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  1. I'm a Platinum Plus and will be cruising with a friend who is a first-timer. Has anyone had any experience with the Platinum Plus Behind-the-Scenes tour, or the Officer's dinner in this case? Were you allowed to bring your guest?
  2. I don't think the Breakaway sailed "empty." This is from their site: Our hearts are with those impacted by Hurricane Dorian. On Sept. 5, Norwegian Breakaway will depart Miami with hurricane relief supplies donated by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and its employees, in addition to items collected by the City of Miami, Baptist Health South Florida, the 305 Gives Back foundation, and other Miami-based organizations, to be delivered to Nassau, Great Harbor Cay and the company’s private island Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. We will be relaunching Hope Starts Here, our parent company’s hurricane relief campaign in partnership with All Hands and Hearts, and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has also pledged a minimum commitment of $1 million toward immediate short-term relief for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.
  3. I can't see that they would just cancel the whole thing. They must be going to offer some sort of shortened itinerary after dropping of the current passengers. The alternative would be just floating around for a few days, and that just doesn't make any sense.
  4. I just checked Carnival's site and their Dorian update says that the port is closed to incoming traffic. Crap.
  5. I did take advantage of the free airfare offer for my CAS April 7/19 repo cruise on the Pearl out of Tampa, flying out of BUF. It was truly free. I was told that I did not have to pay for the transfers upfront so I didn't. The representative said it was misleading that the transfers are added on automatically. I can add them on later if I want, or use some OBC to buy the return on board, or perhaps I'll just take a cab. I am however very, very worried about what air they will select for me. From what I can see all the air options with the usual contracted airlines is connecting day of with very short connecting times. Crossin' my fingers!
  6. Same thing just happened to me for my 11-day Breakaway sailing Jan 6, a CAS cruise. I posted about it here just days ago and the folks here on Cruise Critic eased my mind saying that I would probably receive a credit one way or the other... perhaps a refund to my CC or as a credit on my onboard account. However, I can never let anything go so I kept at it. After speaking with four reps and getting no where... they kept saying I would have to cancel and rebook in order to get my money back, but then I would lose my onboard credit. Quick recap: I paid the balance in full about 10 days prior to final pay date. A few days later I checked my online account to see if all was okay. My account stated that it was "Payment Complete" but I had a negative balance of $46.60. Apparently NCL reduced the Taxes and Fees for my cruise sometime after I paid in full and before I logged in to check on my account. I took screen captures of everything! When my final pay date arrived, all of a sudden the negative amount simply disappeared, like it never existed. I emailed the CAS people. At first I received the same response as I did from the regular reps. I then emailed again attaching all my screen captures that proved the overpayment on my account prior to final payment. I finally received a response from Corporate saying they would refund my CC within 7 to 10 business days. I haven't seen the refund yet, but I am hopeful.
  7. Thanks everybody! I appreciate all the info and I feel much better. I just don't understand why any of the 3 reps I spoke to did not mention any of the options stated here. Thanks again.
  8. GeezerCouple... how will I get the credit... what is this "credit form" you mentioned?
  9. This is a CAS reservation through Caesars Windsor. I spoke to a representative on the regular call line. She said she could do nothing. I was then transferred to the CAS reservations department and was told the same. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. I did, her name was Belinda, and in a very mean way, told me the same thing... there's nothing they can do short of cancelling and rebooking.
  10. I'm really having difficulty digesting what just happened to me and wanted to ask if this has happened to anyone else. And, if so, what did you do about it. I paid my reservation in full on Aug 28, a few days prior to the final pay date of Sept 8. This morning I went on line to check that all was okay and discovered that my account showed a negative balance of $46.60. I checked my reservation and saw that NCL had reduced the "Taxes, Fees, Expenses" from $221.83 down to $198.53. So that accounts for the negative amount. This is not a change that I requested, or a change to the cruise fare, but a change to the taxes and fees, so I'm thinking they should just refund the difference, or at least add it to my OBC... especially since it is before the final pay date of Sept 8. Well, "no" they say. It has to be treated as a cancellation and rebooking, and therefore I would lose my current OBC. I can understand it if it was a change to the cruise fare, but this was the taxes and fees! I said that I did not want to lose my current OBC and was told there was no other option. I said, and I quote... "so, I just have to suck it up then?" and was told "yes." Wow, am I missing something here?
  11. In response to don't-use-real-name's comment... we did try the concierge and we were disappointed. I always book my dinners online as soon as the booking becomes available. Once we were on board, I discovered that the Latitudes party conflicted with my dinner reservation so after being told that I could not change my reservation at the reservation desk, I thought I would try out what I thought was a Platinum Plus benefit. I went to Shawn, on the Getaway, at the CruiseNext desk to ask about this benefit. He then contacted the concierge and asked to have our dining time changed. Shawn asked what time we wanted and he verbally confirmed, with the concierge still on the phone, that the time would be changed. I was grateful. But as it turned out, the concierge did not change the time to what was confirmed on the phone call, but did change it to a later time without telling us so we ended up having to miss/cancel the reservation all together. If they can't provide the advertised benefit, they should not offer it.
  12. I'm confused. I've tried to make use of this benefit on my last two cruises, but was not able to use it. They say it's only "when available." But, if any reservation time is available, it will be given to anyone who requests it, so when does the "priority" part EVER have a chance to kick in? I'm interested in your opinions, or experience with this. Thanks.
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