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  1. First off - I appreciate your advice and thorough instructions! I just have to ask - how many of the apps on our phone are this much work? No way it should be a passenger’s responsibility to go through this process! Luckily, I am not having major issues with the app. If only I could choose an arrival group but our cruise isn’t until October 6th so I need to be patient 😁
  2. Hmmmm. We have taken our on several cruises and have not had any issue. One would think the same descriptions would apply regardless of which country you are from. Why are things so confusing?? 🙁
  3. Thanks for the heads up!! Just reared our December cruise on the Regal and saved a chunk!! Now, if we actually sail? TBD
  4. Yes, we are all different. Kelvin Joy was exactly our cup of tea! You are in the clear as he moved up from CD to ED so I don’t know how much passenger interaction he will have.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerPort-Overload-Protection-Ultra-Compact/dp/B07D25RSWX/ref=sr_1_1?crid=9XC7BKUND561&dchild=1&keywords=power+cube+charger&qid=1626908661&sprefix=power+cube%2Caps%2C236&sr=8-1 This has been our go-to for our last few cruises. Works great!
  6. Yes, we plan to use our cards so we will be fine. I was just looking for another method of verification. It applies to all immunizations. Fortunately, the site where I got my shots had reported it because my Primary Care doctor had it in his records.
  7. Our December cruise is out of FLL and we uploaded our vaccination cards. There is truly no rhyme or reason as to when the screens open up in OM for cruisers to complete the necessary info.
  8. We requested our Missouri state vaccination records. Haven't gotten mine yet but my husband’s did not show his Covid vaccination that he got at the VA. The cover letter stated that Missouri does not have a law requiring medical providers to record immunization to the state! WTH?? I am anxious to see what my record lists if/when I get my record. Guess we will just have to go with our cards. Luckily, we have been able to upload them to OM.
  9. We had to upload it for our October and December cruises separately. YMMV 😁
  10. How frustrating! If you are OCD like me, just keep checking several times a day. Maybe you will land on a lucky time when the app will allow you to upload. Wishing you good luck!
  11. We just uploaded our vaccination cards this afternoon for our cruises in October and December 2021. Must be another hit or miss situation. I will be so happy when we can get an arrival group!
  12. On iPad & iPhone - updated app today and I could make reservations for our October B2B. Our December reservations carried over from our original booking and are still there. 🤞
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