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  1. “There’s a global trend that Qantas is following which is to have much higher frequency, smaller aircraft flying point-to-point, so bypassing the large hubs. You’ll be able to fly city pairs [non-stop] that you’ve never thought of and that’s really good for the flying public.” Interesting article from the SMH about Alliance Airlines contracting work to Qantas with smaller aircraft. Fifteen years ago airlines were lining up to get their brand new A380s to pack the passengers in. Even before COVID the airlines were starting to retire them in favour of smaller aircraft. Most of them are now parked in the desert and not all will ever take to the air again. If you can't fill a mega plane (or ship) the profit derived from size soon disappear. I wonder if we will see a trend in the 'middle cost` cruise lines like Princess starting to look at smaller ships in the future?
  2. It's all Jetstar's fault that the passengers were not screened on arrival at Sydney Airport. Where have I heard a similar style of spin like this before I wonder?
  3. Every time there is some sort of election coming up somebody drags a train of some nature out of the cupboard. I note that this announcement was in August 2018 and as things had been a bit quiet on this front (until a by election) so I Googled on the Canberra to Eden rail line. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6291398/railway-study-could-be-up-to-six-months-late/#gsc.tab=0 It seems the study was running a bit behind time but an announcement is due at the end of 2019. Now everybody remember to keep breathing in and out and don't hold your breath waiting for work to commence. Things will settle down by July 4th. dillpickle48 may be cynical but living near Coffs Harbour where the highway bypass is running 20 years late doesn't fill one with hope.
  4. If it ever came to a compensation case for Ms Temple the defence barristers would have an absolute field day by her own admissions on the 4 Corners report. I wonder if, on reflection the producers may have thought it better to leave out her contributions in the pursuit of balanced reporting. As I posted earlier to read the inquiry report and remember that the statements there were given under oath.
  5. By far the most informative piece, regardless of any media reporting, is the transcript of evidence from the ship's doctor at the inquiry. It is about 100 pages long but worth the read. No hype or sensational opinions. What does stand out is that if the authorities can't organize a decent video or audio hook up what hope do we have! https://www.rubyprincessinquiry.nsw.gov.au//assets/scirp/transcripts/Transcript-RUBY-PRINCESS-INQUIRY-20200422.pdf
  6. There is a silver lining to every dark cloud. Ms Temple said she won't be cruising again.
  7. Quick and easy question. Have there been any modifications made on Sun Princess for the introduction of the Medallions? The reason I ask is that on a cruise on Ruby in November they had upgraded the cabin door locks as part of the introduction and as such I was told it wasn't possible to punch a hole in the cruise card to attach it to a lanyard.
  8. Reading these posts posts brings to mind Winston Churchill's quote about Russia:- "A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Nobody really knows for certain how the system works and how one interprets a written sentence depends on how slick the legal training is. May I also bring to mind the Clarence the Clocker song:- "..... and the horse told me." How does the fleet wide distribution work when ships are AU and NZ based and there is no automatic gratuities added?
  9. Now here's a novel idea, why not just include an amount in the purchase price of the fare and distribute that as in the contract wage of the staff on the ship. Any 'free' gratuities is just a form of discount to make a cruise more attractive. Then there would be no more queues at service Desk getting them removed and if you want to sling another couple of bucks to your serving people it would be up to you. The system seems to work on ships working to/from and around Downunder and Godzone.
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