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    Spending a Day on St. John

    Just returned from St John on 10/22 and Cinnamon Bay is under construction no water , chair rentals or food stands . Do not know when the work will be completed. I went with my 81 yr old mom and could not stay long because there were no chair rental so we left and spent some time at Trunk Bay. If it was just me I would have stayed at Cinnamon Bay it was so much prettier then Trunk.
  2. Quench

    Bernard's Tours

    Had a great tour with this company it was difficult finding the tent but we were determined and eventually found it with the help of some local people. The Milkman was our guide and he was knowledgeable . Will book this tour again on my next visit.
  3. Quench

    Anytime Dining Summit

    Just returned from a repo cruise and had select dining with reservations made at time of booking for 6:30 only had to wait one time for about 15 min. If we did not like what was on the menus in the dining room we would eat in the buffet. No problem at all.
  4. Just return from a great cruise on the Summit the cabin was great nothing damage etc and the food was good ,ship was in great condition . Don't worry about the negative reviews just go and have a great cruise. I was in cabin 9008 would book this room again .
  5. CABIN #: 9008 DECK #: 9 CLASS: M AREA: Forward BED NEAR: Balcony QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: Unobstructed , great view BALCONY SIZE: Perfect for me WIND A PROBLEM?: Nothing out of the norm SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENT Perfect cabin thought it would be a problem because it was so forward but it was great would select this cabin again.
  6. Quench

    Celebrity Summit to Bermuda 8/28/16

    Isn't the Summit being used for a lot of charted cruises?
  7. I had the same problem with a vacation planner they told me it was locked and I had to speak with the vacation planner to make any changes . I was within a few days of final payment and decided to not cancel. After final payment I was able to speak with anyone. Will NEVER use a vacation planner again
  8. Great review ! Looking forward to reading more:)
  9. I would try to stay a way from ships that book a lot of charte cruises. The Summit has so many cruises that are charted so I wouldn't take my chances with them unless it's a repo cruise .
  10. Quench

    Day visit on Eclipse

    I've done the tour with AAA Cruise years ago we had to provide ID for clearance.
  11. Quench

    Jazz Cruise?

    Smooth Jazz Cruise 2018 Inside Cabin $ 2450 pp , Single Inside Cabin $ 3,650. Need I say more.
  12. Quench

    Slow Refund with Celebrity ...

    I'm having the same problem with refund as well. I found a cheaper price with an online site and wanted to cancel with Celebrity. I called at 3pm and it is now 5:11 pm have not received a call back. If I booked the cruise on line myself instead of using a celebrity TA I would not have this problem. They're telling me the reservation is locked by her and only she can access the booking. After reading what you had to go through I decided to not cancel the cruise. Final payment is 7/18 and I don't want to tie my money up. You live and learn.:mad:
  13. Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Great Job!
  14. Quench

    Live from Celebrity Summit, 6/29/16

    Are you having any problems with finding chairs in the solarium and how is the ship after being refurbish? Thank you for your help and enjoy your cruise!
  15. You should never be rude to your servers although she received prompt service for being rude, who knows what was done to her food they could have spit in it put they're private body parts in it etc.:eek: