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  1. I will not download.. will check out when I am on board.
  2. I skip the issue entirely don't go to the MDR any more... then I dress up every night no matter where I am... LOL
  3. Self space about the same as other cabins, you have a full counter and a lower shelf the full length of the bathroom... sorry no pictures.
  4. We have done a couple of NYE's on the Grand, enjoyed them all... love we can participate as much as we like, simply walk back to our cabin ... at end of evening. Love that holiday decor on the ship during the cruise very festive. Great way to start the new year... nothing like waking up on NY Day as sea for opportunity to reflect on past year and what lies ahead.
  5. I agree with you, I will not book Royal class ships for this reason and others... poor decision on the part of Princess. Don't like Celebrity either for the lack of a main deck, which is also lacking on the Royal class ships. Hal's new ship does not have bath tubs and has a similar design over all, monkey see, monkey do.. since Carnival owns all the lines, they are all becoming too much a like and less distinctive which is too bad. Just my opinion.
  6. You are entitled to your opinion. I will stop booking when they don't have tubs. Have already done so on HAl's new ships.
  7. well I would guess the only ones who may be t risk using a tub would be seniors, I am a senior at 72 and dh is 87 - we only have tubs with showers at home so we are quiet agile at using them and prefer a tub... we get a tub in a mini suite ... so we have lots of space and am very happy with Princess mini suites as they are, we book them for the tub, plus extra space... we have cruised Princess, HAL, Cunard, Royal Cruise line, NCL and Celebrity.. our cruise line of choice is Princess mini suites for the layout tub. I do not like the new celebrity or HAl ships with their up graded showers, did not like the new Royal class in Princess either for a variety of reasons. Having a tub is first class in my book. I never use a shower at home. You may see a tub as unnecessary but most women don't. Keep tub with shower than everyone has what we want.
  8. a tube gives the a larger shower... just like first class hotels... all over the world.
  9. they figure if not this cruise next....lol
  10. just a sales pitch in the dining room
  11. I have stopped sailing new HAL ships because no bath tub any more... I only book Princess mini... love a bath tub. So I don't want Princess to follow HAL.
  12. We were there many years ago, can't recall which cruise line, maybe Princess or old Royal Cruise ilne... whichever line did provide a shuttle to center of town, which we took and enjoyed exploring on our own.
  13. Thanks for the info... since we spend more time in our cabin... number guests less important to... actually did two cruises on the Ruby a T/A and 7 day in Caribbean .. enjoy both a lot, so did not notice. We have also done several 10 Mexico cruises on the Star. In the past, when we ordered room service for breakfast.. often wrote in eggs and got them. Last time on the Grand didn't. So that varies by ship I suspect.
  14. I have visited Paris many time, have family there... if I was you I would do the boat trip...
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