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  1. pris993

    Booking future cruises while on board

    I have found booking on board during launch fare time, early in the year, often we do get an sizable on board credit, i.e., $500 even on a 10 day cruise, we always book a mini suite. . I usually book directly with Princess anyway, so this works for me. I still monitor the cruise fare up til making finally payment and if a better deal emerges I re fare the cruise and get the better deal. This approach works for us since we want to deal directly with Princess over an TA.
  2. pris993

    Non-Dairy Baked Goods

    I would ask Princess, probably no a common request... or simply ask if they can make what you want. My husband does not eat dairy and meat items, he prefers fish without sauces... he asks for what he wants and they respond very well.
  3. pris993

    San Francisco cruise

    Grand Princess goes out of San Francisco year round now.
  4. If you look up the port of Le Havre often the ports web sites offer a variety of information on what available. I agree Le Havre is not the most interesting of cities but if you want to simply have the experience if living like the locals, which is what we like to do, you might enjoy it. Definitely recommend you get some euro's before leaving for La Havre, unlike Paris we found it was not easy to exchange money in La Havre, when we were only there for a day.
  5. pris993

    Do you take your passport off the ship?

    Reading through this thread, I recognize it really depends on the type of travel you do and where. We have done cruises all over the Mediterranean and the Middle East and Northern Europe... the only time we needed a visa was in Turkey because we flew in to get a ship. We usually hire a car service or use taxis or public transportation to get around, we do not travel far and wide in countries on our i.e., using a rental car. I also take info on how to contact an American Embassy and US Passport Agency info for passport replacement if necessary. I have private travel insurance that provides assistance if necessary. So while I have not felt the need to carry a passport with me daily, there be reasons, based what you are doing, typically on ship I would say it is not necessary.
  6. pris993

    Do you take your passport off the ship?

    po Hard to say, only asked for id entrying port area, we had a copy and our real california driver's license... using take both when going ashore.
  7. pris993

    Tips in Dollars or Euro?

    People who work in travel related jobs are well versed in handling money from different countries.... no need to be concerned I always use dollar US
  8. pris993

    Do you take your passport off the ship?

    copy of passport was accepted where we needed it to get into a port area, otherwise have not been asked for our passport while enjoying a port or a city on independent travel. We have traveled to the Mid East, most of Europe, S America, not to far east.
  9. pris993

    Do you take your passport off the ship?

    Correction, now I do recall in Israel, we turned in our passports while on board the ship, show up for a face to face visit with Israel authorities while on board ship, are given a receipt for our passport which serves as an id while in Israel, pick up our passport from Israel authorities/or ship staff when returning to the ship on the last port/day in Israel.
  10. pris993

    Do you take your passport off the ship?

    Traveling for over 30 years both on cruises and internationally, we always carry a photo copy of our passports. Leave original in safe on the ship or at the hotel. Never had a problem.... do carry our California driver's license.
  11. pris993

    Mexican Cruise & Fish Tacos

    The crown grill does fish and chips a couple of days, usually on a sea day at lunch time.. I would think it would be possible, to ask for taco shells in advance at the Buffet and make your own fish taco's with salad the the fish from the Crown grill.. have found folks at the buffet are very good at responding to special requests if they have what you want on hand. Worth a try, but I would talk to the head matre'd at the buffet and see if something can be arranged. The Crown Grill fish and chips you must pay buy a drink, beer or something. The other idea is talk to folks at Crown Grill on first day, fish and chips offerred to see if they could arrange for you get the taco, salad, avocado for the next time they have Fish and Chips. Who know you may give them an idea of how they could offer another menu item at the Crown Grill on Fish and Chip day... sometimes they also offer fried shrimp.
  12. pris993

    Princess grand room A608

    have done a number of cruises on the Grand, usually book on deck 9 dophin deck, by the number would think you cabin is forward, we usually book forward as well next trip d223. Inspite of back comments on cruise critic, we have not had any problems with cabins.
  13. pris993

    Do you regret

    no regrets at all. We always assumed we would return and we did many times over. Now we our 70 / 80s ,, now only cruise from our home port, have the satisfaction we have seen most of what we wanted to see... having traveled over 30 years.
  14. pris993

    Cruise insurance

    I buy an annual policy from Lifeguard, covers us for a year for $518, available on line. Covers emergency medical, evacuation and a few other items. Main reason I purchase is emergency medical, evacuation, since we are seniors. Insurance is available to business travelers but any one can purchase it. I don't try to cover the costs of the cruise. We traveled for years without any insurance til we reached medicare age.
  15. pris993

    Merry Christmas!

    Thank you, agree same to you and everyone.