. I have been checking on recommendations for Israel, not Europe. I had a flight booked for past May, re booked for Sept in April... now doubt I will go this year... looking at flights for next March 2021. Israel has a 14 day quarantine in place presently for all foreigners ... which is understandable. USA has a similar quarantine. I have no plans to travel til US State Department advises international travel is advisable.
  11. Thanks I have a cruised booked for feb 2021; I think I will call and cancel and rebook for Jan 2022. Have been cruising since l982, have not interest in cruising with a "mask" ... hopefully by 2022... this will be a distant bad dream.
  12. google "port of...."I have done this for years... usually find site for the port, with all kinds of info. Another search I have made is google "cruise port of ..." YOu can also google youtube and port name.... you will find amazing videos... you can also do searches for youtube videos of major attractions. I like to shop in ports as well, of I know what I want to shop for I also google the best...what ever i want to buy, name of city or port. Hope this helps.
  13. I live in San Mateo... like I say nothing new here, I heard on my local news. A lot noise about nothing, Newsom wants to run for President some day.
  14. I will be doing what I have been doing all long. when out side walking will put mask on if I see someone coming my direction, I put mask on when I go into a building. When driving I do not wear a mask, fogs my glasses. We are opening up for folks to eat outside, hair dressers may be open next week, so think that is what this is all about. Nothing really different here. Newsom put out stuff like this almost daily.
  15. This is important to you, not me. I don't care whether it is self serve or served... believe HAL, which I have cruised on serves buffet items, Celebrity has done so in the past on some items too. I want another option beside MDR or Crown Grill. I trust the cruise lines to figure this out with public health officials. That is why I will wait til 2022 to cruise most likely. By then it is either figured out to my satisfaction or I stay home. That the choice we will all be making one way or another.
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